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Aaron Rodgers Is Reportedly Tired Of This Shit

Much has been made of the relationship between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy. We have never thought much of Gravy Head, but we also felt the stories about the relationship, or rift in the relationship, were overblown.

Maybe not.

It’s possible that Rodgers is actually sick and tired of McCarthy’s shit.

This comes from Jason La Canfora.

The Packers just made Rodgers the highest-paid player in the history of the game, again, before the season, and sources said that he has a strong relationship with team president Mark Murphy, the de facto owner of the publicly-held franchise, and there is certainly a sense of urgency throughout the organization to begin to maximize the remainder of the prime of the passer’s career. Rodgers has made comments in recent years, including Sunday, that have been difficult to interpret as anything but complaints about play-calling, which McCarthy has taken over once again.

La Canfora is referring to Rodgers’ openly-critical comments about McCarthy after the Bills’ game.

Rodgers was not as critical after the Lions’ game, which was somewhat of a similar offensive shitshow. The Packers put no points on the board in the first half of that game.

While Rodgers came out and threw for 442 yards, the Packers were forced to try to come back from a 24-0 hole. McCarthy, Gravy Head, couldn’t quite figure out how to utilize his running backs. There’s no evidence that he’ll be able to figure that out going forward.

Rodgers has publicly stumped for more Aaron Jones, just like the rest of us. That guy didn’t get a touch in the second half until the very end of it.


The thing we know and the thing we’ve noted is it looks like the NFL has passed Fat Mike by.

It’s odd that The Walrus II, Andy Reid, can adapt his offense, turn it into one of the most dynamic offenses in the league, and Fat Mike cannot. At this point, it’s like Fat Mike is sitting there thinking to himself, “I need more gravy! And why does The Walrus II have a better quarterback than I do? Hmmmm… Pat Mahomes is better than Aaron Rodgers?”


His offense is better. More innovative.

So is Sean McVay’s, which is why the Los Angeles Rams are undefeated. So is Matt Nagy’s, which is why the Chicago Bears lead the NFC North.

But Fat Mike will keep trotting out the same gravy-headed shit, the same gravy-headed way.

The good news is this is the beginning of the long-overdue end to the Gravy Head era.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MM²SUCK October 9, 2018

    For a little perspective about my opinion(s) regarding the Packers. I have been a fan and watched the Packers since the “Ice bowl” I am in my sixties, and have played extensively in organized sports. So, I “get” the locker room and the on the field dynamic. I remember watching well coached teams and horribly coached teams. The older and more “educated” that I have become to the game of football and all of its idiosyncrasies has culminated into what I now see as a cynical (though very well informed) perspective on just what type of coach and “upper management” that the Green Bay Packers now employ as our “brain trust”. As many of you know, I wear my Packer emotions out in the open (as many of you on here do as well), we seem to have some intrinsic eyesight into what is good or bad in the overall game of football. Beginning around 2008, I saw what I believed to be a “rift” between the players and the head coach and “upper management” starting. I watched an ageing Brett Favre become completely disillusioned by the “new” coaching and managing style being used in Green Bay. It was their way or the highway. Certainly, Favre’s growing ego had something to do with it, but he still was into the game to WIN championships! When he would “suggest” players to the brain trust, he was always met with opposition. At every chance Favre would plead with the team to at least consider these other players. They never took him seriously and for a future HOF player (who, along with Wolf and Holmgren) brought Green Bay from the depths of mediocrity back into the spotlight, that was a SERIOUS slap in the face. (This same approach has been given to Aaron Rodgers requests for free agent help as well over the last 8 years!) The next few years that ensued were tumultuous because of this disregard (in retrospect it becomes apparent). What Aaron Rodgers saw was just the beginning of what is now an obvious clusterfuck of arrogance and mis-management that has basically gone unchecked for over 10 years. After Mark Murphy was hired we begin to see the change in “priorities” from the commitment to build a strong winning football franchise to one with a commitment to build a money making corporation hell-bent on riding the coat-tails of Favre, Wolf and Rodgers accomplishments that has been so myopic in its singular pursuit that it has either abandoned its main objective of dynasty building by oversight, or through lack of scope to ACCOMPLISH IT’S GOAL. That of building a “Mecca” to honor the history of the past rather than to continue to build for the future of the game (which btw is the real reason that fans continue to make Green Bay relevant). Since 2010 (the year they won the SB) I have been VEHEMENTLY railing about Mike McCarthy’s growing ineptitude and his growing arrogance. It is now becoming quite obvious even to the most obtuse “homers” comprising the most diverse fan base in America that the Packers are horribly coached and OBVIOUSLY mis-managed. How Mark Murphy has survived is SOLEY based on Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers (with a little bit of Charles Woodson mixed in). This charlatan of a Packer president has focused his main objective into land procurement and theme park ridiculousness, with the actual Packer football team taking a back seat in priority. All one has to do to quantify this statement is to see how long he allowed Ted Thompson, Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy to continue to take our Green Bay Packers down into the depths of mediocrity. Up until Murphy was FORCED to make a move because of the night game showing all of America that someone (Ted Thompson) with CTE or dementia/ Alzheimer’s was actually steering the great Packers ship into the ground, was something finally (and it appeared reluctantly) done! While finally getting rid of Dom Capers old and tired defensive mindset at the same time. What happened next still appalls me to this day, Murphy allowed McCarthy to stay. But NOT on Murphy’s terms, but rather on McCarthy’s terms! Allowing McCarthy to hold as much power in vision as the next GM set a poor precedent I believe. McCarthy now continues his headfirst dive into mediocrity with all of the aplomb (lol!) and arrogance befitting the obtuse buffoon that he truly is. All of this mind you with the “blessing” of Mark Murphy. I have witnessed/watched perhaps two of the GOAT’s QB-1’s in football history take back seats in priority to self-arrogance and misled insistence on spending monies on theme park idiocy. Now, in the beginning twilight of Rodgers career we are all seeing the same old scenarios and the same tired responses that have happened since 2008. Folks! this team does NOT give a fuck about its fan base, they have been feeding us a line of shit for over 10 years now. Their main objective is to build a “MECCA”! Football team be damned!

