Aaron Rodgers: Packers’ Offense Isn’t Far Off

Aaron Rodgers fumble

It has been a struggle for the Green Bay Packers’ offense so far this year.

Perhaps their best game came against the Minnesota Vikings and that game ended in a tie.

The Packers’ offense has been slow starting. They’ve left points on the field. There have been errant throws and dropped passes aplenty. There has been griping about play calling. There’s been plenty of sacks and inopportune turnovers.

Still, quarterback Aaron Rodgers says the team’s offense is close to putting it all together.

“It’s not quite the standard we’ve set here over the years. The type of offense we think we can have coming out of training camp. I told you guys week 1, it’s going to be a work in progress. I don’t feel like we’re far off. I feel kind of like in Washington a couple years ago. We were very close to get things going. Like I said then, I’ll say again now, I feel like if we can get off to a better start on offense it makes the entire squad play with a different type of confidence.”

It’s interesting that Rodgers brings up that Washington game. The Packers lost that game 42-24. There were signs that the offense was finally coming around, though. The loss dropped the Packers to 4-6 and then Rodgers made his run the table comment.

After that, the offense started hitting on all cylinders.

It remains to be seen how close the Packers are to putting it together this year. There are a lot of issues to fix.

If Rodgers feels confident it’s coming around, we’ll take that, however. He’s said it before and he was right. So you’d think he’d know better than anyone.

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7 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers: Packers’ Offense Isn’t Far Off"

  1. Adam

    Aaron is half right. In that the offense can – sometimes – put up numbers when they have do. Like when they’re down by double digits coming out of half and have to dramatically alter the game plan by throwing 60 times. In that aspect, they’re close. But that type of offense isn’t sustainable. This isn’t the 2011 team with the dynamism and talent to score at will. They certainly haven’t shown that capability, so there’s no reason I see to think they’ll approach anywhere near that level of effectiveness.

    And that should be painfully evident when so far this season, the only times they’ve had any actual success on offense, is when they THROW OUT THE ENTIRE FUCKING GAME PLAN AT HALFTIME.

    That tells me where the root of the issues lies, and we know who is responsible for that aspect.

    So while Aaron is half right about the part of the offense he can control, there’s another variable in this equation that’s out of his control, per-say. And as long as that part of the equation continues to mismanage game clock, refuses to make in-game adjustments, refuses to ride the hot hand, refuses to evolve his scheme, and habitually takes his foot off the gas… this team may never return to it’s level of expectations.

  2. MJ

    Our offense starts clicking when we are down by three TDs. Hmmm yes, the other teams’ defenses switching to a prevent has nothing to do with it.

    On other note, where is Robert Tonyan? He was thrown to even by our backups and guarded by a variety of defenders. He produced catch after catch. I know it was preseason, but Kendricks hasn’t shown much either. Why not give this guy a chance, since he may be with the team for a few more years and on a bargain deal?

    • Adam

      He played some snaps in the Lions game, but even if he did have a mismatch Aaron probably wouldn’t look his way.

      Because #trust

  3. Cheese

    Rodgers says the offense isn’t far off. Based on what I’ve seen thus far I’m not so sure about that. I agree with the previous posters more. The best gameplan the Packers have is to throw out the buffoons gameplan at halftime and let Rodgers wing it. The offense only starts to click when they are down by 3TDs and have to play catch up.

  4. TyKo Steamboat

    I believed in “R-E-L-A-X”
    & I believed in “Run The Table”
    I don’t fucking believe in “We are very close to getting things going” …

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