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Greg Jennings Rips Aaron Rodgers A New One

It’s not the first time Greg Jennings has been critical of Green Bay Packers quarterback and former teammate Aaron Rodgers. It might be the most poignant critique, however.

Yes, Rodgers went out and threw for 442 yards and three touchdowns in a loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

That was far from enough. The Packers didn’t put a point on the damn board in the first half. Rodgers fumbled the ball twice. Lost both of those.

It’s hard to say Rodgers played like shit, but yeah… Rodgers, for all intents and purposes, played like shit. It’s kind of like he didn’t want to be there. That’s all I can really say about it.

It’s hard to put your finger on one thing. The turnovers, yes. But it was kind of like, “Ah, shit, I have to go play with a bunch of rookies? Fuck that!”

I kept yelling it during the game. Throw the goddam ball!

Rodgers just couldn’t pull the trigger though. Can’t trust a rookie!

It’s a goddam miracle that Calvin Ridley has six touchdowns for the Atlanta Falcons. Since he’s not to be trusted and all.

But enough of me blathering on about Rodgers’ faults. Let’s go to a guy who played with him.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L October 8, 2018

    Just one more random thought…

    When’s the last time the Packers played 4 solid quarters?

    How about 3 solid quarters?

  2. FTS October 8, 2018

    I could say the same thing about Greg once he left GB.

    1. KILLER October 8, 2018

      Of course, you could say that. You could say any kind of lie, couldn’t you? And by lying maybe it will somehow distract from the truth Jennings speaks.

      Doesn’t distract me though. Might work for you among the low brow Packer fans (not saying all Packer fans are low brow, just that only those who are would let such a silly obvious gambit work on them).

      1. PF4L October 8, 2018

        OOPS…Looks like the 3rd place NFC North queens must have squeaked out a victory with their 20th ranked defense.

  3. Cheese October 8, 2018

    There are so many ways one could look at this. First off, once again you have Greg Jennings looking for attention by gossiping about Rodgers. Don’t you have anything better to do Greg? Apparently not.

    Does he make a point? I suppose. Rodgers bringing out his inner Cutty!, or should we say he’s starting to act like Favre in his later years? Distancing himself from younger players, becoming outspoken, etc. But you can’t say Rodgers isn’t a team guy because after Crosby shit the bed, 12 went over to put his arm around him and gave Mason some encouragement.

    They say Rodgers has this disgusted look on his face like “here we go again, more of the same old shit.” Probably because it is just that, more of the same old shit. How long is he suppose to sit there and pretend like it’s going to work? I get that he’s supposed to be the “Rah-Rah, Let’s Go Get’em Leader,” but after a while, you can’t trick yourself into that anymore. Rodgers is not without blame by all means, but let’s face it, this offense is broken. Once again this team has a top-tier tight end (allegedly) that they do next to nothing with. That’s $13mil well spent. They get rid of the most effective WR that they had to keep a younger guy who’s less productive and is likely on his way out the door anyway. McCarthy refuses to utilize their most productive RB for some reason. People harp on 12 for not throwing to rookies but then you see them crossing up routes and crowding next to each other multiple times. Every play takes an eternity to develop. Guys are consistently unprepared.

    I didn’t even watch the first half from this past game so my perspective may be missing a few things. I thought about going back to watch it but, Nah screw it. I can see both sides of the coin, but right now my attitude towards this team resembles the look on Rodgers’ face. Here we go again, more of the same old shit…

    1. KILLER October 8, 2018

      You make a fair point about Rodgers supporting Mason Crosby. I like to see that kind of thing in sports, or anywhere, and it is to be admired and respected. Loyalty. Leadership.

      That said…

      Jennings’ job is to provide on target insight. He did exactly that. You try to minimize and detract from it by, basically, name-calling saying he is gossiping and looking for attention. Guess what? It’s his job to do that. People love “gossip”. When it is true is it still gossip? Yes. Gossip is just truth you don’t care for. I understand no one likes it when their QB is an old stronger-armed version of Jay Cutler. It stings.

      As per “he’s starting to act like Favre in his later years? Distancing himself from younger players, becoming outspoken” that is just weird alternate reality stuff, man. Like Superman is evil, the Nazis won WWII, Aaron Rodgers married Kevin stuff. Favre was great, involved and approachable, and fun and funny for younger players and, heck, almost all teammates other than Aaron.

      From my observations Rodgers has always been a me-first guy, self-involved, self-centered, and always pouts and grimaces to blame others for any fault he was involved in. I would not say that Detroit was some new behavior by him at all. Par for the course more like.

      1. PF4L October 8, 2018

        Favre was great, involved and approachable, and fun, so much so that the queens gave Favre a 3 million dollar raise to come back and have the worst year of his career.

        Good times.

      2. Cheese October 8, 2018

        The ONLY time we EVER hear from Jennings is when he’s gossiping about Rodgers or his former team. Ya know, the team he didn’t suck with before he moved out west to be a nobody. Jennings said himself that all the losing in Minnesota really got to him. I guess he missed being brainwashed by GB’s success.

        Why doesn’t Jennings gossip about the Vikings? Because no one gives a shit about them and he knows he won’t get a reaction out of it. So instead he makes a “career” out of talking about Rodgers. That’s quite the job. Maybe Jennings can get his sister into the sportscasting business. I bet she has great insight too. She can be the strategically placed broad who sits next to Skip Bayless with her tits hanging out. Should be great for ratings. “Attention Seekers Wanted. Please Apply Inside.”

        1. KILLER October 9, 2018

          Spouting hate and false Jennings criticisms doesn’t change the fact he speaks true of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay organization. That is what is really bothering you. The truth is so unsettling.

          It’s like a seismologist telling you an earthquake is on the way or has just occurred and you go off saying he is just trying to look important and trying to further his career. That the darn seismologist only reports on earthquakes and why doesn’t he report on boll-worm infestations. Or why isn’t he reporting the earthquake in Indiana when there is no earthquake in Indiana.

          He is an expert on the Packers and the players he played with. He reports on that which is his job now. And… he’s nailing it. Nothing stings worse than the truth.

  4. R.Duke October 9, 2018

    Gossip? Jennings was polite with his commentary. For one half, Rodgers had his head up his ass and lacked awareness with the clock in the skull to deliver the damn ball. EQ was wide open twice, Graham sitting in wide open zones. The Pass Pro was generally good but you have Taylor and Lindsley looking like complete fuck ups on three or four pressures–no excuse for some of this bullshit. Take ball see man throw ball. Your boys double covered; re-act and hit the checkdown guy. This is one of Rodgers’ biggest flaws. Not following the sequence of the route tree. Move the fucking chains and wear down the defense. Plenty of time for Big Plays later.

    1. Icebowl October 11, 2018

      Well said.
      Rookie mistakes by a guy who “doesn’t” trust rookies….