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Brian Gutekunst Don’t Need Stinking Compensatory Picks!

Ted Thompson has clearly left the building. Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst spoke to the media about his trade deadline deals on Wednesday. Gutekunst made it clear getting a fourth-round pick for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix now was about next year.

“We’d like to be active in free agency, and if we’re active in free agency, that affects the compensatory process,” Gutekunst said.

Clinton-Dix was expected to sign elsewhere after the season. In theory, that would have gotten the Packers a compensatory draft pick. However, the compensatory pick formula says you have to lose more players in free agency than you sign. Thompson loved his compensatory picks. He’d let five guys walk and sign no one. Compensatory pick bonanza!

Gutekunst is clearly not Uncle Ted. Not only did he make moves in free agency this year, he’s keen to make some next year.

That could mean the Packers might end up getting nothing for Clinton-Dix. Well, now that will not be the case.

The better news is the Packers should be flush with salary cap space next year. Kicking Clinton-Dix out of town gives the team $10 million in cap room this year. They can carry that over to next year. Additionally, the team is shedding some huge contracts after the season.

Gone will be Clay Matthews’ $13 million annual salary. Gone will be Randall Cobb’s $10 million annual salary. Other guys that will be off the books: Muhammad Wilkerson ($5 million), Marcedes Lewis ($2 million), Lance Kendricks ($2 million).

Gone will be Martellus Bennett’s dead money ($4 million). Gone will be Jordy Nelson’s dead money ($2 million). Gone will be Damarious Randall’s dead money ($1 million).

Hopefully, the Packers will finally cut the cord on Bryan Bulaga too. That move could add more than $6 million to the available salary cap space.

That number currently sits at around $43 million. Let’s boost it to $49 million!

Who are some free agents that could be out there?

Rams free safety LaMarcus Joyner. Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas. Cowboys edge rusher DeMarcus Lawrence. Texans outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney. Broncos outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett. Chiefs outside linebacker Dee Ford.

Just to name some guys…

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard October 31, 2018

    If you are going to go there with Bulaga, I would add one more name.

    If things don’t pickup for Perry I would not be suprised to see Gutekunst cut Perry after this season. If you want accountability then Perry either needs to produce or be shown the door. Many will say the cap hit would not allow such, but if the Packers cut Perry before the 3rd day of next years season the team saves an approximate 5.5 million roster bonus. With a Perry base salary next year of a little over 5 mil the Packers would save approximately 11 million by cutting Perry. The problem is Perry’s dead cap hit would be around 11 million. The Packers can roll half of that dead cap hit into the following year. The Packers could pickup approximately 5 million in cap savings next year. The Packers would still be on the hook for a dead cap hit of approximately 5 million the following year.

    TT would never allow that big of a dead cap hit if possible, but Gutekunst is not TT. If Perry does not produce the rest of this season I believe Gutekunst cuts Perry after the season. Gutekunst wants to rebuild this team.

    1. Kato October 31, 2018

      That. Is ballsy. Nick Perry is not earning his paycheck. That isnt debatable and a GM going out and showing that isn’t acceptable is a nice change of pace. However, I balk at two things. The dead money, and the prospect of replacing two starting OLB in a scheme that relies on that position to provide most of the pass rush. On top of needing to address both safety positions, probably two tackle spots (RT and a swing tackle), a TE of the future, and a guard (maybe two). While Perry isnt making big plays, at least he is mostly assignment sure and isnt responsible for big plays against the defense. They are paying a premium for that, but that is the situation they have been put in. Which brings me to my next point.

      At what point do you listen to offers for Aaron Rodgers? The packers do have some nice pieces to build around, but truthfully, I am not sure how close they are to returning to the super bowl. Can this be done in the next few years? With the right coaching hires, and some good work from Gutekunst, yeah I think it is very possible. But a lot has to come together. If Gruden calls the packers and offers three first rounders, do you start to think about it?

      1. PF4L October 31, 2018

        Props Howard for knowing that you can defer half the cap hit, not many casual fans know that. It will be interesting to see what Gute will do. He seems like he’s taking charge. I’m basing that on the words he’s using. He comes off as strong and in charge and knowing exactly what he’s doing. Time will tell. I’m also wondering if part of his demeanor is coming from knowing what’s coming this off season as far as upper management personnel.

        1. Howard November 1, 2018

          Thanks PF4L.

          Kato I understand your concerns regarding the OLBs. I just think if Perry doesn’t produce more this year Gute will show Perry the door.

          By the way Perry never showed up with an ankle on an injury report last year. Maybe Perry hurt his ankle in an OTA? Or did Perry injure himself away from the team? What ever happened you can tell Perry is not over the injury.

      2. PF4L October 31, 2018

        Ok, i read Kato’s post and he makes some valid points.

        He’s right about creating so many needs by dumping high salary’s. We might have more needs going into next season than we had this season, and we had too many this season. This is why i’ve said this team is going to look very different next year. At the same time, if some players are not making an impact, why not stop the insanity. Because yes, it’s insane to pay premium money for average or below average production. Gute could have addressed some of that before the season, but chose not to. I cut Perry and roll the dice. I offer Clay 5 million or shake his hand walking him out. I tell Cobb we can probably pay one of our new guys 1/15th of what were paying him for the same or even better production. I’d release Cobb tomorrow as a matter of fact, i’m way done and its overdue. No more signing players who are offering you nothing for 5 million anymore Gute, no offence T Willy, Wilkerson. Stop that shit already.

        Now, as far as trading Rodgers, it won’t happen. But lets pretend…..if you did trade him, then you are in full blown rebuild mode, and you really don’t need to spend 16 mill a year on Adams if you aren’t going to win in the next 3 years anyway. We may not win in the next 3 years with him. Those are the facts of life.

        If Gute would have taken the chance on Mack, and went all in, we’re having a far different conversation, because you have a difference maker on offense, and defense, and that lifts other players on both sides of the ball. There would have been a whole different vibe with the team, and the fans.

        Good post Kato.

  2. AZPackFan October 31, 2018

    All moves are for naught if ol’ gravy head is still calling his plays. Another wasted year of Aaron’s career and failure to adjust to the other team’s halftime adjustments will result in further frustration. This couch has well over stayed his Super Bowl welcome. A Super Bowl which was won on the outstanding efforts of the team, not this bobbleheaded mongoloid’s coaching.

  3. Don welsh October 31, 2018

    Clean house Gute. Flatdick Murphy won’ tdo shit! BRAVO!

  4. Big B October 31, 2018

    I don’t have a problem with the HHCD move- if he plays out the season and leaves as a free agent I don’t see him getting high end money(3rd round comp pick), especially with the recent safety market; which means, at best, the Pack gets a compensatory pick at the end of the 4th round in 2020. This way they get a 4th rounder THIS year somewhere in the middle depending on WA’s finish. So: a year earlier and a half round sooner. I’ll take that.

    PS: USA TODAY columnist mid season picks for Defensive Rookie of the Year…..Derwin James (S) and Marcus Davenport (pass rusher)……Packers passed up both. Alexander looks promising but we need a big return on the Saints #1 next year.

  5. Gute November 1, 2018

    Hold on with the spending bonanza Mr. procreator. We have a few of our own who need to be signed to long term deals i.e. Clark, Martinez, and Lowery. This years draft is loaded, at least in the first round, with edge guys. IMO Josh Allen should be our target in the first. Signing a free safety like Thomas makes sense because it’s a difficult position to learn. Signing a RT and RG should also be considered especially with the learning curve for the modern OL transitioning from college to pro. This coming draft will be deep in DL, deeper than my fist up Bonham’s bumham. Let’s take advantage of it.