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Packers Fall To Raiders For First Preseason Loss

Well, there you go Chuckles.

The Green Bay Packers fell to Jon Gruden’s Oakland Raiders 13-6 in a game that was pretty much unwatchable.

First of all, most starters were sitting for the Packers. So you get a Brett Huntley-led offense.


Hundley threw for 78 yards and put up three whopping points. Solid, bro.

Backup DeShone Kizer threw for for 93 and also put up three points. I mean, just all-around solid QB play for the Packers.

But hell, who cares?

The only thing worth watching in this game was singular. It was watching first-round pick Jaire Alexander intercept an underthrown ball and then wrestle it away from the receiver, who seemed to want a piece.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the guy on punt returns. The Packers had none.

As for other standouts, you know I like me some Reggie Gilbert. Put up four tackles and added another sack to his preseason tally. This guy is going to be someone to watch in the regular season.

Also, I am just going to say his name because it might be the only time it’s said. Greer Martini.

Greer Martini. Who the hell is this guy? Don’t know, don’t care. But his name is fucking Robert Paulson. Shit, no, it’s Greer Martini, which is even better and that dude had three tackles. Good for you, Greer Martini. I can’t believe I didn’t know a dude with that name was on the team before today.

My bad… Greer Martini.

Offensively, J’mon Moore finally caught some balls. Four for 62, albeit in seven targets.

At least the kid showed he might be able to be a deep threat at the NFL level. The most impressive catch he had was late in the game and he brought the ball in before taking a huge hit and held on. That’s league shit.

Other than that, shit. What can you say? Well, the backups on the offensive line suck balls, but what else?

Feel free to call out your boys if we missed anyone.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Larry August 25, 2018

    If BG has any brains he will scour the waiver wire for OL help cause the bums there now suck.

  2. MM²SUCK August 25, 2018

    I watched that whole joke of a game to check out both lines. What became obvious right away was that Green Bay still has no idea how to draft D linemen. Oakland? Hell yes! Those guys were raping our O line ALL NIGHT. What a joke. Most of the reason Hundley and Kiser had shitty evenings was because of the O line play, it was an abomination. TT’s (the frugal GM) horrible draft choices still linger . . . Speaking of draft choices (and we had quite a few!), Oakland’s D linemen certainly could have been chosen by the Packers! Most were mid round picks! After watching their D line last night, I may have been to harsh on Mike Trgovac (the Raiders NEW D line coach) who was the Packers D line coach for years. I used to think that he sucked balls . . . Well again, perhaps that was a combination of TT, MM, and Dom Capers FUCKING THINGS UP as usual . . . What a joke. Either way, Spriggs, Murphy and the rest of the O line backups should be finding new jobs ASAP. Spriggs and Murphy move their feet like sloths. It was as if they were drunk lumbering half wits that could barely walk. I have NEVER seen such ineptness ever on an O line. They are either out of their league, under coached, or both! I’ll go with the later. MM’s handprint is all over this mess (what’s new?)! I listened to the Oakland Raiders telecast, much of the time the announcers were joking about how BAD the Packers O line was while they reminisced about D linemen fighting to get in just to have opportunities to “PUNK” shit ass linemen like they were playing against last night. NOW that was a quite a testament to just how POORLY Green Bay has done with the O line through drafting and coaching regarding ALL of the current back-ups. Shameful.

    1. ^whiner August 25, 2018

      Packers D line did fine… not sure what game you watched.

      1. MM²SUCK August 25, 2018

        Compared to Oakland’s? What game were you watching? lol . . .

        1. Xlvordie August 27, 2018

          Packers d line looks good.. like really good

          1. MM²SUCK August 27, 2018

            Not their back up D line, which WILL be NEEDED on and off all season. That WAS my intent with the post. The back ups for Oakland (both lines) kicked our asses last Friday night. I was NOT referencing our starting line except for the (usually) poor drafting, compared to what Oakland has been drafting. Consistently poor drafting has gone on for nearly a decade in Green Bay. Does Green Bay have a decent D line (starters) yes, they appear to be better than they have been in quite a few years. Also, Gilbert IS NOT a D lineman, he is an OLB! If that helps you sort it out . . . Let’s see the D line equate pre-season stats to real season stats. Then I will change my somewhat learned response . . .

