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Reggie Gilbert Is Getting His

We liked Reggie Gilbert last year. We like him even more this year.

Gilbert has shown a consistent ability to get to the quarterback. He did it during the preseason last year. He did it in his brief run with the Green Bay Packers at the end of last season. He’s doing it again now.

And that should get Gilbert a roster spot.

It should also put him in the regular rotation at outside linebacker.

Gilbert rang up 2.5 sacks against the Steelers on Thursday night. And he did so against guys who are actually going to play in the regular season.

We’ve all railed on the Packers for not bringing in another viable edge rusher. They were seemingly relying on Vince Biegel or Kyler Fackrell to develop. That’s something that hasn’t happened. Perhaps they figured if it wasn’t one of those guys, it would be Gilbert.

A big risk, but it looks like there is going to be a reward.

Gilbert looks like the real deal.

As much as most of us disliked Ted Thompson, he was good at one thing. Undrafted free agents.

Gilbert would just be the latest find.

Gilbert was signed by Thompson after going undrafted in 2016. That seems absurd now. Absurd as in, why would no one draft this guy?

Not going to get ahead of ourselves here, but James Harrison, anyone?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato August 17, 2018

    To be fair, one of those sacks was a missed assignment by the Steelers offensive line, as he had a free run at the QB. He does look like a contributor

  2. V August 18, 2018

    Reggie Gilbert looks really good but watching snaps closely at OLB, #98 Chris Odom also stood out to me. He had several pressures where he almost got home for sacks. I’d say keep those 4 and send Biegel and Donnerson Packing, or maybe hold Donnerson on the PS. Fackrell can remain as a 4th or 5th I suppose. Vince Beigel blows just like all of us smart draft nuts knew he would. He was never in TJ Watts category to the trained eye.

  3. Gort August 18, 2018

    Gilbert is not Khalil Mack, but he does fill the need, is already under contract, and has lots of potential.

    The Packers have a more urgent need – O Line!

    1. PF4L August 18, 2018

      Gort is correct about the O-line and i’ll also say that Gilbert was/is being groomed as Mathews successor at OLB. The only tangible link of the Packers working a trade for Mack is the mere fact they have 2 first round picks next year. Hardly cause to make it a topic of discussion for any period of time. Fake news.

      When addressing the many questions and all the needs of the Packers in the off season, i noted that very few seemed concerned about the O-line. I’ll say now, as i said back then. the O-line is, and will be an issue, sooner rather than later come the regular season.

      I got a glimpse of last season, as i watched Pittsburgh rush 3 against the Packers front 5, and the 5 couldn’t hold them back. How does that happen? Two reasons i saw, the center is standing there, apparently thinking back to his summer vacation, just occupying space and looking around in front of him. While that is happening, the left guard slides over to help the left tackle, even though the left tackle didn’t need help against his single defender. Watching this is enough to make you lose your shit, partly because it was the exact same train wreck you saw last season at times.

  4. MJ August 18, 2018

    I will be glad for Gilbert to carve himself a spot in the 53. However, let’s not forget that a few seasons ago we had Jayrone “the sack master” Elliot getting six sacks in preseason, only to be a ST player during the regular games. As PF suggests, a little bit of cautiousness should be exercised while crowning pre season heroes.

    However, if this kid can play, then we don’t need Khalil Mack. Yes, who wouldn’t be better with Mack, but if Gilbert settles the OLB matter acceptably, we can focus on improving positions at greater need, like the OL.