Nobody Gets That Call On Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews hit on Kirk Cousins

Let’s look at how the Green Bay Packers got robbed against the Minnesota Vikings again.

That’s a BS penalty on Clay Matthews that took away an interception by Jaire Alexander. It also took away a win for the Green Bay Packers against a hated division foe.

What did Matthews have to say about it? Like the rest of us, he has no idea what the hell that call was about.

Terrible call. Yeah, that’s an understatement.

Here’s what the dipshit who called it had to say, which will surely infuriate you.

How about Kirk Cousins?

Here’s Davante Adams.

Let’s get some hot takes.

Even notorious Dallas Cowboys homer Skip Bayless agreed.

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    I get it. It’s not that hard. Clay Matthews broke rules, the ref saw it, the ref called it. What’s not to get? Why is this so hard for some people?

    And… do those people need help with their grade school home work?

    You know, I would think so.

    • eduardo

      You really need to watch the play again dude. There is NO lifting or driving him into the ground. Cousins left leg barely leaves the turf, and Matthews put his left arm down when falling to cushion the blow…..what fucking video are you watching?

      • KILLER

        This angle shows 2 of 3 important things to understand the wrongdoing of Matthews.

        The one it does not show is that Matthews’ left hand grabbed Cousins under his thigh and lifted. This tilted his body and pushed him more shoulders to the ground to increase impact. Lifting is not part of regular tackling. It can be used to increase impact and possibly cause harm. Thus the new rules against it.

        The video does show that Matthews torqued his body to intentionally bring his full weight onto Cousins and he speared him shoulder first into the ground. That is exactly what the whole body weight foul rule is all about and set up to discourage. You can argue the rule should not exist and you could win that one and I may well agree. But you’d need to talk to Rodgers about that. It’s his little rule. All the refs did was correctly enforce it. That’s their job, man. All teams. Packers don’t get a pass. The rules are for everyone.

        The video also shows that once the full impact was achieved Matthews quickly moved his left hand as far away from Cousins as he could. This shows he absolutely knew immediately in the moment he had done wrong and was trying to cover it up.

        In truth, even Matthews knew then and still knows now he broke the rules, rules he was fully aware of.

        It’s funny, Kendricks got the same thing but he never complained, Vikings fans never complained, Vikings coaches and staff never complained. You see, we like to play by the rules and within the rules and expect penalties when we fail to do so.

    • Skinny

      That’s a textbook sack. That was as clean as your ass after a bath. The Jaguars hit on Brady yesterday was worse and the ref didn’t even call it.

      • KILLER

        It wasn’t a sack. The ball was already thrown. It was, as you say, a textbook illegal play by Clay Matthews. Guys a cheater so it wasn’t surprising.

        Same penalty was called on the Vikings as well earlier in the game. Eric Kendricks. He isn’t a dirty player though. (Based on history and attitude. Matthews has an extensive history of poor sportsmanship.)

        It’s pretty funny: Mike McCarthy said Clay Matthews did exactly what he was coached to do. He just admitted the Packers coach their players to cheat and play illegal to hurt opponents!!!! (Or, in a best case scenario, that the Packers ignore or are ignorant of NFL rules. Nice job, Coach!)

        Always a scapegoat. Now MM and the cheeseheads have embraced this correct enforcement of the new rules as their lovely pet scapegoat. They will hug and hold it and name it George.

  2. Del

    No comment on the hilarious irony that the only reason this is a penalty now is because of your quarterback who whined all year about how the play he go injured on against Vikings should have penalty??? Absolutely adorable, lol.

    • Adam

      You guys keep coming over here to claim like we fucking asked the NFL to change these rules. A lot of us just saw the Barr sack last year as a consequence of simply playing football.

      The new rule fucking blows. It sucked in preseason, it sucked when called against the Vikes yesterday, it sucked when called against Clay, and it sucks for fans of every NFL team – because it’s going to continue to alter games.


    Well then. #Packers
    Tom Pelissero


    Clay Matthews called his critical roughing the passer penalty “a terrible call”, but I’m told the NFL is actually going to include that play — and #Vikings LB Eric Kendricks’ similar penalty — on a teaching tape that reiterates the “scoop-and-pull” technique is a foul.


    Tom Pelissero


    Here’s more on the scoop-and-pull technique that falls under the broader “intimidating and punishing acts” outlawed by NFL rules. These are judgment calls, and referee Tony Corrente judged the Clay Matthews and Eric Kendricks hits to be fouls.
    Around The NFL


    NFL to use Clay Matthews roughing the passer penalty in teaching video it distributes to clubs this week, @TomPelissero reports

  5. Ferris

    Please everyone stop replying to the fool that shall remain nameless that posts garbage all over this site. Don’t give him the satisfaction of even more masturbation reading his garbage over and over. Ignore no matter how long, idiotic, pathetic, and repetitive he is. Maybe with no more replies EVER he will stop. If you reply he will continue to pontificate.

  6. Deepsky

    Compare what Griffen did to Rodgers. Griffens feet come way off the ground, Mathews do not. Griffen arm are holding Rodgers, he is making no attempt to hold up, Matthews arm stops his fall as soon as he reaches the turf before his body lands on Cousins. Griffens head dives into the turf because he is trying to drive Rodgers, who he is holding tightly, into the turf. Matthews head is up at the end of the play, he’s on all fours.

    Griffen was called correctly, Matthews was not.

    • KILLER

      This is a popular Packer backer methodology for self-deception. Instead of dealing with the facts of the actual matter at hand they take some other different incident and compare it as a way to get off the hook. If A was OK then B must also be OK. The problem is A and B are different and what was seen by the refs regarding A and B are different.

      It is the equivalent to saying “John went on a date with Susan therefore Susan must go on a date with me.” Susan disagrees dude!

      What you need to do is look at the rules. Did your guy on that play break those rules? The answer is clearly and confirmed as “Yes. Why yes he did!”

      Try this next time you get pulled over for speeding:
      “Hey, Mister Occifer, I know I was speeding but I saw another vehicle speeding on another highway a few days ago and, like, he did not get a ticket. So, uh, you can’t give me a ticket!”

    • PF4L

      There is no winner with the Lonely Boy because….

      As soon as he clicks post comment, a loser has already been established.

  7. dan snyder redskins fan

    This is why people are leaving NFL in droves – nothing to do with “kneeling” Stupid rules, being poorly enforced. The tacklers left arm was under the QB legs AFTER he had already been hit and grabbed at the waist by the right arm. The tackler was falling and his left arm followed his downward motion and ended up on the legs. He did not hit and lift, he hit and fell

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