    2. Icebowl August 25, 2018

      Good game analysis – You are either a true packers fan, a martyr or both M^2….. I tuned in late and could only stand to watch 3rd qtr finally turning it off because it was a travesty and mainly because I’d had to tolerate the incessant razzing of my wife, a Raiders fan.

      Saw that Queens after picked up Iloka from Bungles experts are crowning their D as best in league. Noticed Cousins played a helluva game and was in there for a lot of minutes in their game….

      Hate to say this but you at be adding the letters “BG” to your moniker soon my friend….

      1. MM²SUCK August 25, 2018

        Thanks ICEBOWL! You may be correct about adding BG to my moniker . . . the drafting stench of TT (the frugal GM) may in fact have permeated our current GM’s thought process . . . Btw, I too am questioning a few of the players that the Packers let go, Jahri Evans (as SKINNY mentioned) was pretty consistent last year. Perhaps GK should call him NOW???

      2. PF4L August 25, 2018

        It’s called draft and develop people….Give them some time to develop Spriggs into the left tackle he was traded up and drafted for.

        As Murphy has stated, just a year ago, Ted is/was doing a “great job for us”. According to Murphy, Ted is one of the best at what he does, Ted is so good at what he does….Murphy has stated he would never question Ted. Murphy is on top of everything, when he speaks, people listen. Let the process take it’s course, give Spriggs a chance. According to Murphy, this team is the best it could possibly be. Nothing to see here.

        Disclaimer: Serious sarcasm.

        The disease is still in the building.

        I think we need a poll taken, asking who among us believe this team has a legit chance of getting to the Super Bowl….followed by drug testing for certain responses.

      3. KILLER August 25, 2018

        Iceballs, musta been brutal with a Raiders fan wife. Always wears sleeveless plaid shirts, 9 tattoos (the public ones), and the hand-sized birthmark, right? I feel for ya.

        I’m not sure about experts crowning the Vikings D as best in the league. That isn’t really needed. They are. They earned it last year. #1 in yards allowed, #1 in points allowed. Look, I’m not bragging, just trying to be matter of fact. I guess the experts could say “more best in the league”.

        We were lucky to be nearly injury free last year on the side of the ball and our schedule this year is much tougher. I’ve said we could be a better team and end up 10-6 this year.

        Happy to Iloka. He is already making plays. Sheldon Richardson is likely the bigger get. I’d bet against you if you bet Wilkerson will outplay Richardson. Kind of funny two ex-Jets top defensive linemen signing to top opposing teams in our division.

        1. Ferris August 25, 2018

    3. Deepsky August 27, 2018

      Oakland blitzed a lot. I’m glad they did. More experience for the offensive line.

  3. Skinny August 25, 2018

    How the hell was Jahri Evans still not one of the best guards on this team is my first question? All our backup OL cant play. Mercedes Lewis is basically the backup at LT and RT if the shit hits the fan.

  4. Mitch Anthony August 25, 2018

    We all know that if Rodgers goes down, we are screwed. Last night was what screwed would look like if that happens, in case you blanked last season out.

    But how do you properly evaluate a back-up QB playing behind that line last night? Maybe that was the plan I guess. Since they both did relatively well in the first two match-ups, let’s see how they would fair playing behind a less than fair O-line. I still say we’ve seen what peak-Hundley looks like in last year’s action but is Kizer inspiring great potential yet? How about good potential, or kinda okay potential? I’m asking…

    Burks dislocates a shoulder in warm-ups but I’m surprised the punter didn’t kick his own leg out of his hip socket last night. There sure were some chances to evaluate that part of special teams. The one hopeful OL pick from the draft is,..,well,..not here, and will not be. The rest of the heap (behind the starters) really needs replacing. You don’t scrub away a Ted legacy in one draft season.

    1. PF4L August 25, 2018

      “You don’t scrub away a Ted legacy in one draft season.”

      Someone besides me gets it.

      1. KILLER August 25, 2018

        True but Gute the Bad is well-named. You will see.

