Greg Jennings: Aaron Rodgers Is The Best You’ve Seen

Aaron Rodgers win

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings hasn’t always been complimentary toward Aaron Rodgers.

He had some pretty good things to say about him after he beat the Chicago Bears, though. Jennings is now a hot taker for Fox Sports. He was on Colin Cowherd’s show on Monday.

Late in this video, Jennings utters the phrase, “Aaron Rodgers is the best you’ve ever seen.”

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8 Comments on "Greg Jennings: Aaron Rodgers Is The Best You’ve Seen"

  1. Adam

    I guess when your career has been over for years and you have no more sour grapes to eat, your perspective changes a bit. Who would have thought?

    • Empacador

      It’s that purple, man. It changes people. Favre, Longwell, Jennings, they all burned their bridges after leaving Green Bay. James Jones never did that but he didn’t wear that purple either. What would compel someone to talk that kind of shit unless they were triggered by the color purple? I didn’t see any of them achieving anything significant once their allegiance switched. Oh wait, Favre had his best season statistically as the Queen fans will remind us over and over again but neglect to mention how he still blew it in the playoffs, so there’s that. Now I need to go listen to Paul Allen cry at those losses again.

    • Empacador

      It’s kind of hard to stick that toothpaste back in the tube after he said what he said. Although I wonder what his sister has to say these days, she had quite the high opinion of her brother and where the problem was. Maybe she was channeling her inner Miko Grimes. Greg was a boss in the Superbowl, so there’s that. Seeing how his experience away from Green Bay ended up, I can cut him some slack because he had bad influences constantly talking in his ear. I think he is a smart enough man to realize he inserted his entire mouth into his ass. He was literally talking out of his ass back then.

  2. PF4L

    Once the NFL spit him out, he did the talk show circuit. Tried making a name for himself by saying controversial things about Rodgers for TV face time, hoping to pick up a gig.

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