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Darius Jackson Signed By Packers

The Green Bay Packers have filled their open roster spot with a running back. That guy is former Cowboys sixth-round pick Darius Jackson.

Jackson played at Eastern Michigan and was drafted by Dallas in 2016. He had been added to their practice squad, which enabled the Packers to pick him up.

He has never had a regular-season rushing attempt.

The Packers had only two running backs on the roster. Aaron Jones will be suspended for the first two games. The Packers released both of their fullbacks — Aaron Ripkowski and Joe Kerridge. That left only Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery.

Not like Fat Mike is going to run the ball anyway, so why does the number of running backs matter?

It doesn’t.

Unless general manager Brian Gutekunst is making a statement. Ultimately, the roster is his decision. And yet, Packers president Mark Murphy has created this power structure where coach, GM and Russ Ball, contract negotiater, are all equal.

So perhaps this is Gutes’ way of saying, “You know, Fat Mike, fullbacks are a waste of a roster spot. No more! Welcome to the modern NFL, you fat bastard!”

As for Jackson, well… he will have a short stint, most likely.

Jones will come back from the suspended list after week 2. And who is the guy most likely to go at that time?

Darius Jackson, I would think.

But again, the Packers have no fullbacks, which opens up their roster to have four running backs, seven receivers and whatever else.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Howard September 3, 2018

    It is a concern to go into an NFL game or season with only 2 RBs on the roster, and Ty has had some problems making it through games without getting injured. With that said, there must have been a different back the Packers were trying to get and missed out on. If the Packers were after Jackson from the start then they would have put in a waiver claim on him and been awarded Jackson. Jackson was unclaimed by all teams after the final cuts.

    1. KILLER September 4, 2018

      They wanted my man Roc Thomas of the Vikings. Thanks to the psychic the Vikings employ (listed as an Accountant of course) they knew to keep him on the active roster. Packers always trying to get their hands on Vikings.

      1. Cheese September 4, 2018

        Lol, that’s laughable. The Vikings are dumpster divers when it comes to picking up former Packer players. They waited a whole year just so they could get their hands on Favre. They even talked him out of retirement. How’s that for scavenging another teams players? Cheers to Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback in Minnesota Vikings history!

        1. PF4L September 4, 2018

          Not to mention to get him to come back they had to bump him up 3 more million. So he only did it for the cash, and he played like an old man who instead, should have been sitting at home on his rocker holding his bastard grandchild.

          Queen experiment = extreme failure.

          I loved watching every second of it. Well, that and the Super Bowl.

          1. KILLER September 4, 2018

            In your point of view a bump up in money means “he only did it for the cash”. Well, how very mean of you and such a sneaky attack on Aaron Rodgers! Of course, his bump up was much much MUCH bigger so whatever bad things you think of Favre you must think much worse of Rodgers.

            A few points to consider regarding Favre –
            *You Packer fans just love to try to throw former players under the bus. What is up with that? We Vikings fans wish our guy the very best even if or after they leave. It is a real and big difference between fan bases, very telling, and really makes you guys look bad.
            *The Packers traded Favre to the Jets to place him very intentionally with a poor team to protect themselves from criticism. A blatant attempt to set him up for failure. They even included clauses to prevent him from being traded to the Vikings they were so fearful. They thought they were so clever. Guess what? Favre and the Vikings defeated them, completely foiled the evil plot. Pretty cool, pretty funny.
            *The Packers back-stabbed and betrayed Favre. The Vikings treasured him and treated him great.
            *Favre still prefers the Vikings and still roots for them. Why wouldn’t he? Put another way, why would he for the Packers?
            *Favre’s best statistical season was as a Viking. Despite only 2 years and despite advanced age, the Vikings still got more out of him than the Packers. This was due to intangibles such as an honorable organization, friendship, loyalty, and, of course, better drinking water.

          2. PF4L September 4, 2018

            I loved watching every second of it. Well, that and the Super Bowl.

          3. Cheese September 4, 2018

            Aaron Rodgers getting a bump in pay has nothing to do with the Vikings trying to seduce Favre out of retirement. Nice try though. “Please, please Brett, come out of retirement and win us a Super Bowl. We don’t know what the taste of ultimate victory is like. Without you, we are but hopeless.”

            The Vikings are so set on picking up the Packers scraps that the Packers had to put in a “no trade” clause into the contract with the Jets to keep Minnesota from getting their filthy pigtails all over Favre. Aka, putting a lock on the dumpster to keep the homeless out.

            Congrats, Minnesota won two regular season games against the Packers. Must feel good. You should probably take a picture of the scoreboard and put it in that trophy case of yours if you even have one.

            The Packers didn’t backstab anyone. Favre was retired and kept flip flopping about coming back. Finally, they had enough and said nope.

            Who cares who Favre roots for? Like it matters. It sure hasn’t helped Minnesota win anything.

            “The Vikings still got more out of Favre than the Packers” LOL, oh really? The Packers got 15 years, 3 league MVP’s, and a Super Bowl. The Vikings got one year worth mentioning and this gem of a play-

          4. Deepsky September 5, 2018


            The Vikings didn’t even cherish their greatest player in their history, Fran Tarkenton. After a couple years of being a good player, they rewarded him by trading him to the Giants in 1967, where he greatly improved.

          5. PF4L September 5, 2018

            I thought the child beater was the greatest queen player of all time. I get so confused sometimes.

            What say you Lonely Boy?

  2. Dennis Dervetski September 3, 2018

    We lack o line, linebacker, and tuning g back threats. With equal say of fat Mike, no name Ball, and silent Murphy, Gute has lost adding what is needed. Br prepared for a very possible disappointing year with more excuses than answers.

  3. DennisDervetski September 3, 2018

    Now I’ll sleep much better knowing our backfield is so strong. [email protected]

  4. Gort September 4, 2018

    Two things.
    1 – hope that Darius Jackson can block. I suspect we will need that skill this week.
    2 – have not heard from Robster in a while. Is he under the weather?