Jimmy Graham Will Tell You Nothing

Jimmy Graham

We know two things about Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham. He catches balls and he flies airplanes.

Oh, and we also know he doesn’t think much of that palooka Demovsky.

Drop a pair and tag me…

Good stuff.

What raised Graham’s ire is that Demovsky approached Graham to ask him a question. You know, doing his job and such. Graham didn’t want to talk. Demovsky pointed this out and exactly how long Graham hasn’t spoken to the media. By NFL rule, players can be fined for not speaking to the media.

So here is Demovsky’s full comment.

Approached Jimmy Graham in the locker room and he said he had no time to speak. He hasn’t talked to the media since July 28. Asked him if he would ever speak to us, he said: “That’s not my thing.” When asked if he’d just pay the ($10,000) fine, he had no response and walked away. Graham was sent a letter this week for failing to comply with the NFL’s media policy.

I remember when Sterling Sharpe, the second-greatest receiver in Packers history (behind Don Hutson, not Donald Driver, and only slightly ahead of James Lofton, which can be argued) wouldn’t talk to the media. He boycotted the local hacks mostly for what he felt were slights they perpetrated against him when he was a rookie.

What’s Graham’s deal? Not quite sure.

However, this isn’t anything new. PFT says he operated the same way in Seattle.

The move is nothing new for Graham. The number of times he answered questions from reporters over the last two seasons in Seattle can be counted on a set of fingers. He would frequently change in inaccessible areas of Seattle’s stadium locker room to avoid having to answer questions after games and would rarely be in the locker room at the team’s facility during the week.

Honestly, I really don’t care what Jimmy Graham has to say. I only care if he catches balls from QB1.

That palooka Demovsky should be able to do his job, but Graham’s response is still funny.

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14 Comments on "Jimmy Graham Will Tell You Nothing"

  1. PF4L

    I think those kind of guys are “dickholes”. The reason they can be fined, is because it’s in their contract, so they are breaking that #1.

    #2) There is a reason the NFL wants players to talk to the media. The media drives the sport, the media is the vehicle that drives revenue, the same revenue used to pay the players.

    #3) Without the media, Jimmy Graham and his buddies are playing football at the County Park for free because nobody knows about it except for the cars driving by.

    Green Bay is paying 13 million to this guy this season. Either he doesn’t realize Green Bay Packer fans would like to hear from him, or much more likely….he’s saying fuck you, and doesn’t GAF.

    What if every player said…”that’s not my thing?”

    We all do shit in life we don’t want to do, especially under contract, but most of us man up.

    Maybe Jimmy needs to drop a pair.

    Fuck him

        • PF4L

          The voice of reason maybe, but i don’t want to quibble as i respect my elders.

          In related news: It seems Jimmy decided to speak again. Could this have something to do with Demovsky’s tweet, or did someone slap Jimmy upside the head and told him to stop being a “dickhole”?

          Regardless, it seems Jimmy has seen the light also.

    • jerry Schutte

      Graham is gonna be a bust in G.B. He doesn’t do anything except sometimes in the Red zone. For half his 2018 Salary the Packers still could have had Jared Cook. Still SMH why we didnt resign him after the 2016 season. He caught everything all over the field. 2018 mark my words will be one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory. Expect no more than 7-8 wins!!!

    • PF4L

      “He must of said…..” “……media turns “everything” their way for a story”

      I’m not a huge Demovsky fan, but one thing he isn’t known for is twisting the truth, or slanting a story. He’s about as vanilla as it gets.

      Stick to something you know something about like, nail polisher remover, best dish soap, or tips on how to avoid yeast infections.

      No offence intended.

  2. r.duke

    If the question is asinine to begin with, fI agree with Graham; tell them to piss off. The Fans s who know about the game don’t need to listen to bullshit cliches all season.

  3. Frank

    Give the guy his space. He is paid to play football. I could care less about his answers to your insane questions.

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