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So Khalil Mack Is Apparently Not On The Trade Block

There have been all kinds of rumors that the Oakland Raiders are open to trading holdout rusher Khalil Mack. The Green Bay Packers were connected to these rumors time and again.

It is now being reported that the Raiders have shut down any inquiries for Mack.

This comes from Albert Breer: For now the discussion is moot, as I understand it. Inquiries about Mack’s availability from other NFL outposts have been quickly met with a no.

This would seemingly put this issue to bed.

The Packers have the draft picks — two 2019 first-rounders — to dangle in a trade. The prevailing theory is one first-round pick would get it done if Mack were available. Then there would be the contract issue that needs to be solved. Breer suggests $20 million per year, which is about what Aaron Rodgers currently makes.

One, I can’t see the Packers paying another player that kind of money before they get a new deal for Rodgers done. Two, trades rarely happen in the NFL anyway. When they do, they rarely involve a marquee player like Mack.

So it seems like the chances of this happening are between slim and none.

It looks like the thing to do this year is to pin your hopes on the trio of Clay Matthews, Nick Perry and Reggie Gilbert.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Devine August 22, 2018

    3. The Packers don’t have the cap space.

    Another edge rusher is needed however. I agree. Should of grabbed Connor Barwin

  2. Troy August 22, 2018

    Would it even be with the price for a player who sacks a QB? The way the rules keep changing it getting harder and harder to sack a QB without drawing a flag for some kind of roughing the passer.