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Here Are Packers’ 2018 Roster Cuts

The Green Bay Packers are trimming their roster. They have to get to the 53-man limit by 4 p.m. ET. Refresh and we will update throughout the day, with the latest at the top.

DL Joey Mbu — The Packers apparently like this guy at one time. Clearly, not anymore.

OL Austin Davis — With how badly the Packers’ backup offensive linemen played during the preseason, I wouldn’t be surprised if another move on the line was forthcoming.

TE Emanuel Byrd — The Packers kept four tight ends. Byrd was on the roster last year for a bit, but won’t be this year.

RB LeShun Daniels — No idea. He signed in August.

FB Joe Kerridge — The Packers will not have a fullback after all. Remember when they kept three of them?

OL Kofi Amichia — Not much of a surprise here. Amichia was one of Ted’s draft picks last year. Didn’t make the roster then. Didn’t make it now.

OL Dillon Day — All I know about this guy is he had more hair than anyone on the Packers’ roster.

DL Conor Sheehy — Here’s another undrafted free agent.

WR Kyle Lewis — Obviously this was a foregone conclusion.

WR Adonis Jennings — As was this.

LB James Hearns — Hearns was an August waiver claim pickup from Dallas. I didn’t even know his name until today.

DL James Looney — Here’s another seventh-round pick from this year getting the boot. Probably because he played like a seventh-round pick.

DL Tyler Lancaster — Here’s another undrafted free agent.

CB Demetri Goodson — This guy was like a cockroach. He just kept surviving somehow. Well, your reign of mediocrity is over, hoss!

ILB Greer Martini — Martini played pretty well, but the Packers have obviously decided to go light at the inside linebacker position.

LB Vince Biegel — Badger great Vince Biegel did little to nothing to really warrant a roster spot this preseason.

RB Joel Bouagnon — He definitely had a better chance of sticking than Devante Mays, but tough to do with the three guys the Packers have out front.

S Marwin Evans — Evans has fallen behind Jermaine Whitehead on the depth chart.

LS Zach Triner — Because really, how many long snappers do you need?

ILB Ahmad Thomas — This is a surprise simply because Thomas played so well during the preseason. Probably says Oren Burks is returning sooner rather than later.

FB Aaron Ripkowski — This is a bit of a surprise considering how much Mike McCarthy loves his fullbacks.

CB Josh Hawkins — This is not a surprise considering how he played in the final preseason game and the team’s depth at the position.

OLB Chris Odom — The emergence of Reggie Gilbert made Odom the odd man out.

OLB Kendall Donnerson — Donnerson was a seventh-round pick that didn’t make an impact.

OL Adam Pankey — Like the rest of the Packers backup offensive lineman, Pankey didn’t play well.

CB Donatello Brown — Brown was pretty much in the same position as Hawkins.

WR DeAngelo Yancey — Yancey showed improvement in year two, but the Packers have a logjam at receiver.

RB Bronson Hill — Hill was a late “depth” addition to the roster during camp and didn’t really have much of a chance.

OLB Marcus Porter — Now we’re getting into the undrafted free agents.

TE Ryan Smith — Same.

TE Kevin Rader — Same.

LB Naashon Hughes — Same.


OL Kyle Murphy — Murphy, which may have actually been the Packers’ best backup lineman, is going on IR with an ankle injury. It will be the second year in a row he went on IR.

CB/S Quinten Rollins — Rollins is going on injured reserve with a hamstring injury. Considering that type of injury isn’t long-term, it’s still possible Rollins could be released.

RB Devante Mays — Mays hasn’t been able to get on the field during camp and actually was officially put on IR. It was initially reported that he was released. That could still happen.

RB Aaron Jones — Jones will be suspended for the first two games, so won’t count against the roster.

QB Brett Hundley — Was traded to Seattle and his roster spot was not filled.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Greg Fox September 1, 2018

    Once again Gutekunst misses out on premier player to the bears. Especially when they have the draft capital and personal ties to Oakland GM to get Mack. Short on pass rush options and linebackers then let Chicago acquire one of the best pass rushers to go after Rodgers. Way to go Gutekunst ????

    1. Adam September 1, 2018

      I really believe that Aaron Donald’s deal yesterday killed any chance of us landing Mack. Sure we had the draft capital to appease the Raiders, but there’s no way we could have provided it exceeded what the Rams gave Donald.

      Maybe if we had made a stronger push before the Donald deal we could have swing something.

    2. Dennis Dervetski September 1, 2018

      You got that right Greg Fox. Everyone is praising Gute except me. He’s failed our o line and linebackers!! Not real smart. Compared to TT hes a bit better, but not much.

  2. Cheese September 1, 2018

    Cutting Biegel, a 4th rounder in his second year? Not saying he didn’t deserve it but there’s another wasted pick. Anyone still wanna say he’s as good as TJ Watt?

    Ripkowski, didn’t see that coming. What are the Packers gonna do without their token fullback? You could almost put him on the list of specialists for how much he got used. Sorry Rip, no All-Pro/ Pro Bowl honors for you for being the only FB in the league totaling 100 yards rushing all year.

    1. TyKo Steamboat September 1, 2018

      Biegel & Thomas were the only 2 surprises I saw

  3. Skinny September 1, 2018

    Could have in 2018 had Watt and Peppers on this roster right now. What a shit show!

    1. Dennis Dervetski September 1, 2018

      Yes. Watt a huge mistake by TT, Capers, and mcmike. Oh, TT and MM are still with us. Get rid of those two, our financial idiot, and Murphy. I’m done for now. Hope we can at least get a wildcard this year.

    2. Ferris September 2, 2018

      They had NO corners at that time. Took a chance on one. Maybe he’ll be healthy this year and play well. And maybe I’ll be invited to a threesome with Gal Gadot and Jessica Alba. You never know.

  4. Dennis Dervetski September 1, 2018

    Cuts made do far ste correct. We need 2 offensive lineman, and 2 more linebackers. Let’s hope.

  5. Drater September 1, 2018

    Zombo was cut by KC…wouldn’t mind him back for OLB depth

  6. Cheese September 1, 2018

    Packers keep 8 wide receivers and 4 tight ends. I wonder who’s spot Aaron Jones will take when he comes back.

    1. cz September 1, 2018

      hopefully Kendricks or JMonMoore, as neither can catch

  7. V September 2, 2018

    A weird roster but he’s obviously not done tweaking it before week 1, or is he?
    The good ol Christian men at 1265 just doing their thing. Making small moves which in the grand scheme of things require no balls whatsoever. People can gripe some more if he fails to find more undervalued talent from other rosters and we end up losing the division.

  8. Deepsky September 2, 2018

    The 2015 draft was such a complete bust. Maybe the worst in Packer history.