    1. MM²SUCK October 9, 2018

      I had a typo on the Packers timeline with Favre, it was from 2005 NOT 2008 . . .

      1. Nambypamby October 9, 2018

        are you a college professor?

        1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

          Funny that you should ask . . . Extensive time spent in college. But went another direction afterwards. On the other hand my brother actually is one. Go figure . . .

      2. Icebowl October 10, 2018

        Well said my fellow senior friend…. !!!!

        1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

          Thanks ICEBOWL!

    2. Cheese October 9, 2018

      “That of building a “Mecca” to honor the history of the past rather than to continue to build for the future of the game”

      Ain’t that the fuckin truth. Murphy is more concerned about bragging up a history that he has little to do with, rather than making his own mark on the football field. That gawdy 50ft Lombardi trophy in the Lambeau atrium has never sat well with me. Yes, it’s named after a GB coach but the Packers don’t even have the most Super Bowl wins. It just seems tacky and arrogant. Act like you’ve been there before. Or at least more than once with the most talented QB in the history of the league, which Murphy’s Packers have not. McCarthy can’t even make it to a second SB and Murphy is over here preaching about championships and tradition. GTFOH.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        Amen CHEESE!

    3. Empacador October 9, 2018

      Well said MM²SUCK. I saw it with McCarthy in 2009. Turns out it was a little more than just McCarthy after all. Unfortunately McCarthy got credit for the SB win and here we are today. We’ve got new and exciting scapegoats while McCarthy continues to flounder in his brand of football.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        Thanks EMPACADOR!

    4. Arcturus October 10, 2018

      You hit it right on the head. Murphy is more concerned about charging someone $5 for one ride down a fake goddamn sledding hill than putting a quality product on the field. The Packers have indeed, as you put it, become a money making machine, squeezing every last penny out of the suckers that they can. They figure they have the local rubes by the nose and will keep exploiting them. I say fuck ‘em.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        And I am with you on that ARCTURUS! Fuck those fucking fucks!

    5. Drater October 10, 2018

      You make great points but paragraphs would make it much easier to read…ultimately Murphy is the one to blame for this

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        You are absolutely correct. Sorry about that, was in a hurry to spit it out! As soon as I posted this I knew I should have . . .

    6. Don welsh October 10, 2018

      BRAVO BRAVO!!!! Absolutely right, someone who sees it. The ass licking packer media will do everything to cover howdy doody’s ass.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        Exactly! The media (in general) all need to be LESS opinion and MORE fact. Outcome of the truth NEEDS to shine always!

