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Aaron Rodgers Is Now Packers Head Coach

Look. It was on TV news. It must be true! Aaron Rodgers is now the Green Bay Packers head coach according to Fox 6 in Milwaukee.

Thank god Mike McCarthy is finally out!

Obviously, this is not the case, but the Packers are 3-3-1. This team should be better than that and coaching is one of the major issues.

There’s talent on offense. The Packers have a generational quarterback. They have one of the best receivers and tight ends in the game. There’s young talent at receiver. They have a potential stud running back. There’s the best left tackle in the game. Defensively, you have a stout defensive line, a deep cornerback group with a rising star and one of the best inside linebackers in the game.

No team is stacked at every position, but this should be enough for the Packers to be better than a .500 team.

We remarked during Sunday’s game about Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay. In the second half, the Rams’ offense started to click. Guys were running across the field wide open on a regular basis. That’s because McVay is innovative and devises ways for his guys to get open. He obviously made some changes at halftime based on what the Packers were doing.

While McCarthy supposedly revamped his offense in the offseason, it doesn’t really look much different than in has in the past, does it?

The Rams have talent, but I would argue that other than Todd Gurley, it isn’t on par with the Packers offensively. It’s talent plus scheme.

The Packers are pretty much solely relying on talent.


Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Larry October 29, 2018

    So disappointed in Rogers. Sees an all out blitz coming and still does not change the fucked up run call from that moron HC on his own 1yd line. How many times in the first half did McCarthy call pass on 2nd and 2? Ok going play action to take a shot I can see, but not the BS that was called. Rogers has let the McCarthy virus that makes a player stupid infect him.

    1. Kato October 29, 2018

      You are joking right?….. A slow developing play where a holding call in the end zone results in a safety is not a good call. I actually didnt have an issue with this particular play call, running right at the defense is probably the right call in that situation. See Aaron Jones 33 yard td up the middle. The only other directions I would go be a qb sneak up the middle or go shotgun and have a quick developing route combination (with potentially a double move in the works). The problem with a quick pass is if you have ever watched Marcus Peter’s or Aquib Talib play corner, you would know they are very aggressive and tend to try and jump routes. Hence why I would run a slugo or wheel potentially in that scenario. Of course having a TE that can block on the line as well as be receiving threat would be advantageous in that situation as well. However if Bulaga had not been slow to recognize Barron blowing up the gap, the play may have been successful and wouldnt even be a point of debate.

      1. Cheese October 29, 2018

        “a TE that can block on the line as well as be receiving threat would be advantageous in that situation as well”

        Didn’t we bring in a guy for that? I think his name is Mercedes Lewis. I could be mistaken though because I don’t think I’ve seen him play a single snap all season.

        1. PF4L October 29, 2018

          I did, i think it was the 49er game where he totally whiffed on a block at the line.

          1. PF4L October 29, 2018

            There’s a big difference in participating in free agency, and signing free agent players that can help your team and justify their cost. The Packers get a D the last 2 years. It would be an F, but at least they participated (tried).

  2. Skinny October 29, 2018

    McCarthy stared down Rodgers after that drive the entire jog back to the sidelines. Rodgers wouldnt even look over. And it wasn’t just a im pissed stare. It was a if I go down your going down with me look. This is going to be really interesting down the stretch. No way in hell Rodgers is going anywhere. Mike is out if it keeps going like this. Which obviously im fine with.

    1. PF4L October 29, 2018

      McCarthy doesn’t have the swag to stare down Rodgers. If McCarthy is going to stare anyone down, where has he been the last 5 years? How about staring down Zook, what are his special teams every year, 27th? How about staring down Capers 2,3,4.5.6 years ago? The only time he stares anyone down is when he has to axe a minion fall guy.

      In fairness, he did stare down limp dick Murphy in the off season to some degree but that isn’t saying much.

  3. KazooPackFan October 29, 2018

    How about the clear difference in tempo between the two teams. Rams were all over with theirs. Sometimes hurry up, sometimes huddle, sometimes running the playclock down. GB used to do this. Now we run the play clock down to 1 or 0 almost every play. There is no variation, no hurry up. What the hell?

    1. PF4L October 29, 2018

      I was surprised the Rams would snap the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock, with the lead. That’s kind of how Atlanta lost the Super Bowl a few years back.

    2. KILLER October 29, 2018

      McCarthy does it that way to inflate the team’s time of possession artificially to make himself look like a better coach. Super veteran QB and same offense year after year and you think he needs 28 seconds every play to get the play off? No way. I call intentional.

      1. Kato October 30, 2018

        Or because it is a way playing ball control and keeping a vulnerable defense off the field? You are an ignorant fuck

  4. Dennis Dervetski October 29, 2018

    Any causal fan can see MN playbook or schemes have not, not changes for years. Its so obvious. What a much of BS talk. Fire MM