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Aaron Rodgers Ain’t Going Out Like That

The Green Bay Packers may not be all that. That was clear on Monday night. But Aaron Rodgers is all that.

The Packers gave up 30 points to a San Francisco 49ers team led by C.J. Beathard at home. They did what they needed to do, however. The Packers put up 10 unanswered late in the fourth quarter, capped by Mason Crosby’s game-winning field goal for a 33-30 win.

It was Rodgers who gutted it out and drove the Packers to the win, of course.

QB1 threw for 425 yards, two touchdowns and no picks. He did that without receivers Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison, both of whom have now been out for multiple weeks.

Davante Adams was once again huge, catching 10 for 132 yards and both of those touchdowns.

Tight end Jimmy Graham finally had his breakout game with 104 yards. The Packers obviously made it a point to get him involved early and often. Rookie Marquez Valdes-Scantling continued to look great with 103 yards and Equanimeous St. Brown had a huge catch in crunch time.

The defense wasn’t quite there though. The pass rush certainly wasn’t there. The Packers had just two sacks on the night and Nick Perry continues to be a no-show.

The defensive highlights were no doubt defensive tackle Kenny Clark with seven tackles and a sack and cornerback Kevin King, who came up with the late interception that allowed Rodgers to work his magic.

And let’s give it up to Crosby, who came back from one of the most disastrous weeks a kicker could ever have to knock in four field goals, including a game winner.

To be honest, we don’t love this Packers team right now, but we do know this. You don’t count QB1 out. If that guy has an opportunity to win a game, he’s probably going to do it.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. john October 15, 2018

    I mean, Perry had 3 defended passes tonight. Not exactly no show.

    1. Disposableh3ro October 16, 2018

      At critical times as well…

    2. Icebowl October 16, 2018

      Otherwise 55 minutes of crap – especially from the Swiss-Cheese Secondary…..
      Whiners running game was explosive and only fizzled when they stopped outside runs…
      Without the Dick Sherman gift we’d be talking about a 2-3-1 team…

      Btw : Why are teams not figuring out 3-TE package = running play ? Even announcers last week were picking up on it….

    3. Larry October 16, 2018

      Easy to bat down passes when you stand still cause you can’t rush the QB.

  2. Ferris October 15, 2018

    What else has to happen for Brice to hit the pine or the street? I saw like 5 minutes of this game but while I was watching he got smoked.

  3. TyKo Steamboat October 15, 2018

    Bulaga will always be good for a false start & a mid-game injury. A real china doll

    & why do Nick Perry & Randall Cobb get paid so much?

    On a bright side, I thought Fat Mike called a good game in terms of off balance plays. Finally. It was at least unpredictable & with speed

  4. NachoDan October 15, 2018

    Nick Perry batted three balls, that’s 300% more than Mike Daniels did of anything.

    1. PF4L October 16, 2018

      They weren’t sacks, or run stuffs, but knocking down passes is kind of like making a play. I was so shocked i had chest pains and called 911 with heart attack symptoms. My heart can’t take that kind of excitement.

      1. moolla October 16, 2018

        Because he’s unable to get to the QB.

        I mean batted down passes is impressive and all but the only reason he could do that was because he’s unable to get the guy throwing it.

        Yeah its a nice play but I’d argue they count more as bad plays from Beathard. It actually concerns me more than anything that he’s not even getting pressures on him.

    2. Doug Phillips October 16, 2018

      At least 3 balls, maybe 4. Including one on the 49ers last possession that ended with the INT.

  5. M. Supernaw October 15, 2018

    I’ve got a question for everyone, I’m sure it’s been asked/talked about but it was apparent again today. Does anyone remember the last special teams play (not a field goal or extra point) that the packers weren’t flagged on? I swear every punt, kick or anything I see a block in the back or a hold. Today it was the unsportsmanlike conduct that almost killed us were it not for Kevin King’s interception. Then there was the holding call on the play that never even left the end zone. Idk who Ron Zook is sucking off to keep his job but he must give a hell of a hummer for the special teams unit to have that much penalty trouble that never gets corrected

  6. PackAttack October 15, 2018

    You can throw whatever cliche at the wall you want after this one, “a win is a win”, but this is not a good football team on any level whatsoever right now and that includes Aaron Rodgers who said it best tonight, “this kind of play isn’t going to get it done against our next opponents”. If any thoughtful minded Packer fan thinks that this win (if you want to call it that) paired with the recent play vs Detroit, Buffalo and Washington (three of the weaker teams in the league right now) is going to carry substance going into games against Los Angeles, New England and at Minnesota — you are in a for a long fucking month. The Packers were out played for essentially 3-quarters (at home) by one of the worst teams in the NFL (and a backup QB), they were smoked by a very average, and last place, Detroit team and were basically embarrassed by a pretty average Washington offense. Now you go on the road against quite possibly the two best teams (and offenses) in the NFL with a laundry list of problems and very few solutions in sight…..

