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People Hinting Around About Packers And Khalil Mack

Oakland Raiders edge rusher Khalil Mack is holding out of training camp in search of a new contract. Word is the team and their star defender aren’t close on a deal.

Now there are rumors that the Raiders may trade Mack. In fact, that the possibility is becoming greater every day.

If the Packers wanted to kick the tires on such a trade, they could. They have the draft capital now with two 2019 first-round picks.

Would they consider it?

General manager Brian Gutekunst was asked about the possibility on Tuesday. He didn’t exactly shoot it down or prop it up.

“We’re going to have conversations about everything,” Gutekunst said. “There’s some things that don’t make sense for us from a team-building (sense), but we’re going to have conversations, especially with a player of that ability.”

Gutekunst was then asked if he’d call Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie, who came up through the Packers organization.

“I would give Reggie a call anyway, whether he was or wasn’t (available),” Gutekunst said.

So what’s working in the favor of a potential deal? Obviously, the extra first-rounder.

Mack is a beast. His career low in tackles was 73. He’s had double-digit sacks in three of his four years in the league. He’s only 27.

The Packers have Clay Matthews’ contract coming off the books after the season. They have Nick Perry, who’s always injured.

Is it possible? Or even sensible?

I would say it is.

Ted Thompson would never have considered such a bold move. Brian Gutekunst has already proven he isn’t Ted Thompson through his aggressive and ongoing approach to free agency.

What’s working against such a move?

The contract. The Packers can likely afford to pay the guy with so much money coming off the books next year, but we don’t know what Mack is asking for.

I also still have my doubts that the Raiders really want to move on from a young player that’s so talented.

Finally, unlike other pro leagues, trades in the NFL are more of an anomaly than a regularity. So I’ll believe it when I see it.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. r. duke August 8, 2018

    make the deal…

  2. cz August 8, 2018

    “Is it possible? Or even sensible? …I would say it is.”

    Any team wanting to win should try …
    Here is why…

    Khalil Mack’s
    “40.5 sacks and
    185.5 quarterback pressures
    since being drafted
    fifth overall in 2014
    is tops in the NFL.”

    … or New England will find a place for him.

    1. cz August 8, 2018

      … and I will add,

      Khalil played in the 3-4 defense
      in college (as a Buffalo Bull),
      and in the pros (on the Raiders)
      … and like former defensive coordinator, Dom Capers, Mike Pettine, our new Defensive Coordinator (in Green Bay) also primarily uses a 3-4.

  3. MM²SUCK August 8, 2018

    Highly unlikely, but if it did happen, he would be a game changer for the Packers.

  4. TyKo Steamboat August 9, 2018

    Maybe a 1st & a 3rd. & I’d deal the Packers’ 1st round pick as I believe we finish better than the Saints & hope the Saints tank this season, which, by the way, we all need to hope Drew Brees has a Tummy ache in Week 1 which lasts until January.
    I don’t know, though. It’s still a lot for a 27 y.o…. If we don’t give up too much, then yes. Pass rushers are premium positions. Then move Clay back to MLB with Martinez I suppose. 2 problems solved, but there goes having 2 attractive 1st round picks…

  5. Deepsky August 9, 2018

    The Packers have only $6 million in cap space right now, placing them near the bottom of the league in cap space. Rodgers will want $10 million more a year.

    As soon as Rodgers signs another contract, there will be major cap issues. Good players in their prime coming up for contract will have to be let go just to afford Rodgers, guys like Bakhtiari and Kenny Clark.

    They will never sign Mack.

    1. Ferris August 9, 2018

      Totally agree, this is the biggest pipe dream non-story ever written.

      1. PF4L August 9, 2018

        “Good players in their prime coming up for contract will have to be let go just to afford Rodgers, guys like Bakhtiari and Kenny Clark.”

        Yes Sir….While players who are under performing and clearly overpaid keep eating good out of the Company trough.

        Listen….let’s eliminate the false drama…..Bakhtiari isn’t due until 2021 and he’s paid well, Clark a year earlier. Clark isn’t exactly going to bust open the salary cap, or shouldn’t. He’s a nice player, but he isn’t about to be an All Pro imo.

        During this time….Mathews lottery ticket will be gone. Cobb’s wife will be wondering what happened to all the fat checks when Randall puts her on a spending budget. Bulaga will be gone in the next year or so. Nick Perry’s gift (bargain) from Ted Thompson that keeps on giving will be up in 10 – 20 years.

        On top of all that the salary cap keeps going up.

        The market for a franchise QB right now is about 30 mill/year, in 3-5 years it’ll be about 36 mill/year. It is what it is.

        Before you know it, Green Bay will have a starting QB making rookie scale. Then fondly, you’ll be thinking back to the good old days when you thought Green Bay would have franchise QB’s until the end of time.

        30 years of back to back franchise QB’s don’t happen very often in the NFL. Matter of fact, outside of Green Bay, it’s never happened, EVER.

        Enjoy it while it’s here.