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Packers Done In By Officials, Jerk Cousins

A tie isn’t a loss, but it sure smells like stink. That’s what the Green Bay Packers got with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers came back, like we all thought he would. He largely threw out of the shotgun and tossed short passes. However, he was effective enough that the Packers should have won the game. Rodgers went for 281 yards, but one of the problems was he threw only one touchdown despite numerous trips into the red zone.

What was this really about?

I know everyone says Packers fans complain about the officials all the time, but this game was straight-up highway robbery.

Let’s first go to a two-play sequence where Rodgers threw deep to Jimmy Graham. Obvious interference by Harrison Smith on the play. Smith brought one of Graham’s arms down before the ball arrived — a perfect pass. Dropped right in, but hard to catch a damn football when some shitbag knocks one of your pass-catching arms down. No call.

Next play. Davante Adams catches an out, drags his feet on the sidelines. Was it close? Yes, it was close. Ruled an incompletion. Buffoon does not challenge.

Third, the Stinkings are driving in the fourth quarter for the potential game-tying touchdown. Clay Matthews, who — holy shit! — rushes the passer on a regular basis hits Jerk Cousins .02 seconds after he releases his shitbag pass. Roughing the passer. One of the most egregious bullshit calls I have ever seen.

Stinkings went on to score the touchdown. Got the two-point conversion. Tied it up. Stole a victory from the GBP.

If the NFL doesn’t come up with a statement this week about how poorly this game was officiated, I will be appalled.

As for Jerk, he made the Packers’ secondary look like it has looked the past two years. That box of turds threw for 425 yards and four touchdowns.

Thing is, it looks like the Packers cornerbacks are fine — other than Tramon Williams biting on the slant, when everyone knew it was going to be a fade on that two-point conversion. It’s just that their safeties suck.

You know what we always talk about with that overrated piece of crap, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.


He has none. He is not fit to play centerfield.

What was he doing when Davon House got beat on the 75-yard touchdown by Stefon Diggs. Staring at goddam Jerk Cousins and, for whatever reason, shading over to the other side of the field. Where was he when Tramon bit on the slant on the two-point conversion? Also biting on the slant.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a flaming sack of dogshit that I would let burn if you put it on my porch.

And then there’s Buffoon. I’m not entirely sure what I want to blame that gravy head for, but I do know this. This type of game is a staple of Mike McCarthy teams.

You’ve got your foot on their throat, you fucking stomp on it, you fat motherfucker!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Adam September 16, 2018

    Stop writing game commentary.

    Davate’s sideline catch was a catch, offensive PI was (ridiculously) called which brought it back.

    Kentrell Brice was the deep safety on Diggs’ touchdown, not Dix.

    1. Adam September 16, 2018

      Also, Tony Corrente is a piece of shit. Even his post game summary of the Clay penalty was bullshit.

    2. Kato September 16, 2018

      Its like he didnt even watch the game.

      Absolute horseshit call on Matthews. Interesting lonely boy was in here running his mouth about how the packers were going to be given the game by the officials. I think it was the other way around.

  2. Campack September 16, 2018

    I couldn’t have said it better myself

  3. Buzz September 16, 2018

    This game was stolen. How many big plays did the Pack have called back? At least four. The biggest being on the bullshit roughing the passer call on Clay which negated Alexander’s interception to seal the game. The holding call which nullified Jimmy Graham’s touchdown was bullshit too. How many did Minny have called back? Zero. Corrente’s crew sucks.

  4. Kato September 16, 2018

    I have no idea why McCarthy was passing on the second to last drive of regulation. Should have been running the ball to run the clock

    1. TyKo Steamboat September 16, 2018

      Yes. We had 2:05 on the clock with a 1st & 10. We ran it. The clock was going to stop at 2:00 regardless. I was yelling to pass. We ran. No gain … Then we threw twice for some reason which killed the clock with incompletions. The ViQueens had 2 timeouts to burn & we didn’t use that strategy… unbelievable

    2. Ferris September 16, 2018

      He was trying to not be a pussy…. like he always is..drive the spike in them. Didn’t work though. The RPO with Rodgers in OT was horrible, what the hell? OPI on Adams, bullshit roughing, dipshit McCarthy, bullshit holding…and Crosby still had it on his foot to win and choked. Those kicks are the money kicks and he fucked it up. Thanks to the soon to be unemployed Minnesota kicker…still undefeated. Who signs Dan Bailey first? Browns or Vikings? He is on his way to one of those cities right now.

