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Five More Thoughts On Packers’ 31-23 Loss To Lions

It was hard to type that. The Green Bay Packers have lost to the Detroit Lions too many times in recent memory.

I kept telling myself that the Detroit Lions would be the Detroit Lions. In other words, they would find a way to lose. Because they are the Detroit Lions and that’s what the Detroit Lions do. They find a new and fantastic way to lose each and every year.

But no amount of historical ineptitude would save the Green Bay Packers from their own ineptitude on this day.

One of two things happens from here on out.

  1. It’s the normal slow start, the Packers turn it around and that’s that.
  2. The Packers go in the tank and this is the end of the Mike McCarthy era.

I think most of us agree that No. 2 should have already come and gone. As one of my boys pointed out on Sunday, you see the Sean McVays and Matt Nagys of the league and you realize that the league has passed you by.

But let’s get on with it.

Blame It On The Defense?

That was my first reaction after watching the game. After shutting out the Buffalo Bills (who are crap), how do you give up 24 points in the first half to the Leos? Well, you throw a bullshit, phantom turnover on a punt, two Aaron Rodgers’ fumbles, three missed field goals and you make a stew. That stew will smell like shit. If the Lions were worth a shit, they would have been up by 48 going into the half. The Packers’ defense actually only gave up 94 rushing yards and 170 passing yards. The Packers outgained the Lions 521 to 264. It wasn’t the defense on this day, although it may have initially looked like it.

Kevin King? Don’t Know

If there’s one guy who is an enigma on the Packers’ defense, it’s cornerback Kevin King. On this play, he’ll make an insanely great and athletic play. On the next play, he’ll get burnt like Mark Lee. If you remember Mark Lee, then let me tell you this. I nicknamed him Toast. Because he always got burnt. Thing is, Mark Lee had some skills. He was fast and athletic. From time to time, he would show up and shut a motherfucker down, make a play that was bonkers. Mostly, however, he’d just be Toast. So far, that’s what I think of Kevin King. And if that is to be, at least take Walter Payton or whoever is playing running back for Shitcago and show him where he needs to sit.

Enough With This Running Back Buffoonery

AARON JONES IS THE GUY, BUFFOON! Get it through your buffoonish, gravy-filled head. How could it not be more obvious, you gravy-fried fat fuck?!! Everyone knows it. Hand the goddam rock to Aaron Jones. Just do it, Gravy Head! Just fucking do it, Gravy Head! So tired of stating the obvious every goddam week. Yes, Jamaal Williams had the rare decent week, but Jones was Jones. He has 5.7 per carry and caught two for 19. It’s almost as if you fed the ball to that guy, you might be effective offensively. Did the guy have a touch in the second half? Not that I noticed. I mean, fuck me with your idiocy.

Rookies, Rookies, Rookies…

Well, we all know Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to deal with rookie receivers. He had no choice on Sunday. Randall Cobb was down. Geronimo Allison was down. Marquez Valdes-Scantling and, surprisingly, Equanimeous St. Brown were up. Valdes-Scantling has got some snaps as the No. 4 guy this year. St. Brown has gotten nothing, That is, until Sunday. St. Brown played 60 snaps. His first 60 snaps of the year. He caught three balls for 89 yards. Valdes-Scantling played 77 snaps. He caught seven for 68 and a touch. Interestingly, J’Mon Moore, the rookie who got snaps last week, got the fewest of the trio. He had just 14 plays on offense.

Getting It Going?

When the Packers were given a chance on offense, they actually took care of business. It was mostly the passing offense. A week after complaining about the game plan, Aaron Rodgers got it going, despite the aforementioned rookie receivers. Rodgers left some yards on the field, for sure. He also managed to build up the guys he was complaining about lacking in the game plan. Davante Adams went for nine and 140. Tight end Jimmy Graham caught six for 76. Those were the two guys he wanted involved and they were. So no complaints there this week.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. TyKo Steamboat October 8, 2018

    I made the Sean McVey, Matt Nagey comment. I’d also add Andy Reid, Sean Peyton & Mike Shannahan to the list of coaches running the style of offense that is torching the league & winning games.