    * Aaron Rodgers is a master of greatness, there’s no doubt about his talent, but what in the hell is going on with him in the pocket these last 3 weeks? Let’s stop using his injured knee as an excuse (I’m sick of hearing about that) he’s clearly moving well enough to run for almost 90 yards in 4 games. He’s missing throws to wide open receivers, tonight he had multiple options open in the red zone and chose to run with it (hurt or not that’s no excuse for not keying on open receivers and holding onto to the ball like this is 2008 again), he’s either back to not trusting the young receivers or being too conservative by holding the ball for too long or making poor reads. It’s not all on the WR’s. If the Packers would play, and move the ball, the way they do in the 4th Q as they would in the 2nd and 3rd Q they’d be undefeated right now.

    * Why is Jamaal Williams still touching the ball on offense? Why? He’s averaging 3.7 yards per/carry and gives you virtually nothing in the passing game. Aaron Jones is the most electric runner on the roster but he can’t fucking catch or pass block to save his life and to be honest I can see why he doesn’t play more. Tonight he ran the wrong route twice before being removed from the shotgun formation. I can see Jones and Montgomery garnering most of the time but but why Williams? This RB tandem/musical chairs phiasco is just an epic disaster on every front — pick an every down guy and let him find a rhythm and consistency with the offense

    * Kentrell Brice – As we serious with this guy as a starting safety in the NFL? There are better guys on the street than this piece of shit. He grades out at as the #67th safety in the league!!! So Josh Jones seriously isn’t any better than a guy who grades out lower than most backups? He reminds me of Ladarius Gunter getting dusted on virtually every single play but yet nobody seems to care enough to acknowledge it

    * Clay Matthews – Holy Shit. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Just wow. Just keep reliving 2010 when this guy was actually relevant — it was only 8 years ago. He’s only the #98 ranked edge rusher in the league right now (look it up) it’s comical at this point, just a clown show for Clay to collect a check and a smile

    * Reggie Gilbert, Dean Lowry, Nick Perry (I won’t even mention the other guy) are just incredibly underwhelming in every way possible. They play with very little passion and get pushed around by very average offensive lines and get run over by very average running backs. I have no idea how this unit is going to stop Todd Gurley or Sony Michel — the OLB’s can’t set the edge, there is no push up front, there’s no playmakers on this unit who can really carry the defense. Martinez, Daniels and Clark are your only guys on defense that are competent defenders in the NFL —- unfortunately they don’t have the talent to make up for the rest of the unit. This defense has given up (for the exception of the putrid Buffalo Bills offense) 30+ points to Detroit, SF and Washington (none of them rank inside the Top 15 in total offense in the league)

    * Breeland and Alexander better be the next coming of Deion Sanders and Rod Woodson if they think these two can cover-up for the putrid talent of Brice, Tony Brown, Whitehead and even Kevin King (who played well tonight but still grades out as one of the worst d-backs in the league), Tramon is good but you can’t have him covering #1’s on the outside like he did tonight, not going to fly

    * Finally Mike fucking McCarthy — another pathetic playcalling effort from Fat Mike, but give him the credit for what happened in the final 1:55 seconds (he earned it….right). Did you know that NFL teams who pass on 1st Downs (with regularity) are the Chiefs, Rams, Saints and Patriots (all top-5 offenses in the NFL) and Mike is still near the bottom when it comes to running the football on 1st and 10, which is now known statistically to be a back breaker for sequencing plays on offense because the avg run play in the NFL goes for 3.3 yards on 1st and 10 while a 1st down pass goes for 7.1 per/avg in the NFL, the rest of the league apparently knows this and has taken note of this except for Mike who continues to be as predictable as possible when it comes to his playcalling running more than 65% of the time on 1st and 10. He really fooled Shannahan tonight with those bootlegs, until they caught onto what Mike was doing and he proceeded to call more of them getting Rodgers sacked in the process. Mike’s got all the right answers, I’m sure he’ll have them all for LA, New England and Minnesota on the road

    1. Savage57 October 16, 2018

      I got to watch a pretty entertaining football game the Packers found a way to win.

      Too bad you missed it.

    2. V October 16, 2018

      PackAttack is mostly right here. I also wonder why we don’t use more motion pre snap. Seems like the better offenses in the league still have a man in motion to draw the defense to one side but we never seem to do it. Anyone know why?

      1. Kato October 16, 2018

        Not to mention motion can cue you in to the type of coverage the defense is playing (zone, man, ect.)

