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Aaron Rodgers Not Happy With Packers’ Offense

Aaron Rodgers is not happy with the Green Bay Packers offense and, it appears, coach Mike McCarthy’s game plan.

The Packers put up 423 yards of offense on Sunday, but they scored just 22 points in a game in which they seemingly should have had a lot more.

Rodgers called the offense terrible and specifically mentioned the lack of opportunities for receiver Davante Adams and tight end Jimmy Graham.

“We were a championship defensive-level and non-playoff team offensive-level today. That was not great by any stretch of the imagination. We need to find ways to get our playmakers in position to get some more opportunities.

“You know, a game like today … Davante [is] a tough cover for anybody, but he should have had 20 targets today. They couldn’t stop him. They dared to play one-high a few times. So, we have to find ways to get him the ball and Jimmy as well.”

Rodgers didn’t stop there.

“It was as bad as we’ve played on offense with that many yards in a long time,” Rodgers said.

It has been suggested that Rodgers isn’t happy with McCarthy’s game plan or play calling. This wouldn’t be the first time. We’ve seen Rodgers and McCarthy get into it on the sidelines before. However, Rodgers isn’t usually openly critical of the offense or play calling.

It has also been suggested that Rodgers is tired of McCarthy. That assumption appears to be tied to this quote right here.

“Yeah, I mean, coach puts the plan together, I tell him what calls I like, and we go,” Rodgers said.

Clearly, there is some frustration.

Geronimo Allison currently leads the Packers in receiving yards with 289. Adams has more catches (28 to 19). However, Adams is averaging just 10.2 yards per reception.

While Rodgers didn’t mention it, you also have the confounding running-back-by-committee approach that continues to go on. It’s confounding because Aaron Jones is averaging 6.3 yards per carry and Jamaal Williams is averaging 3.4. Then you’ve got Ty Montgomery, who is a matchup problem as a receiver for any team.

Is anything going to change? We would doubt it. McCarthy isn’t the most flexible guy.

Should something change?


Adams is the team’s No. 1 receiver and he doesn’t appear to be being put in the best position to make plays. Graham is doing fine, but could be getting more targets. And Jones is clearly the best option at running back.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Cheese October 1, 2018

    Clearly, Davante and Graham need to improve their pad level before they get any more targets.

  2. Larry October 1, 2018

    McCarthy has no freaking clue how to use the pieces he has. His idea of offense is have Rodgers throw the ball. Any football smarts coach would build an offense around Jones getting him 20 carries a game. As far as the passing game, well it’s been going down hill for a while. MM is very lazy when it comes to being a coach. Why work and put effort into a game plan when he can just hope Rodgers will carry his fay worthless ass.

  3. PackAttack October 1, 2018

    Rodgers is spot on 100% correct and I’m glad he had the balls to say what he said. The best statement there was, “we shoulda won that game by 45-points and put up 600 yards.” Finally, someone said it. Who gives a fuck if you beat the lowly Buffalo Bills, the fact that they didn’t get 60 points thrown up on them at Lambeau is just as much of a win for them. Rodgers couldn’t be more right and I’d imagine he’s not just speaking for himself here —- the rest of the offense is just as pissed as he is after an embarrassing performance like that.

    Mike McCarthy literally starts running out the clock in the 2nd quarter when he has a lead and he’s been doing that shit for years, zero killer instinct and no balls — he did it in 2015 in the NFC Championship Game vs Seattle and it cost us the fucking Super Bowl, the fat fuck has been doing it for years and it’s costed Rodgers and the offense gaudy numbers, higher yardage totals and put the defense in compromised situations by not putting games away by keeping the foot on the gas. It’s an absolute fact and it’s sickening to watch the best QB in football not destroy lesser teams.

    Rodgers is right. Davante was uncoverable yesterday, he should be getting 20 targets per/game — he should be in the discussion for best receiver in the game. Jimmy Graham is a big waste of money if your goal is to get him 6 targets per/game (Zach Ertz and Jared Cook double that), who the Bills couldn’t guard yesterday either yet McCarthy is determined to waste plays by running HB dives with Jamal Williams (instead of getting the more explosive Aaron Jones involved) and for whatever reason Lance Kendricks seems to be involved after proving he can’t catch or make plays, far too many 3rd and longs because the offense gets predictable (as usual) on 1st down running shitty dives or broken toss plays…..it’s the same old shit with McCarthy —- and for whatever reason people seem to think this guy is an offensive mastermind yet he’s proven (multiple times) he can’t win without Rodgers and he can’t seem to find a way to be a top-five offensive unit with him. The last time Green Bay was a top-5 NFL offensive unit was 2013 — with the best QB in football —- that is pathetic!

    Colin Cowherd, and Rodgers, both aren’t too far off in what they said today. Other QB’s in the league are throwing for ridiculously high numbers awhile Rodgers is barely relevant (injured or not), and this isn’t just a 1-year thing — he hasn’t thrown for over 350+ yards since November of 2016, he’s yet to throw for 300 yards once this year, he hasn’t throw for 400 yards in a game ONCE since 2014!! — Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, and RYAN FITZPATRICK have thrown for over 400 yards multiple times already THIS SEASON!! When you are the highest paid QB in the league and perceived as the #1 QB in the game and you can’t even break the 300-yard barrier once in a season through 4 games —- yeah, I’d be fucking pissed too. Something isn’t right there. Rodgers is barely inside the top-10 in most pass attempts this season, Andy Dalton has thrown more than Rodgers has, yet miraculously, every other QB ahead of him on that list has thrown for more yards, TD’s and has a better QB rating, shocking.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your paying Rodgers to play and to throw the football, case closed. He needs to be throwing the ball 35-45+ times per/game on average and be throwing down the field. His best seasons are when he throws 520-to-600 times per/year (2016, 2014, 2011 (only played 15 games), 2012) and he’s throwing down field. But until McCarthy changes he play calling and way of thinking nothing will ever change….

    1. Cheese October 1, 2018

      Fuckin eh’ right! What he said!^!^!-!^!^!

    2. Kato October 3, 2018

      Good work researching those games. Didnt realize it has been that long since the Rodgers has thrown for 400 yards. Not that end all be all of how effective an offense or QB is, but jesus, you would figure in 40 games a quarterback of Rodgers caliber would eclipse 400 yards a couple times

  4. MM²SUCK October 2, 2018

    Mark Murphy should be fired for allowing this fat fucking Buffoon to even be in Green Bay. He either has no balls or no sense. McCarthy has always played his favorites (he always will). What I have seen coming since 2010 has been here for all to see CLEARLY for many years now. This coach is clueless, in over his head and should never again be allowed to coach in the NFL. Between Buffoon, TT, and Mark Murphy they have allowed dust to settle around Aaron Rodgers by inaction, ineptitude and general buffoonery. Rodgers is NOT the player he used to be ( at least from my viewpoint) simply because I believe that the inabilities of upper management to do any collective thinking has corrupted Rodgers drive, AND has inadvertently created serious injuries for Rodgers over the last few years because of their poor player procurement, HORRENDOUS lack of adjustments, scheming and misuse of personnel. Fuck these fucking fucks. Fire MM and that gap-toothed motherfucker ASAP. The window may have already closed because of this. I believe that because of Rodgers understanding of “POOR” player personnel, he has gone into a “safe mode” shell, where he trusts only a few. Knowing that many of the other players do not have the talent or mindset (lack of reasonable vetting again) to be of any real help to the Packers chances. Why Rodgers has not gone to another team is beyond comprehension . . . just allowing that gravy headed Buffoon to keep calling the same plays without much pushback is a shame.