  5. Howard September 16, 2018

    On the pass play that Mike Daniels just let go of Cousins rather than sack Cousins it looked like a Viking receiver was running wide open, deep, on House’s side of the field. It looked like Daniels pressure stopped Cousins from going deep on that play. You knew the Vikings were going to go deep on House after that play.

    Did any of the Packers get fined on the 3 roughing the passer penalty’s last week? I don’t think, so and I will be suprised if Clay gets a fined this week.

    1. PF4L September 16, 2018

      I thought you’d follow up that Daniels comment with something obvious like…….WTF was Daniels doing giving up on the play? I’ve never seen a defender wrap up a QB….and then just, let go and turn your back to him like the play is dead? Seriously?

      I guess that was embarrassing, but at least he didn’t piss his pants i suppose ..

      1. Ferris September 16, 2018

        He let go because he thought Cousins threw the ball and didn’t want a penalty.

        1. PF4L September 16, 2018

          Well…..he thought wrong, did he see him release the ball? He’s a def. lineman, he’s not paid to think, he’s paid to sack the QB. If you don’t see him throw the ball….then do your fucking job, DON’T QUIT the play. He made himself look like a fool.

          Too harsh? For the money he makes, it’s not harsh enough.

  6. PF4L September 16, 2018

    It’s a free Country, if Packer fans want to whine and blame the refs, have at it. I just thought that the lonely boy had that market cornered. Don’t be that guy, bad calls on both sides, each and every single game.

    Instead……How about score more td’s when you are in the red zone 5 times? Scoring 20% of the time in the red zone won’t win you many ball games.

    If your defense is going to give up almost 500 yards, and you can only score 1 td in 5 red zone tries while only converting 30% of your 3rd downs…….coming out with a tie should feel like a win.

    1. Deepsky September 16, 2018

      The only bad call the Queens got was when the Packers receiver had his knee down. But the Queens were too stupid to have reviewed.

      1. PF4L September 16, 2018

        Ok, now tell me what the refs did to prevent the Packers from scoring 4 out of 5 times in the red zone.

        Good fighters don’t leave it to the judges, just as good teams don’t leave it to the refs.

        But i won’t mention it again, go ahead and cry about the refs….carry on.

        1. Kristofer September 17, 2018

          Lol, dude, you are such an incompetent loser. Nobody likes you. I think you should probably stop commenting because. Do yourself a favor and grow up a little. I bet you are a 10 year old behind his momma’s computer, trying to act tough. Man, I have said it once and I will say it again, I am so glad I am not you. Everyone on this site thinks the same thing. I think its time to STFU.

          1. Kristofer September 17, 2018

            If you reply to this, I won’t see it because I don’t care what you have to say so I won’t be checking. Good Luck in life, you will obviously need it.

          2. PF4L September 17, 2018

            Nobody?…Lol..did you take a poll? Can you say anything more stupid?

            Remember all the times i said i’d wait for you to say something intelligent that’s football related?

            Still waiting.

            When….you see this, remember this. Your first mistake was thinking i’d GAF what you thought.

        2. Deepsky September 17, 2018

          Rodgers was playing on one leg and couldn’t escape the pocket and make a ply. He has no good rhythm with Graham. There wasn’t a running threat.

          That’s the biggest reasons for lack of red zone production.

          1. PF4L September 17, 2018

            …and maybe it was too hot.

    2. Icebowl September 17, 2018

      That ^^^

  7. Edward Lane September 16, 2018

    The Clay call was the worst I have ever seen, defense played well considering. Buffoon showed he is still a retard, run wen you should pass, pass when you should rub, no challenge on Adams, and of course 3 timeouts wasted to prevent delay of game, undfsciplined, which comes back to COACHING. He should be selling hot dogs in the stands, big fat fool. ” I am a hihjly successful nfl coach, yea, had 2 hall of fame quaterbacks and won one super bowl in 13 years, can you say Seattle 2014?