    7. Howard October 10, 2018

      Very good MM²SUCK.
      How many said who the Fuck is McCarthy when TT hired him. Then you look him up and say this guy has done nothing, plus his mentor is Marty Schottenheimer. A coach that can take good and very good teams only so far, and that is falling short of the Super Bowl. MM is Marty S always has been. Marty couldn’t change and neither will MM.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        Very good assessment (as usual) HOWARD. I know that many of us on this site saw it (MM hiring) for what it was going to be. We all hoped for better from the choice, but realized that it was NOT going to be that way soon afterwards.

  2. PF4L October 9, 2018

    Very, very well stated.

    In some ways…the 2010 Super Bowl was both a blessing and a curse as i have previously stated.

    I don’t want to rehash and decipher the last 12 years or so. Anyone who reads my post knows i’ve been detailing it for years on here.

    MM²SUCK has it correct, Murphy was forced to make a move with Ted. Unfortunately the B. O. D’s shouldn’t have stopped there, and hopefully, someone has the good sense and clear vision, to make the real changes that are needed after this season. But if history tells us anything, action only comes with a losing season. If the Board, or the Executive Committee decided to right the ship, if they dismiss someone, then fucking dismiss them. Don’t let them sit in their office collecting a salary for doing fucking nothing because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. I understand you get a honeymoon period after winning a Super Bowl, but the honeymoon was over 4 or 5 years ago.

    As most of you know, i’m biding my time, riding this nightmare out until the Circus leaves town. I don’t like my attitude towards this team’s hierarchy, but even the most blindly faithful fans are now (finally) starting to see what we’ve all been saying through the years.

    Rodgers time in this league is coming closer and closer to the end. Ted gets fired, but Murphy “reassigns” his job title and Ted still collects a salary. I think it’s time, for someone with authority to tell Mark Murphy…TIME”S UP.

    1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

      As usual, you call the Packer points well. The BOD’s need to be more comprehensive in their responsibilities. The Packer “football” team is the engine that drives this Packers Organization . . . Not the other way around. The BOD’s need to support and feed the “football” side first and foremost to ensure higher revenues and thus, creating more positive historic results rather than living off old history . . . Firing Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy would actually be the FIRST step needed as the appropriate response coming from a well informed, capable and focused Board of Directors . . .

  3. Dennis Dervetski October 9, 2018

    This MM last season for sure. Hasn’t changed or adapted. Put your house up for sale now.

    1. Empacador October 9, 2018

      We can only hope Dennis, we can only hope.

  4. Kato October 10, 2018

    I still maintain he was on shaky ground going into the season. A one year extension isnt a strong statement about how you feel about your coach

    1. Ted Hawthorne October 10, 2018

      MM2SUCK has seen the truth about Packer management for years. He has written
      a revealing and perceptive piece. Thank you, sir.

      1. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

        Thank you TED HAWTHORNE, you are kind to say this.

  5. Icebowl October 10, 2018

    As soon as GB W/L drops below .500 (not counting the Friggin tie) he needs to go…
    At latest after 2nd straight year not making playoffs….

    1. Kato October 11, 2018

      Idk. I disagree. There isnt a coach on that staff that I see as a potential head coach of this team going forward. Pettine has already said he doesnt want to be a head coach again. I say just let him finish out the year and then go from there.

  6. KILLER October 10, 2018

    Like the groundskeeper McCarthy got fired, just as soon as McCarthy says “Don’t lay an egg on Sunday” he needs to be fired. That is according to McCarthy himself, leading by example. That is exactly what McCarthy did to that poor 22 year work veteran who was also a diehard Packer fan.

    In fact, though, the groundskeeper never even said that. He just wished some players good luck with the coming game. So…. no need to wait for McCarthy to say anything about laying eggs. Just go ahead and fire him and claim he said it! Pull a McCarthy on McCarthy!

    1. ay hombre October 10, 2018

      This is who we have leading this team. Seriously. Fuck this whole bunch.


      1. PF4L October 10, 2018

        2009….Just like it happened yesterday. Anything new?

    2. MM²SUCK October 10, 2018

      I remember when that happened. I was not surprised in the least. The Buffoon is a real POS.

  7. ay hombre October 10, 2018

    Go Bucs!

  8. Dennis Dervetski October 10, 2018

    See the field better and get rid of the damm ball Rodgers. Other major concern, as usual, is MM. Dump MM now. Rodgers should run the no bundle, up tempo offense. Less thinking time, more reaction time. So simple.