    3. Icebowl October 16, 2018

      Good points

    4. Icebowl October 16, 2018

      “If the Packers would play, and move the ball, the way they do in the 4th Q as they would in the 2nd and 3rd Q they’d be undefeated right now.” – Totally agree..

  7. Kato October 16, 2018

    If the Packers had Jordy Nelson in this game they would have scored 50 points

  8. Skinny October 16, 2018

    San Fran gave it away. They could have ran the ball up our ass all game and won by at least 10 points if they didn’t get stupid at the end. They always have had a great offensive line though. Those fucking guys draft men to play that position. Staley is such a beast. McGlinchey is in the same mold. God damn I wish we had a line like that. Our defense is a shit show. What was the cushion for our DBs on WRs last night at least 7 yards? Jesus Christ.

    1. Kato October 16, 2018

      They were scared of getting beat deep. Goodwin has speed. Tells me they don’t have confidence in Brice whatsoever

  9. eduardo October 16, 2018

    Anyone else notice HHCD? Guy just stands around and never hits anyone. What a frickin joke of a player.

    1. Zwoeger October 16, 2018

      You mean like when he and another guy were admirering that tacle breaking td stead of Martinezed him? No no one saw that. Was his first time ever not being aware of what is going on.

      1. eduardo October 16, 2018

        That dude would be riding the pine if her were on my team. Wait…he wouldn’t be on my team.

  10. Ferris October 16, 2018

    They just need to play sandlot football on offense. Taking the play sheet out of fried chicken greasy fingers McCarthy is the only way they move the ball now. Go no huddle and let Rodgers throw it to anyone who is open. Was it me or did the SF pass rush look like 4 LT’s out there…block anyone much? 0-3 next 3 games…what it is going to take to get McCarthy fired? One more wasted year of Rodgers. In 3 years when McCarthy either has a heart attack or gets fired GB will win the SB with their new coach and everyone who is a GB fan will say…”Why didn’t they get rid of that idiot sooner?” Then GB will be the Denver Broncos with a stiff at QB like the 80s with David Whitehurst. Been spoiled by HOF QB play for 25 years. And 2 rings to show for it.

  11. M. Supernaw October 16, 2018

    To me, as great as Aaron Rodgers was in the 4th last night, he looks like he’s back to his 2015 form. AKA Jordy Nelson got hurt and he didn’t trust anyone. The last two weeks it’s been all about Davante and Jimmy Graham for him right now. He can be ok just with those two guys but the offense was most explosive when Aaron jones was in the backfield and Rodgers spread the ball around. Look no further than the last drive, that back shoulder sideline throw to St. Brown was literally the same play he’d have run with jordy here. When you force him to make quick decisions he’s the best QB in football, that’s why our 2 minute offense is so unstoppable. He just has to get out of his own head and trust these guys. Sure they’ll fuck up sometimes but it’s better than holding on to the ball and getting plastered when the right side of the line can’t hold a block for more than 3 seconds.

    And seriously what the hell is with the offensive playcalling? If you know your line is weak why are you constantly calling plays that require time in the pocket when you know the time isn’t gonna be there? And with all of these receivers hurt how about showing something new on offense? Maybe Montgomery and Jones in the backfield together? I could make a whole playbook with the skill set those two have. We all know by now that Jamaal Williams is basically playing fullback right? He should only be on the field to pass block and for short yardage situations. Idk why we keep treating him like an every down back. Let him play to his strengths (which are those of a fullback) and he’ll shine. If my dumb ass can think of this idk why a group of seasoned nfl coaches can’t

    1. Kato October 16, 2018

      Its funny you bring up Rodgers not trusting people. I think that is part of the reason they decided to part with Jordy. They thought that Rodgers looked Jordy’s way too much and didn’t develop chemistry with the other receivers. Jordy is nearly finished. Rodgers needs to be able to work with other receivers. Brees has done it in New Orleans. The injuries to Cobb and Allison honestly might be the best thing to have happened to this offense. It forced Rodgers to throw to these other guys. The rookies combined for 5 for 132. Not bad at all.

    2. Kato October 16, 2018

      In the long run I think they will be better moving on from Nelson. I have almost nothing but fond memories of him and definitely would still love to see him catching balls from Rodgers but the offense will be better off in a couple years, especially if they have a change in coaching and a new playcaller that will bring a fresh modern scheme in

  12. Larry October 16, 2018

    Every time they showed the P O S HC on TV last night I wanted to puke. McCarthy is a fucking moron! Jones has a couple of great runs and then back to his fucked up rotation BS! Any HC who understands football would make Jones a focus of the offense. But, not the fat asshole with gravy for brains. 2 weeks to design an obvious run the ball control the clock offense or the Rams will hang 50 on this putrid D. WE all know it won’t happen.