  8. Larry September 16, 2018

    Hard to win when your HC is a moron. No up tempo offense was mindboggling. Pettine is Capers 2.0. Watching the Vikes blitz and GB’s blitz is like night and day. Also, not the first time Crosby has choked on a game winning kick. To many over paid bums on this team. Perry and Mathews make what 25 million/yr? Talk about stealing. House would’nt make any other team in the NFL.

    1. Skinny September 16, 2018

      Our front seven is a total shit show. Vikings have the worst OL in the league and we still dont pressure enough or get a push. Im tired of this shit. And McCarthy looks lost. Nobody listens to McCarthy on this team anymore.

  9. Deepsky September 16, 2018

    This was one of the most infuriating Packers game in my lifetime.

    Bad call after bad call went against the Packers.

    The fricken Queens guys could drive Rodgers into the turf, punch him in the eye, mug guys all game, no call. The scumbag Queens are clearly coached to hurt players. Matthews gets a textbook sack, game over, and it gets called.

    The Queens know they lost this game, but Zimmer will sound like Seattles coach.

    1. Skinny September 16, 2018

      Davante dropped two big balls as well. One should have been a TD and the other prevented the drive to continue in the first quarter. Cant have that.

      1. PF4L September 16, 2018

        Lets keep this real….the drops were probably the refs fault. Rumor has it they were talking shit about Davante’s Momma.

  10. Skinny September 16, 2018

    Just go for the fucking FG. I know it would have been from 65 out after Rodgers got sacked but fuck it. The Vikings were going to go down and get a chip shot look at it anyway. Crosby in warmups goes from 60-65 easy. Take a risk goddammit!!

  11. kay September 16, 2018

    I am vikings fan and I agree that officiating suck so much that both team is going to complain.There were lots of calls that favor Green Bay and there were lots of call that favor Vikings. I have not seen such bad officiating crew. They should be fired.

  12. Adam September 16, 2018

    I don’t put any fault in Crosby, 52 yards is no gimme even for the most prolific of kickers. He made the first one and only missed the second by a couple of feet. A stiff wind could have been the difference from that distance. With the timeout kick, he went 6-of-7 for the day and was the only reliable source of offence on the day.

    It’s a shame the way this game played out overshadowed the incredible fucking punting from JK Scott. His performance is going to be lost in the overall storyline of this game but holy shit this guy looks like he’s going to be a stud of a punter.

  13. Howard September 16, 2018

    I don’t think there is any possible way most linebackers, DBs, and some D lineman can consistently sack or take down a QB like Rothlesberger, Newton, Winston, Prescott, and maybe some others without lifting them off the ground and putting your weight behind taking them down. At some point you have to center your hit, wrap up, and carry it through to bring down the big body QBs or just bounce off.

  14. Warshire September 16, 2018

    Packers also benifited from piss poor roughing calls on big downs yet you are mum on all of it. Plenty of packer holding to go around, and the play action when rodgers dropped the ball with no one around. Packers are angry, vikings are angry. See eveyone in december

  15. KILLER September 16, 2018

    OK, the real Mordecai has returned. After a brush with excellent writing that may well have been a fill in writer using his name Mordecai is now demonstrably back bringing us the journalistic level of “accuracy” we expect… from him.

    1. The deep throw to Graham was interference. The ref was on the sideline and could not see it. Nothing insidious but, yes, a miss. Mordecai should be willing to forgive misses though as he is the master of such. The player was LB Ben Gedeon, not Harrison Smith.
    2. Mordecai says it was a 2-play sequence but it was 3 plays with a Montgomery run stuffed by Weatherly for no gain. Next, the Adams catch was a catch that may or may not have been in bounds. However, he was called correctly for offensive pass interference. Even buffoon knew he could not challenge that. Apparently Mordecai does not, however, know that. Some question the offensive PI but Adams clearly pushed hard on Rhodes’ hip, pushed him out of the ball’s path and effected his course with force well before the ball got there. It had to be called. I’d be the last to defend Gravyhead but even he could not have undone what Adams did.
    3. The call on Clay Matthews was 100% correct. 100%. Here is where things get poetically funny. Last year that would not have been called and should not. But this year the rules changed. You can’t force all your weight on a tacklee, especially going out of your way to do so. That is exactly what Matthews did. Why the rule change? The high-pitched whining coming from Aaron Rodgers is why. Due to the perfectly legal Anthony Barr hit last year. Now, and this is where it gets really hilarious, those same Packer fans crying foul at Barr when his hit was legal are crying foul at the now totally illegal hit correctly called on Matthews! Serendipitous! So appropriate!
    4. That 75 yard Diggs TD? Clinton-Dix was not the deep safety. It was Kentrell Brice.

