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Aaron Rodgers May Practice Saturday

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t practiced this week after injuring his knee against the Chicago Bears. That could change on Saturday.

“Tomorrow’s practice will be a pretty big indicator,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “So we’ll see how today goes, but nothing has changed. He’s clearly in the day-to-day. Hopefully he’ll be able to do work tomorrow.”

Even if Rodgers doesn’t practice on Saturday, that doesn’t necessarily rule him out of Sunday’s game with the Minnesota Vikings. Both Rodgers and McCarthy have said this week that Rodgers could play with no practice.

“He could play with no reps,” McCarthy added. “We’ve established that point some time ago in his career. So I think it’s no different. You’d like to walk off the field Saturday and have your plan set, but this is the National Football League, things happen. Guys get sick on Saturday, too. That’s all part of our process where we work the practice-squad guys in and everything. So we’ll be ready for anything, but I know he wants to play. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Rodgers has called the injury a knee sprain. McCarthy keeps saying Rodgers has been getting better all week.

Various members of the media have already said Rodgers is playing. Former teammates James Jones said earlier in the week Rodgers would play. Colin Cowherd, based on information from a source, said he was told Rodgers was playing yesterday.

If for some reason Rodgers doesn’t go, the Packers would turn to DeShone Kizer. He threw an interception and fumbled in three series against the Bears before Rodgers’ return. Kizer would have a full week of practice to prepare, however. He’s taken all the first-team reps this week.

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