Packers Reportedly Willing To Trade Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb

I’d say this comes as a surprise. The Green Bay Packers are reportedly open to trading Randall Cobb.

According to Michael Lombardi, they’re not just open to trading Cobb. They are apparently actively shopping him.

“I know his name’s being shopped around,” Lombardi, a former NFL executive, said on his GM Street podcast.

We know the Packers have a logjam at receiver, but Davante Adams and Cobb are the only proven players. Cobb is still listed atop the depth chart, but would a trade make sense?

Yes and no.

With the depth the Packers have, it makes sense. They just spent three draft picks on the position — J’Mon Moore, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown. They have a find in Jake Kumerow they probably didn’t expect to play like he has. Geronimo Allison appears ready to start on the outside. DeAngelo Yancey has looked much better in year two. Trevor Davis will likely make the roster because of his return ability.

Cobb hasn’t approached his 2014 productivity. Plus, he seems consistently injured or playing hurt, which limits his effectiveness.

It doesn’t make sense because of Cobb’s salary and cap number. The latter is more than $12 million, this year. It’s hard to see any team real excited to take that on.

What might be more likely is the Packers end up releasing Cobb, who is in the final year of his contract. They would pick up about $9 million in cap space by doing so.

It’s something we hadn’t considered until now, but it does make sense. Primarily, the money savings and they get to keep another promising young receiver.

Cobb surely wouldn’t be out of work for long if released, but another team taking on the salary and giving something up for him seems far-fetched. If general manager Brian Gutekunst can pull that off, he just might be a genius.

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14 Comments on "Packers Reportedly Willing To Trade Randall Cobb"

  1. PF4L

    Good call Joe…..yea, i’d hardly imagine Gutes phone ringing off the hook for an under performing player who hasn’t performed at his salary/production level since 2014. But then again, we do it, so who knows.

    It’s hard to believe they are looking to move Cobb after the team forced Nelson out. Now you want to get rid of Cobb and depend on a rookie draft class? Yes, i know a couple look good in pre-season.

    To me, the only reason it would make sense, is if they are looking to free up some salary cap for Mack (in a hurry). I guess that it’s possible considering the McKenzie connection, but there doesn’t seem to be any meat on that bone that we can see.

    Crazy off the cuff thought…….Cobb and Mathews and the Packers #1 pick for Mack? Sign me up.

    Mack has lost about 1.5 mill so far. Pretty soon he’ll be losing 800K a game if he doesn’t report. Somethings going to give soon i’m guessing. When i say lost….that’s if the /Raiders actually made him pay (which rarely happens after a player reports back to his team.)

  2. Skinny

    That was the second worst fucking contract in Packer history. Cobb has never been more than a 5-6 million dollar a year player at his best and we gave him 12 mil. His ass should been a reincarnation of Jerry Rice and Don Hutson at that price. Instead we get Jeff Query production.

  3. PF4L

    Here is a real brainstormer….

    Trumptakesadump21 hours ago

    Trade Hundley for a 2nd round pick and then sign Kizer to a 6 year deal. Rodgers will want over $30M a year. Trade him away while he still has some value. Maybe we can get two first rounders for him.


      • MJ

        Wait… was it you all the time? It looked as if someone had copied your nickname to post the first paragraph. I recall it happened once, so I thought it was the case again. Nevermind, then.

        • PF4L

          Yea..those were both my post, i posted, and then commented on the idiocy of that guys post.. Then i thought someone cloned you…lol

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