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Five More Thoughts About Packers’ 31-17 Loss To Redskins

God, I didn’t want to remember this game at all. A win was stolen from the Green Bay Packers last week and then this week, they came out and shit the bed. The Packers dropped a stink bomb, 31-17 to the Washington Racists.

A team they should have thumped, but, you know, Fat Mike is the coach of the Packers.

Let’s get on with it.

Aaron Jones Is The Answer

Said it before. Maybe a hundred times. Aaron J0nes is the answer at running back. Opens up the Packers’ offense. Opens it up for QB1. What do you want, Fat Mike? The guy averaged seven yards per carry. Seven damn yards! Six for 42. How is that guy not your lead back doing forward, Gravy Head?

Kentrell Brice Needs To Be Replaced

It’s just the eye test, but this is the truth. Kentrell Brice is not a starting safety in the NFL. The Packers have made him one. How long are they going to roll with that? Eric Reid sits out there. But the Packers can’t sign him! He sat for the national anthem at one time! I’m not going to go balls out and say the Packers should trade for Earl Thomas like some other asshats did for clickbait, because I don’t think that will happen. But I will reiterate. Kentrell Brice is not a starting safety in the NFL. At least not right now.

Kenny Clark Is A Beast

Aaron Rodgers is the best draft pick Big Ted ever made. Likely, the only thing that kept him employed so long. Kenny Clark may be second, no offense to Clay Matthews. Who led the Packers in tackles on Sunday? Nose tackle Kenny Clark, with nine. He also knocked down a pass. Kenny Clark is what Mike Daniels should have been.

Short And Not Sweet

Only one guy averaged more than 10 yards per catch for the Packers on Sunday. That was Geronimo Allison, who had two for 76 yards. Obviously, the Packers want to make an effort to get the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’ hands quick because of the knee injury. However, this was a pretty pathetic day for the receivers. Davante Adams averaged 7.4 yards per catch. Randall Cobb averaged 5.8. Jimmy Graham averaged 9.0. Cobb was particularly pathetic because he also lost a fumble. Maybe it’s time to get Marquez Valdes-Scantling a little more involved.

So Long, Pass Rush

Alex Smith is known for getting the ball out quickly. Still, the Packers need to do better in the pass rush department than they did on Sunday. The team had no sacks and just two QB hits. Clearly, Clay Matthews should have had a sack, but one sack and two hits still isn’t good enough. Nick Perry has just one sack so far this season. Mike Daniels has been a ghost this season. He has one sack and just four tackles. Matthews can’t touch a quarterback without getting a flag. So far, not terribly impressed with Mike Pettine’s defense.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Larry September 25, 2018

    McCarthy will never commit to the run. It was obvious Jones is the answer to everyone except that P O S coach. As for Brice, that one is just mind boggling. I’m starting to believe BG is infected with the lousy player evaluation virus that infected Teddy. Wishing talent on a player is ludicrous. I am so fed up with the stupidity in this organization.

    1. Rich September 25, 2018

      Jones had the most carries on the team against Washington. How dare you say ”what Mike Daniels should have been.” They are getting Scantling involved. Go write for a different team, please.