    Gedeon, Adams penalty, Matthews correctly called penalty, and Brice in coverage were all verbally covered on the broadcast. I can only assume Mordecai was drinking at a loud bar or had his TV sound off so as not to wake his napping mother he lives with.

    1. eduardo September 17, 2018

      ” You can’t force all your weight on a tacklee, especially going out of your way to do so. That is exactly what Matthews did.”

      You’re so full of shit. Watch it again. Matthews extended his left are when he landed to cushion his fall…how the fuck is that putting all your weight on the tackle?

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        I invite you to look at the actual play:


        As you can see once you utilize those eyeballs of yours Matthews left hand only comes out to touch the ground after is already lifted Cousins and after Matthews has already speared Cousins into the ground with his shoulder and all of his weight. After.

        Just because your left hand touches the ground AFTER you use it to help commit a penalty does not, in fact, mean the penalty did not occur.

        1. Deepsky September 17, 2018

          Spearing with a shoulder.

          That’s a good one. Here’s the definition of spearing from the NFL:

          A penalty called when a defensive player makes a tackle that leads with the crown of his helmet into the offensive player.

        2. Deepsky September 17, 2018

          Also the guy who posted your link agrees it was a terrible call.

          Now look at it from the back angle and much closer:


          1. Deepsky September 17, 2018

            Further down in the link you show, there’s a video where Griffen clearly drives Rodgers into the ground. He jumps up, his legs rising off turf to drive him into the ground. It’s like Griffen is trying to dive into the turf to maximize his hit. His hands are not on the ground to break his fall, they are wrapped around Rodgers.

            My mistake, this play was a personal foul. And it shows just how much scumbags Vikings players are.

    2. Deepsky September 17, 2018

      Matthews clearly didn’t put all his weight on Cousins. Not even close. He landed with almost all his weight on his own left hand which in fact stops his fall, not Cousins. Then Matthews right knee hits the ground, taking the remainder of Matthew weight. Matthews basically ends up on all fours above Cousins. Rewatch the video.

      Now one of the Vikings lifted Rodgers and drove him into the ground with all his weight, but that was not called.

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        Holy alternate universe, Batman! Hahahaha!

        Please see the video I attached on my comment above. You can either believe what you posted as I’m sure you’d like or you could just look at the actual play and then believe your lying eyes. Up to you. Can you handle the truth?

        I’m assuming your other “observation” is also not true. That final sentence. But feel free to tell me the quarter and time of this alleged foul. Either way, your point about Matthews is pure fiction as proven by the video. Refs missed a lot of Packer holding and the whole knee down WR thing as well as the Gedeon PI. Overall refs effected the game more in Packer favor than other way around. I don’t count the Matthews call in that equation as it was just simply the exact right call.

    3. Icebowl September 17, 2018

      This is where I get “poetically funny”….
      You’re an idiot.

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        A more apt term would simply be that it is hysterically hilarious that Rodgers and the Packers have had their own high-pitched whining come back to haunt them. But, yes, it is also poetic.

    4. MARK SMOLINSKI September 17, 2018

      Just when you think no one can top Mordecai’s stupidity…(insert Killer)…

  16. KILLER September 16, 2018

    It was a great game to watch. Real cliffhanger. This is why we love football!

  17. KILLER September 16, 2018

    Refs missed about 12 flagrant Packer offensive holds as well as the knee down on the WR who got up and ran an extra 18 yards or so. In the ref department the Packers benefited more from non-calls than were hurt. Can’t be blaming this game result on them.

    But I know many of you still will!

    1. Deepsky September 17, 2018

      The refs completely gave this game to the Vikings.

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        See what I mean! Hahahahaha!