    I still see a pretty god defense out there too. No Jaire Alexander (Ryan & Wilkerson) & we still looked ok.
    But why the fuck doesn’t Nick Perry complete games or get to the QB? He left in the 4th with an ankle injury
    . & why does HaHa Clington-Dix always look like a skinny bag of bones? Not exactly an intimidating looking force in the back end. … Kenny Clark is gonna get paid by the Packers soon. Guy is awesome!

    I also want to know this… & no one ever talks about this… WHY ARE WE THE ONLY TEAM IN THE NFL THAT CANT KICK TOUCHBACKS?!?!?! We literally can’t just have JK Scott handle kickoffs? Kick a touchback & stop allowing teams to return kicks! Last season we lost a game at home to the stinken colts because we couldn’t just kick a touchback

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 8, 2018

      Packers have the #4 ranked defense in the NFL after tonight’s Monday night game

      1. Howard October 8, 2018

        The eye test says the Packer defense is better than last year, but 4th shows why the NFL shouldn’t use yards allowed or made to determine offensive or defensive rankings. After all it’s the final score that determines the winners and losers.

        The Packer defense is currently ranked 19th in points allowed per play. The Packer offense is ranked 10th by the NFL based on total yards, but if you use points made per play ran, the Packers are ranked 20th.

        The Packer defense at 19th and the Packer offense at 20th appear more realistic than 4th for defense and 10th for offense.

        1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

          Score more points, give up less points wins games. Nobody gives a shit about fucking Jerry Jones/Kraft draft kings and fantasies in your pants leagues. Attention deficit disorder junkie bullshit. Real football for real Fans. Follow the Vegas line for a quick reference to how this weeks game will be called by Park Avenue.

  2. Cheese October 8, 2018

    Remember when the Packers used to come out strong, rack up a bunch of points, only to take their foot off the gas in the 3rd quarter to hopefully coast to a victory? Now we have the opposite of that. Come out looking like shit and hopefully have some crazy come back effort.

  3. Ferris October 8, 2018

    5 more thoughts…
    1. Fire McCarthy for all past bad deeds…too many to list
    2. Fire McCarthy for wasting Aaron Rodgers career prime
    3. Fire McCarthy for not being able to see Aaron Jones is a superstar in the making
    4. Fire McCarthy for being a horrible game-day coach
    5. Fire McCarthy because I can call the plays he will run from in front of the TV, not a highly successful coach…and never was.

    1. Ted Hawthorne October 8, 2018


    2. TyKo Steamboat October 8, 2018

      #5 … I call out the plays routinely

  4. David October 8, 2018

    Think you need to recheck the tape on Graham. Pass sailed right through his hands in the end zone. He gets paid to catch that thing flying towards him.

    1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

      One miss on a bullet ball. Rodgers missed him in the endzone pylon play and on many other plays Graham was wide open as he read the zone coverage while AR was searching for last year. The Fans should be sober by WED.

      1. PF4L October 10, 2018

        Richard Rodgers makes that catch

  5. Disposableh3ro October 8, 2018

    Pretty sure Terrell Buckley had the nickname Toast shortly after he was drafted. At least Lee made the Packers HoF. Anyway, King is awful right now, I would rather see what Brown can do other than get a pass defense followed by a 15 yard taunting penalty.

    1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

      Dix has the middle in quarters, he has to cover the guy King drove to him. If he did, Dix would have two picks and one should have gone to the House. He is a fucking nightmare in coverage and chickenshit as a hitter for playing a safety position. Just buying time to pick up a check. King will be rebounding. He’s OK.

  6. Getch October 9, 2018

    Organization put too much energy into building sled hills and Titletown inc rather than the product on the field. They don’t need people falling off the bandwagon.

    1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

      Brew Pubs and cheap merchandise from Communist China. Yay! 4 the New Fans. Airheads, poseurs, corporate stiffs and Yes men, real estate Pimps and foreclosing Attorneys….No more Heroes.

