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Clay Matthews Doesn’t Know And Neither Do We

Let’s just make it a rule that you can’t sack the quarterback in the NFL. Because, enough of this shit. This isn’t football.

For the second week in a row, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews got a bullshit roughing the passer penalty on what should be a clearly legal hit.

Let’s take a look again.

Dean Blandino, former head of officiating for the league, “I don’t like that call.”

What did Matthews do wrong after years of sacking quarterbacks? Put his body weight on said quarterback, apparently. Hard not to do when you’re, you know, sacking a fucking quarterback.

Here’s the thing. Some people want to call it the Aaron Rodgers’ rule. It’s there because that sack of shit Anthony Barr drove Rodgers into the ground last year, breaking his collarbone. It wasn’t about weight or lifting a guy up, as Matthews was accused of last week. It was about intent to injure.

That was about intent to injure. That was about taking the other team’s best player out of the game. Barr has a history of being a dirty-ass piece of shit going back to college. Matthews has not tried to injure anyone. Just trying to play the game. Do his job.

This egregiously false penalty didn’t actually cost the Packers a game like it did last week. They got their asses handed to them because they weren’t prepared or focused.

However, it was just as much a pile of horseshit as the call last week. And I have to wonder if the league isn’t now targeting Matthews because he and everyone else knows they’re full of shit.

Here’s what Clay had to say. He doesn’t get it and neither do we.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Skinny September 25, 2018

    Stacey Dales “for the record” agrees its a bad call. So im sold too. Was waiting all day for Dales opinion on that particular play. Im onto Buffalo.

  2. Howard September 25, 2018

    This is not just Matthews. This is league wide. The refs are going to make the same calls until the league headquarters tell them to change.

    It may be bullshit, but the refs are going to make the calls bullshit or not. The refs are graded on making the calls as the current rules state. If the league wants a shit show the refs will give us a shit show until directed otherwise.

  3. Deepsky September 25, 2018

    The refs hate the Clay bad mouthed them in the press and caused a sensation. On top of that, they think its a bad rule and they are targeting the team that caused it to appear.

    They are going to be calling flags on him all year and NOT calling flags on hits to Rodgers.

    The Packers need to stop going for a sack and instead go for the strip.

  4. Adam September 25, 2018

    Did any of you guys catch the Bucs / Steelers MNF game last night? There was about 4 or 5 roughing the passer calls on consecutive drives throughout the first two quarters. Every time I looked up at the screen it was being called. The head ref even started announcing them in a “here we go again’ tone. Ridiculous.

  5. MM²SUCK September 25, 2018

    Well just for the sake of argument, we could take the path that TT (the frugal GM) and MM could be to blame for this whole clusterfuck simply because of their incompetence in their respective crafts . . . TT could not draft worth a fuck, and it is PAINFULLY obvious that the fucking Buffoon is without a doubt unable to scheme to help Aaron Rodgers stay upright. Hell Mercedes Lewis was brought in as a blocking TE!!! Where the fuck has he been? MM SIMPLY plays favorites and schemes accordingly (using the same plays that he ALWAYS has) Where is Philbin? It is time to get rid of these charlatans! MM, Murphy (for gross inaction) and Gutekunst (because he OBVIOUSLY did not address all issues). I believe until MM and M. Murphy are gone this clusterfuck WILL continue unabated . . . It is rough being a Packer fan these last 8 years. Wins or no wins. It has been obvious (even to casual fans) just how poorly run this team is. I believe that they have taken the “Wrigley” (Chicago Cubs) tack on their fans. Meaning the fans WILL COME regardless of the weak product on the field . . .

    1. Cheese September 25, 2018

      But at least they have a sledding hill… that can be used 3 months out of the year.

      Isn’t it funny how Murphy and the front office bolster about tradition, championships, and the “Titletown” moniker even though they have only gotten to the Super Bowl ONCE with the most talented quarterback in the history of the league?

      Good point, where has Mercedes Lewis gone? Probably parked in the garage, AKA McDouble’s Doghouse.

      1. MM²SUCK September 26, 2018

        Yeah CHEESE, the GB upper management has been quite cavalier with A. Rodgers talent. Seeking only to capitalize on it rather than procuring the requisite talent needed to help Rodgers legitimately get to the Super Bowls that his talent affords all of Packer Nation the opportunity to have within its grasp. Turning the greater Lambeau field area into “Graceland” North. Put the money in the talent . . . The people will come in greater numbers! Such a myopic culture coming out of 1265 Lombardi Ave.

  6. PF4L September 26, 2018

    ” I believe that they have taken the “Wrigley” (Chicago Cubs) tack on their fans. Meaning the fans WILL COME regardless of the weak product on the field . . .”

    Otherwise known as the 70 and 80’s Packers.