  18. KILLER September 16, 2018

    As per luck, etc. what were the odds of 3 dropped passes leading to one drive killed and an interception just due to one player?

    Or three FGs missed? 0 out of 3?

    Or the blocked punt for a TD?

    The Packers had a ton of good luck in receiving a ton of bad luck, unusually high bad luck on the Vikings.

    The Vikings were clearly the better team and the Packers are clearly very lucky to get away with only a tie.

    Coming into the game I genuinely believed we would lose and actually by a lot. I predicted 24-9 Packers. So I am actually thrilled with this tie!

    1. Deepsky September 17, 2018

      Let’s not forget Rodgers best plays, the one he weekly makes by scrambling, were completely removed from the offense. That’s like half the offense gone.

      Additionally, the Packers best runner was not in the game.

      The blocked punts and field goal issues were because of failures on the Vikings, not luck.

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        The FGs were failure on the Vikings. The blocked punt I’d actually say is more of a credit to the Packer special teams coach than an actual failure. Half a dozen or six I guess.

        That Clinton-Dix intercept WAS luck. Should have been easily caught, perfectly thrown, and Clinton-Dix happened to be there as the ball took a perfect bounce up to him.

        Sure, both teams were not at full strength. We’re down three offensive linemen, two of them starters! You guys have had a really good ride with healthy QBs. Vikes have missed 30 regular season games the last two years alone as per starting QBs! Didn’t see much sympathy from you guys then! At least you still have your #1 on the field.

        Just take your tie and be glad it wasn’t the defeat you deserved.

  19. Cheese September 16, 2018

    What a shit show… Can we call Javari Evans yet? What the fuck was Daniels doing when he just let go of Cousins? Hey Clay, pull your head out of your ass. Preferably sometime this season.

    Looks like that 5th round pick for a punter was well spent. Most 5th rounders don’t turn out to be much. Hell, the Packers just traded a 1st round pick for a backup QB and released a 2nd rounder, both before their rookie contracts were done.

    The offense needs to do more. The defense kept them in the game last week and they did it again this week. Without that special teams touchdown the Vikings win. One touchdown and a handful of FG’s? Come on man..

  20. PF4L September 17, 2018

    I’d be remiss if i didn’t mention Dix’s HOF performance with his interception almost guaranteeing victory with 2 minutes left in the 4th. Dix was again in the right spot on a deflection from future HOF’er, (but current 1st round bust) Laquon Treadwell. If Dix can get 4 more deflected passes landing softly in his chest like that…Pro Bowl bound once again my friends.

    So after the Dix pick, the Packers have a 5 point lead with 2 minutes left. Game over right? The Packers then kick a 36 yard field go to make it a 8 point game with 1:45 left on the clock. Game over right? Not so fast.

    Packers have 8 point lead, queens drive down the field, Thielen catches a td pass threaded between Alexander and Brice (Brice might want to extend his hands out to defend the pass, duh). Then 2 pt conversion try…….Diggs puts a move on Tramon that makes him look like a 7th round rookie, leaves him in the dust. Dix as usual, late to the party. Diggs, pass completion, tie game.

    Yes, Mathews roughing call was bs (life isn’t always fair, now go win the game), anyone with common sense gets that. But that was the 1st play of the drive, regroup and play defense, this is for the win, go ahead and blame the ref if it makes some Packer fans feel better, but the Packers clearly blew it.

    PF4L…The voice of reason

    1. KILLER September 17, 2018

      Matthews roughing call was entirely correct. Don’t blame the refs. They were just correctly enforcing “The Aaron Rodgers Rule”. Blame Aaron Rodgers and the Packer fans who whined so loud and so long and so high-pitched about the legal Barr hit.

      Rodgers made that bed and now Packers need to lay in it.

      By the way, though, the Mathews hit was actually two penalty fouls in one. He did lift at Cousins legs in order to tilt his body back and drive him more viciously into the ground. Not to the Charles Martin level but it was still there. More so, the “lesser” foul, he drove all of his weight shoulder first into Cousins chest while landing — you can actually see Matthews torque his body and twist about in order to bring all of his weight to bear and see him driving that weight through the point of his shoulder to spear Cousins into the ground. It was a conscious effort.