  5. PF4L August 25, 2018

    As soon as i saw the starting line-up for the O-line, i learned two things….I understood why Rodgers wasn’t playing, and i knew this game was going to be a shit story. I watched anyway because i’m a fan. In turn…i’m not judging anyone on offense, even Hundley. I think that would be bullshit.

    On defense….i want to pay compliments to Jackson, Jones, and Alexander, who we finally got to see get some action. They played tight, and that’s how you put yourself in position to make plays, which they did. That’s my biggest take away from this game, but it is a huge one if it can transfer to the regular season. When was the last time we saw Packer def. backs play that tight? I still have to remind myself it’s pre-season, but fuck it….good job men.

  6. PF4L August 25, 2018

    One more thing, i don’t agree with McGriddle about not playing the starters at all. I get that they want to keep people healthy, but most teams play their starters to an extent. Rodgers is smart enough not to get hurt and know when to throw the ball away to not risk getting hurt. I’d like to have seen Rodgers play at least the first quarter with some of the new blood at receiver. That’s what exhibition season is for.

    McCarthy talks about how important it is in getting a fast start to the season, he talks about the early games being important to get home field advantage in the playoffs. Well….don’t hand me that shit if your going to play “scared.” Rodgers has played 1 series so far…something like 7 snaps?

    Maybe…before the games, McGriddle shouldn’t have the players warm up because they could get injured before the game starts….Burks.

    1. MM²SUCK August 25, 2018

      That is why MM is called “Buffoon” he is a charlatan. He plays favorites (always has) and his system is still way too predictable and full of his poor awareness in game time management and adjustments. He IS the major stumbling block that remains for the Packers to reach their potential. MM’s lack of vision and playing people to the best of their abilities, as well as his very POOR player assessment skills is a tired old story that continues unabated thanks to M. Murphy. Rodgers is more than capable of covering most of this up and has shown in the past that he can overcome the Buffoon’s fuck ups, but why should he? MM AND M. Murphy need to go now! PERIOD.

  7. Gute August 25, 2018

    There’s no reason why Spriggs isn’t at the very least an average left tackle. The dude was really good in college and everything I read about him had projected as a second rounder. The biggest knock on him was his lean body and lack of strength which by now shouldn’t be a problem. For this cat it’s gotta be in his head. In the end I think the back up RT will be McCray and the back up LT should be Bulaga. I don’t know who is out there sitting on the couch waiting for a call.

    1. PF4L August 25, 2018

      Word has it that Spriggs looks extremely lazy when in training camp. Believe that how you will, but i wouldn’t find it shocking. I guess Lacy was the same way. But at least with Lacy he had the tools to perform on Sundays, give or take.

  8. MJ August 25, 2018

    OK, Mordi. I assume the game was too ugly to watch to try to dissect the bit any further. This game was going to be rough with so many starters resting. By your own standards (luckily no Olivia Munn here) this article had a ton of football and you get a pass.
    That said, where is Rob? Shawn? Monty? Have they taken other jobs? Are they on extended vacation? I assumed they were some time ago, but it has been a while. Their content is sorely missed now that there is football and stats around. I know the writers don’t owe us anything and I wouldn’t blame them if they are pursuing other objectives. This is not me demanding anything of them, I am asking out of plain curiosity.

  9. Cheese August 26, 2018

    Finally watched the game. Underwhelming obviously. O-line sucked. A total of 6 points. Two touchdowns taken away due to penalties.

    Why do they never show the crazy fans who run on the field anymore? That stuff used to make good blooper highlights! I’m sure they don’t want to encourage that behavior. How about that woman on the sideline that got plowed? She’ll be feeling that one for a while.

    Alexander, Jackson, and Gilbert all looking pretty good. Let’s see it translate into the regular season.

  10. Xlvordie August 27, 2018

    I miss jordy

    1. PF4L August 27, 2018

      We’ll soon find out if the offense misses him as well.

      1. MM²SUCK August 27, 2018

        They will . . .

  11. PF4L August 27, 2018

    I’m gonna call it early, mark it on your Green Bay Packer calendar. Kevin King is a bust. Yea….i said it.