Aaron Rodgers Hoping Knee Doesn’t Get Worse

Aaron Rodgers injury

It has been presumed that Aaron Rodgers’ knee injury would only get better from here on out. However, by playing on it, it now appears there’s a chance the injury could get worse.

“Yeah, obviously that’s a concern,” Rodgers said. “Hopefully it goes the other way though.”

“…Obviously it won’t be 100 percent, so I’ll just adjust accordingly to how I’m feeling and try to get through.”

Rodgers will remain in the Green Bay Packers’ rehab group this week. He was listed as a non-participant in practice on Wednesday, although the Packers didn’t actually practice. He won’t practice on Thursday either.

The Packers kept Rodgers out of practice all of last week until Saturday. He then started and finished the game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Rodgers expects to be dealing with the knee injury for a while, but doesn’t currently seem to be in any danger of not playing.

“The heat and the adrenaline definitely helped (on Sunday), but it’s just going to be something you’ve got to deal with for a while,” Rodgers said. “Take it week by week. It doesn’t seem like there’s a major setback at this point, so just being smart about it and trying to get ready to play Sunday.”

Rodgers played with a brace on his knee against the Vikings. That will most likely be the look going forward. That should help to prevent further injury, unless the offensive line continues to look like the sieve it was against the Vikings. Rodgers was sacked four times and hit nine more times in that game.

Nothing will prevent further injury for Rodgers better than if he doesn’t get hit.

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