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Will Packers Go Back To Seven Receivers?

It’s happened before and it looks like it could happen again. The Green Bay Packers keeping seven receivers on their 53-man roster.

Here’s what we are sure of. Davante Adams, Geronimo Allison and Randall Cobb will get roster spots, barring a trade of Cobb, which may or may not be on the table. Then you have the young receiver conundrum. The Packers just drafted three guys — J’Mon Moore, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown. Throw in Jake Kumerow, who has outperformed everyone, and Trevor Davis, who is the team’s top return man, and you have what I suppose is a good problem.

First, even if the Packers do keep seven receivers, someone capable is going to be out.

Davis, who has been injured and hasn’t shown anything as a receiver, would be the logical cut. However, then there’s a major question about who your return man is.

Despite his impressive play and the endorsement of Aaron Rodgers, you can’t think Kumerow is a lock at this point. He hasn’t made an opening-day roster in three seasons in the league. The Packers may look at upside and determine that their rookies have more.

As for the rookies, Moore has likely shown the least, but he’s also the highest draft pick of the three. With these guys it’s going to come down to risk and potential.

The Packers obviously think they have potential, which likely gives all three of them an edge over Kumerow. On the flip side, Kumerow is obviously more ready to contribute now. So can or will the Packers risk cutting any of these guys with the hope of getting them back on the practice squad?

That’s not unprecedented. The team released the two receivers they drafted last year — DeAngelo Yancey and Malachi Dupre. Yancey spent the season on the practice squad and Dupre decided to join the Bills’ practice squad.

It’s going to be a tough call, regardless.

First, do you keep seven? Second, who do you get rid of?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Fredman August 28, 2018

    Keep 7. If no trade happens then you play all of them a lot this Thursday and hope one of the rookies gets hurt (preferably Moore) so you can stash him on IR. Kumerow (folk hero) flat out has made the team. You need Davis for returns because no one else has shined. If no injury or trade then St Brown is the odd man out even though he has shown promise. Dillydilly.

  2. CapRy August 28, 2018

    No point in keeping seven WRs. McCarthy will trout out the same three WRs (Adams, Cobb and Allison) week in and week out, unless there is an injury, without ever putting out the three rooks or Kumerow to exploit an weakness. Keep the top three and then figure out who contributes the best on special teams to figure out who the other two or three WR spots go to. Don’t need four guys from the same position that will only contribute on special teams.

  3. MJ August 28, 2018

    Keep Kumerow or lose him to a waiver claim. I’m a bit sick of “potential”. Let’s play the guys who can help now. Kumerow has Rodgers’ blessing too. I don’t know if his idiotic injury will be healed by tomorrow, but I would like to see him have extended time vs the ones, not against the 17th CB. When has Davis shown anything as a WR? Can Cobb field punts and KOs until someone else gets comfortable enough doing so? Besides, it’s his contract year. He’ll want to show every bit of value he can bring to a team. Injuries happen, so it is not far fetched that a WR4 or WR5 should be needed on the field for stretches of time. One slightly unlucky hit and Adams’ concussion history comes back to bite us. Who do you want to field then? An as-far-as-we-know-ready WR or a project that will be a stud three years from now? Heck, to be sure, I would be OK with keeping all the rookies, so we reap any potential that there might be, and the front office saves face by not having a journeyman outperform their hand-picked guys. And they may even be onto something with these three, as they have all shown flashes.

    In other news, glad to see Joseph back. Mordi did what he could to hold the fort, but the barbarians were at the very gates.

    1. Ferris August 28, 2018

      We must have been typing at the same time. Glad someone sees it besides me.

      1. PF4L August 28, 2018

        I read in another article that Cobb’s agent said that Randall will consider returning kicks…..if, A) The Packers give him a new deal now. B) They restructure his current deal now with an increase in base, plus performance incentives.

        Apparently his reasoning was that Cobb will be more exposed to injury, potentially harming his future earning potential. That …and something about Cobb’s already been a bargain for the Green Bay Packers.

        1. Empacador August 28, 2018

          Randy a bargain his agent says? I think the money they wasted on him would be better spent elsewhere. I have a feeling the WR numbers/cuts will be commented on a lot next week because it feels like they are going to do something stupid on offense again, along the lines of like 2 FBs or 5 TEs stupid. Of all the receivers Davis would be the guy first on the cut list followed by Yancey, but Davis will probably squeak in again taking up a valuable roster spot. Desmond Howard he isn’t.

          1. Empacador August 28, 2018

            I should have waited to post the above until I read more elsewhere. As I was reading other Packer stuff, I come across this gem:

            “However, some indications from McCarthy’s press conference on Tuesday suggest that he is very open to keeping four on the roster come September.”

            So you might want to keep 4 even though this will be Hundley’s last season because…? Take up a valuable spot to keep…a spot for Hundley? What a fucking dispshit head coach the Packers are saddled with.

            That and some other stupidity/hypocrisy from the mouth of McCarthy comes from this article:


        2. Cheese August 28, 2018

          Cobb has already been a bargain for the Packers? Either that’s a joke or he needs to get the fuck outta town, and tell him to take Cobb with him.

          1. Empacador August 28, 2018

            Unless there is another Cobb we aren’t aware of the NFL ought to start piss testing agents for being under the influence of a substance that makes their judgment suspect and delusional.

          2. PF4L August 28, 2018

            Gentleman..Gentleman…..My apologies, sometimes i get a somewhat, wild imagination. :)

            My bad, lol….I threw in the “risk of potential injury harming his future earning potential” trying to lend a tinge of credibility to “my story”.

            You guys are top shelf here, along with Howard of course, when he’s sober.

  4. Ferris August 28, 2018

    If they cut Kumerow then Gute is as braindead as TT. Upside vs contribute right now. Ask Bill B which one he keeps. Or the old sneak them through to the practice squad strategy…yeah that worked great with Taysom Hill didn’t it idiots? You can’t cash a check on upside, it shouldn’t save you if you suck now. Geez, let me do the final cutdown, the best players that can help win a Super Bowl THIS YEAR make the team. Give Kumerow Demetri’s Goodson’s spot, how that guy has not been released by now I cannot fathom….oh I know special teams….not enough of a reason.

    1. Empacador August 28, 2018

      Realistically, for all these key special teams guys that stick around seemingly forever, wouldn’t you think the special teams would be better than they actually are? Goodson and Davis are just guys. I thought I read something about St. Brown not wanting to do special teams recently? Maybe make that guy earn a roster spot by
      actually contributing something other than being a draft pick. He is probably gonna be a game day inactive anyhow. Why cater to the diva ego and let him have his way if it is true he doesn’t want to participate on special teams? Entitled rookies shouldn’t actually be a thing.

  5. Mitch Anthony August 28, 2018

    Davis should be gone. Davis really has no WR attributes to put him above these others. Kumerow should have a spot, he has performed and can perform. Keep 7 WR because of Adams concussion history.

    Adams, Cobb (no wishful trade will happen), G Mo Allison, Kumerow, + the three hopeful rooks.

  6. Mitch Anthony August 30, 2018

    Tonyan stays too. Not sure yet who I would deem expendable for this but it is between Kendricks or Ripkowski. Tonyan has more development potential at less cost than Kendricks, and really, do we need a fullback? If we really need a FB, then Kendricks goes.