      That play the NFL could easily use as a training video that this is exactly what to look out for and throw a flag on. This is exactly what the NFL was trying to stop. Because of Rodgers moans and whines. Textbook.

      You guys just need to take Clay aside on a little walk and educate him about the rules of the game. If he does not like those rules, tell him to take it up with Rodgers….

      1. KILLER September 17, 2018

        On the karmic level you may also wish to be philosophical and say to yourself that the Treadwell goofy drop for Clinton-Dix interception and the Matthews penalty interception taken away (correctly) cancel each other out.

        You guys had a ton of luck go your way this game. You had a lot more good luck than bad. If luck had been even the Vikings would have won.

        You just can’t expect every single little thing to go your way… or for the refs to only enforce your Aaron Rodgers rule on opposing teams and not your own.

        1. PF4L September 17, 2018

          Lonely Boy…Go find someone else to neurotically cling to.

      2. Deepsky September 17, 2018

        Even the ref said Matthews specifically didn’t drive him into the ground, so you’re going to have to rationalizing something else.

        1. KILLER September 17, 2018

          He did both, picked him up and drove his full weight onto him. You can only call one. The ref may have missed the second and disregarded it as the first already took place. But it’s right there on video.

          For instance, Gedeon DID do PI. But the ref did not see it. Would you then say it did not happen? Or would you rather trust your eyes?

          Let the whining simmer down now. Take it like a man. Focus on next week. I think you’re going to have your hands full with the Redskins!

      3. Kato September 18, 2018

        Killer, the ref said after the game that the call wasnt the “Aaron Rodgers rule.” Get a life

  21. MatthewsSux September 17, 2018

    Matthews is a bum who’s always hit late, and that’s what MN fans called out last year when ya’ll were mad at barr. Now he got hit with the rodgers rule and it cost ya’ll a game. Get over it. Matthews sux and did it to himself!

  22. Adam September 17, 2018

    A day later, and with the frustration mostly subsided, it’s clear that both teams did everything they could to give this game away (officiating included). Neither team wanted this win, they played a 75 minute clusterfuck of mistakes. Players, coaches, officials – all of them.

    Green Bay had a 13 point lead going into the fourth, and allowed Minnesota to score 22 fucking points in one quarter, while only managing three field goals. Brice helps on the wrong route, allowing House to get torched by Diggs. You take Graham’s touchdown off the board because of holding. You take another touchdown off the board because Davante couldn’t reel in the catch – admittedly, it was a tough catch, but fact remains it’s another opportunity given away. You secure what SHOULD BE the game sealing interception with 2:13 left, but you fail to convert a first down, only consuming 19 seconds of game clock AND letting Minnesota keep their two timeouts because you never run the ball (that’s a two’fer fuck up). An egregious enforcement of a personal call foul on a play that absolutely ends the game. The defense at this point, due to the lack of lengthy possessions by the offense, is fucking gassed and they let Minnesota dink-and-dunk their way down the field while failing to make a tackle in the field of play. 75 yards later you allow the game tying touchdown, on a throw that I’m 100000% positive Kentrell Brice breaks up or intercepts if he just extends his left fucking arm. Can’t even hate on the ensuing two-point conversion, that was just a beautifully executed route by Diggs. I also can’t fault Crosby for barely missing the field goal for reason in my previous post above.

    And all that shit is just in the fourth quarter.

    Overall, five of the Packers last six possessions of the game went for 5 plays or less. Coincidentally, that’s right around the same time the defense started to cave in.

    1. PF4L September 17, 2018

      ^^Best comments in here^^

      I also thought this morning that both teams gave it away, time and time again. And i then realized that the game ending in a tie, sounds about right.

    2. Deepsky September 17, 2018

      What I don’t get is that every time there’s a game in Green Bay where its over 80, our own friggen team gets gassed!!!

      Do these players, who aren’t in Green Bay in the off season, think its only 45 degrees all year round?

  23. Empacador September 17, 2018

    This game was the embodiment of a Mike McCarthy coached game. So many opportunities pissed away. A run here or a pass there could have been the difference. Yet instead everyone is left with that shit taste of what was left out on the field and unfulfilled. Fire that clown.

    1. Ted Hawthorne September 17, 2018