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Good Riddance, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Go and miss tackles somewhere else, Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, you bum! That somewhere else is going to be with the Washington Redskins.

The Green Bay Packers dealt Clinton-Dix, their 2014 first-round pick, on Tuesday for a 2019 fourth-round pick.

How does this make sense, you might ask?

Well, here’s how it makes sense. Clinton-Dix was a malcontent. He stayed away from non-mandatory team activities earlier this year because he wanted a new contract. He didn’t get one. Then he talked about how he didn’t expect to be back next year, earlier this season.

It seems he didn’t want to be in Green Bay, so why would the Packers want to keep him around? Get something for him now before he walks in free agency after the season. Also, the Packers get to shed a shitty attitude.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst made it clear both Clinton-Dix and running back Ty Montgomery were on the trade block. He followed through and got something for both of them.

In the process, he made one thing clear. If you’re going to be a distraction in the locker room, you’re out.

Both of the guys the Packers traded on Tuesday had become that, although for totally different reasons.

Clinton-Dix had played every snap for the Packers on defense this season. So now everyone is wondering who his replacement will be.

The smart money says it will be one of the Packers many cornerbacks. Perhaps Tramon Williams, who looked overmatched against the Rams speedy receivers. Perhaps rookie Josh Jackson, who deserves more snaps. Perhaps Bashaud Breeland, who the Packers have done absolutely jack shit with since signing him.

The best situation there, as far as we are concerned, is Williams is the free safety, Jackson starts at outside cornerback and Breeland is the next DB on the field.

We’ll surely know more on Wednesday, but the Packers absolutely have had to had a plan in place for this.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Skinny October 30, 2018

    Ha Ha. Redskins fans think they are getting the second coming of Sean Taylor.

  2. Kato October 30, 2018

    Of course they have a plan in place. This was probably planned for weeks. There have been trade rumors surrounding him basically since the preseason

    1. Skinny October 30, 2018

      Gutes plan has always been to slowly rid this team of anything related to Ted Thompson. McCarthy is next. All of this is exactly what happened in the 2005 off season when Ted first took over as GM. He let Sherman coach one more year. Brett was 35 and could still play. But they were clearly rebuilding without telling Brett because it just would have pissed him off which he became anyway regardless, although he had to feel it was going that way, but he was in the middle of a huge contract and still the man so why would he really care. They are doing the same thing around Rodgers. The only difference is Gute isn’t ignoring FA and making trades the way Ted did back then.

      1. Kato October 31, 2018

        Ted participated in FA then. Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett. Trades were very rare then, and only recently have they become a regular thing

  3. Disposableh3ro October 30, 2018

    Finally rid of that turd…Brice isn’t much better so it will be very interesting to see what the back end looks like against NE of all teams.

  4. TyKo Steamboat October 30, 2018

    Good move. But the issue is; who plays safety now? We’re not exactly stacked there.
    It appears that Pettine isn’t a fan of Josh Jones. But perhaps the tide is turning for him & he will see more playing time? I have no idea on that. Kentrell Brice is a below-average player same as Jermaine Whitehead & Raven Greene is still an unknown.

    I just read that we were 2nd highest bidders for Dante Fowler which would have been a rental for this season so who really knows. I was also hoping we could pick-up someone like a Karl Joseph from the Raiders or perhaps Landon Collins from the Giants…
    We should have signed that social justice warrior, Eric Reid

    1. Adam October 30, 2018

      I think the popular running theory is that Breeland or Tramon take over the free safety position and Josh Jackson elevates into the open corner spot.

      I’d personally like to see that happen but I don’t know where that leaves Josh Jones. I feel like he’d probably grow even more resentful with his situation if he’s passed over by two other non-safeties for his job. You do that and you may end up with another Ty Montgomery situation down the road.

      Just as long as Brice / Whitehead are taken out of the free safety role permanently I’ll be happy.

  5. Mitch Anthony October 30, 2018

    Whomever plays safety now at least we can go back to playing 11 men on defense.

    That’ll help.

  6. PF4L October 31, 2018

    “Hey guys!!…i found a quarter.”

  7. KILLER October 31, 2018

    Bad tackler. Epic. The past two years he more or less put on a clinic on bad tackling.

    That said, he’s a play-maker. (for both teams) A pro bowler even. (not actually fully deserved)

    He’s young and can certainly improve. Good coaching will do that.

    He is better than whoever replaces him. He is better off in Washington. Washington is better off with him.

    As per the team activities he purposely missed they were voluntary. He did not go and he did not get hurt there. Incredible coincidence.

    So, he didn’t expect to be back next year. True that. He was right, wasn’t he? Truth-telling… traditionally a quick way to lose Packer fans.

    Saying he did not think he’d be back — seeing that writing on the wall — is not at all equivalent to him not wanting to be back. Writer was wrong about that.

  8. KILLER October 31, 2018

    This move and the Montgomery one speak volumes about what to expect this off-season.

    If the Packers did not sign free agents this coming season then simply letting Cliton-Dix and Montgomery walk would have netted a 3rd and a 6th rounder in compensation picks. Approximately. Instead they were traded away for 4th and 7th rounders. An okay deal if they sign lots of free agents and thus would not have gotten comp picks. But, if they sign fewer than they lose, these were terrible trades.

    So these trades a sort of commitment to what they will do in the off-season.

    1. Kato October 31, 2018

      Hey genius, assuming they dont sign free agents, they wouldn’t get the comp pick for HHCD until 2020. I would rather have a 2019 4th rounder rather than a 2020 3rd rounder (at the bottom of the third round at best, may even be a 4th round pick). Why? The packers need players now. Rodgers is near the end and they need to win ASAP.

      1. PF4L October 31, 2018

        Lonely Boy….i think what Kato is saying is that the Packers window is still open. Unlike the queens whose window closed the day their #1 defense got bent over for 38 points, window shut.

  9. Kato October 31, 2018

    Look, people are happy that HHCD is gone, myself included. His weak style of play trying to avoid injury was bullshit. That all being said, he was a better player than some people on this board seem to think. He was probably above average. He misses tackles. A lot of safeties in the league miss tackles if you pay any kind of attention. Tackling in general is poor in the NFL. It is hard to find quality safeties, as that is probably the biggest hole on a large majority of NFL defenses. The packers have their hands full trying to find quality safeties for next year.