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Tim Boyle Got Himself An Aaron Rodgers’ Jersey

Tim Boyle plays for the Green Bay Packers. He’s their third-string quarterback. He’s also apparently a big-ass fan of Aaron Rodgers.

His teammate.

Boyle wore a Rodgers jersey in and out of Lambeau Field on Monday.


“No, I did not lose a bet,” Boyle said. “I’m wearing it because it’s a badass jersey.”

Goddam right!

Boyle actually went to the Packers Pro Shop and bought this jersey, according to that palooka Demovsky.

Boyle wasn’t active on Sunday night, but he probably will be this week, considering the Rodgers’ knee injury. What we do know is Tim Boyle is doing the best thing. He’s ingratiating himself to Aaron Rodgers.

Maybe he’s what we used to call a brown nose, but Rodgers obviously likes the kid. And the Packers may have a find. Boyle is one of the undrafted rookies who stuck on the final 53-man roster.

He started at Connecticut, where he threw one touchdown and 13 picks in three years. Then he transferred to powerhouse Eastern Kentucky and, as a senior, threw 11 touchdowns and 13 picks. And he’s better in the NFL. At least from what we’ve seen.

Terrible coaching in college, it appears. Kid has the arm.

Wants to be Aaron Rodgers? So be it.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador September 11, 2018

    From what I have seen based on 1 game and what transpired, I’m OK with Kizer right now. He and Boyle can sit and learn. If past history tells us anything it’s that McCarthy is gonna ride with whoever the number 2 guy is anyhow, no matter how much he shits the bed. The Packers weren’t doing jack when Rodgers was in before the injury, and Kizer looked better than Hundley did last season. You have to think given as much time as the Packers committed to Hundley that Kizer will be better if given that same amount of time. Kizer simply being exposed to more live action and then being rebooted in Green Bay has to be better, IF McCarthy lives up to his being a QB guru that is. If Kizer does suck as bad as Hundley, due to McCarthy staying with status quo, Boyle might not turn out to be a piece of shit who was forced to play before his time.

    I don’t care about how Hundley looked this past preseason, this was going to be his last season in Green Bay anyway. Who would pay that guy more than his rookie deal after the display he put on last season? And after the lame play and sound bites from Hundley, I haven’t heard anything from Kizer claiming Kizer is better than he is. Let’s simply consider both Hundley and Randall as more failed Ted Thompson draft picks. At least they got something for Randall, remains to be seen what the 6th rounder amounts to for Hundley. Rest assured they won’t be able to chew their Juicy Fruit like Hundley could.

    1. Adam September 12, 2018

      “…IF McCarthy lives up to his being a QB guru…”

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…. let’s clear up that misconception before we dig any deeper. McCarthy is not a QB guru, lol. I’m not sure where he even picked that misnomer up from int he first place. He was gifted a generational talent in Rodgers that he didn’t even draft, but hasn’t developed anyone else worth a damn. His next biggest success? Mat Flynn… if you want to call it that, he’s not in the league anymore.

      Ingle Martin, trash.
      BJ Coleman, trash.
      Brian Brohm, trash.
      Brett Hundley, trash.
      Joe Callahan, currently on his 5th team, trash.
      Chase Rettig, who? Trash.
      Nick Hill, who? Trash.
      Graham Harrell, trash.
      Taysom Hill, he’s currently making tackles on special teams for the Saints.

      And hasn’t been able to successfully groom a capable backup out of any other QB with veteran experience either.
      Seneca Walace, trash.
      Vince Young, I liked Vince, but let’s be honest… trash.
      Scott Tolzien, trash.

      1. Empacador September 12, 2018

        Adam, Adam, Adam, don’t you recall McCarthy and his vaunted QB school? According to some people here (I’m not one of them FYI), Rodgers owes his entire career to McCarthy’s prowess as a QB guru! For your viewing pleasure. Here is a well done piece explaining why we are so fortunate to have a talent like McCarthy at the helm. Try not too laugh too hard!