Equanimeous St. Brown’s Family Story Is Pretty Wild

Equanimeous St. Brown

This is pretty cool and pretty interesting. That is, Green Bay Packers receiver Equanimeous St. Brown and his family.

Here’s what we learned from Good Morning Football this week.

He has two brothers. They also play football and are both receivers. One plays at Stanford and one plays at USC. Equanimeous St. Brown went to Notre Dame.

They all have interesting names, but you probably don’t know just how interesting.

Equanimeous’ full name is actually Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown. Here’s the kicker. Their last name isn’t really St. Brown. It’s Brown. Their father decided to change it to St. Brown because it looked better on the back of a jersey.

Oh yeah, and that guy… father John Brown is a former Mr. Universe. He actually won it twice.

Check out this ripped son of a bitch.

John Brown Mr. Universe

Also, it should be noted. Sweet-ass Jheri curl, bro!

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