  7. Larry October 9, 2018

    It’s not only McCarthy, Murphy has to go too. How can players be held accountable when mgmt never is?

  8. Deepsky October 9, 2018

    I think what happens in games like this where the Packers have a bunch of rookie receivers on the field is that Rodgers is afraid to change the play knowing that the rookies aren’t going to be able to understand the change and if he does change the play at the line, he’s going to have receivers running the wrong routes.

    Rodgers changes the play a lot and that’s where many of the Packers big plays come from. Rodgers sees the defense and sets up mismatches. That’s what is intended in this offense, that’s the way both Rodgers and McCarthy want it.

    1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

      That is complete bullshit. The greenhorns had two plays with spacing problems but otherwise performed exceptionally well. Rodgers missed guys all day and did not read the progressions as he looked downfield on 2nd and ONE, hoping for a Jordy play from 2012…He has to move the fucking ball out of his hands in a timely manner. Preferably btw 3-4 seconds. Bam Bam. Guys were open allover the place but he was stuck in some trance making believe he could run the circus drill on a Bum Knee and slower feet. Move the chains.

  9. Kato October 9, 2018

    This team has a lot more issues than missing Jordy Nelson. Hardly the reason for the teams struggles, but others in here bitch about their favorite white receiver on a weekly basis when the guy that took over #1 just went 9 for 140 and a TD. Anyways, this team needs a change at coach. They are coming out flat in games, and making poor boneheaded mistakes. McCarthy’s offense has never evolved. The defense is better, but is being put in poor positions by the offense.

    1. PF4L October 9, 2018

      That’s just racist.

      So if i look past the racism, what you’re saying is Adams had the kind of game you’d expect a 14.5 million dollar receiver to have?

      1. Kato October 9, 2018

        Yeah, he did. Because he is a good player. IMO a little overpaid but that is what happens when you have an above average #1 about to hit FA. Anyways, I know the common refrain is Jordy Nelson this and that…. but this teams issues run so much deeper. And it starts at management and coach. Which is something I think we can both agree on

        1. Xlvordie October 9, 2018

          Kato you were the only one defending mccarthy for a very long time.

          Now you say he needs to go.

          You honestly can’t see the effect of releasing Jordy?

          Maybe you’ll be late to that party too. At the end of the year you will say the dynamic of the offense was totally changed without him. Which it was.

          1. R.Duke October 9, 2018

            There is NO Nelson effect. Rodgers has to get into the Game and Play QB in the West Coast Offense.
            Get the damn out to the WRs. They were open all day as was Graham. Check in the Jordy file at the END of the Season. E-Quan looked smooth, Scantling will be a force with his speed. Rodgers has to mentor and stop whining. He has to rise above Mccarthy’s pathetic game plans and steer his own ship. Those cardboard cut-outs on the Packer Board loafing around in Brownshirt County had better take heed or Aaron will demand a trade out of that cow-town for Greener pastures. One dipshit keeps echoing for a return of one-move Jeff Janis. That is an example of this fan Base in some sectors. Stuck in time ,waiting for the klan rally.

          2. Kato October 10, 2018

            Yes, you got me. I did in fact support McCarthy fairly recently. I am just to the point where I am done. This isnt all on him, Rodgers hasn’t played well, and his fumbles were pretty inexcusable last week. Ultimately this offense hasnt changed much at all. They are lacking discipline, they dont seem to be responding to his message anymore. I kind of hope that the next coach they in would maybe keep Pettine if the defense continues to get better. Although if they start to regress, all bets are off the table there

  10. PF4L October 10, 2018

    I think it’s hilarious that all these Joe six packs are critiquing Rodgers, and seemingly want to tell him how he should play his position. A guy with 2 MVP’s, SB MVP, highest passer rating in league history, a 4:1 TD/Int ratio. 104 career passer rating.

    I know….ask your boss if you can have some time off from the Fleet Farm automotive Dept. So you can drive up to Green Bay and school Rodgers on how to play QB in the NFL.

    I love you guys, never stop.