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Kevin King Will Miss Time… Again

Green Bay Packers cornerback Kevin King had his rookie season cut short due to a shoulder injury. His other shoulder was injured during the preseason. Now, King will miss time because of a groin injury.

Much like Nick Perry, Kevin King is made of glass.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy pretty much ruled King out for the Washington game, on Wednesday.

“I’m hoping it’ll be short term. We’ll know more. I think he’s going to be hard pressed to play this week,” McCarthy said.

King played just 26 snaps against Minnesota before leaving with the injury. Many have pointed out that the Packers’ secondary struggled after King left. That’s not an entirely accurate picture.

The Packers’ secondary really only struggled in the 4th quarter against the Vikings. King didn’t play the entire second half. The struggles were largely the result of three guys — cornerback Davon House, who initially replaced King, and safeties Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Kentrell Brice. House and Brice in particular struggled, but Brice was hands-down the worst of the bunch.

What’s the plan without King?

The Packers went to rookies Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson after King went down and House faltered against the Vikings. That would appear to be the logical move going forward.

Clearly, the Packers don’t know the severity of King’s injury yet. Will he miss a little time or a lot? That’s what needs to be determined now.

King missed the final five games of his rookie season after being shut down because of that shoulder injury.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L September 19, 2018


    i know it’s early to call this dude a bust like i have previously, but …c’mon, look at him, he’s a twig. It’s not like this dude didn’t have injury history in college ball. I’d like the think Ted and his staff (Gute) were aware of this and just rolled the dice.

    As far as the article listing all the def. backs, where is T. Willy mentioned? Does he just…..get a pass? I don’t know what PFF graded him out at, but the eye test and my DVR says he got burned multiple times. But give him a pass, like most people did for 2 years after his shoulder injury. Speaking of 5 million dollar mistakes, how’s Wilkerson looking?


  2. Skinny September 19, 2018

    I agree, didn’t like the pick either due to his body type. This guy was never going to be able to play physical with that frame. I get the other stuff, the height, the speed, but damn. Holy fuck that is turning into a shit draft class. I cry thinking about the guys we passed on. Remember the Packers scouts saying they graded Biegel higher than Watt that year. WHAT! Also they said Montravious Adams had Sapp like qualities. We got two RBs out of that class that’s it. The rest is shit.

    1. PF4L September 19, 2018

      Is Adams still on this team?

    2. Dennis Dervetski September 19, 2018

      You got that right. Packer scout team is piss poor. I agree on Watt! Thompson and Ball still with them. Big mistakes.

  3. Deepsky September 19, 2018

    TJ Watt has 10 sacks in only 2 games so far this season.

    1. Deepsky September 19, 2018

      Never mind. I’m an idiot. He has only 3 sacks so far this season.

      1. PF4L September 19, 2018

        That would put him on pace for 24 sacks. Or….in Ted and Russ Ball’s world, worth 26 million a year.

  4. Dennis Dervetski September 19, 2018

    King is a Perry! Glass for sure.

  5. Jason September 19, 2018

    I’m still wondering why Ha Ha sucks-dix is still on this team. Pettine’s defense is no different than capers. Holding people accountable…what a joke.

    1. Empacador September 19, 2018

      2 games vs. 9 seasons, and they are the same defense? Holy shit and I thought I was pessimistic.

    2. Skinny September 19, 2018

      Well its early, but it feels like the CBs as a whole are alot better. Safety spot would be 100 times better with Eric Reid back there but the Packers are scared shitless about bringing him in.

  6. TyKo Steamboat September 20, 2018

    Will Nick Perry every be quick enough to sack a QB? Looks more like a 5 technique 4-3 DE to me.

    1. PF4L September 20, 2018

      That’s because Perry was a tweener, much like a lot of the def. ends that Ted drafted.

      1. Drater September 21, 2018

        Yep “Dementia Ted” was enamored with versatility…even drafted an college basketball point guard (Rollins)

        Josh Jones also looking like another bust so far…