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J’Mon Moore Labeled Inconsistent

It appears the Green Bay Packers will be counting on rookie receiver J’Mon Moore for something, this year.

He was the highest draft pick of the three receivers the Packers drafted, a fourth-round pick. However, things haven’t gone swimmingly for Moore.

He was among the players quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out earlier this week. Now he’s been labeled inconsistent — not that that’s a huge surprise for a rookie receiver — by passing game coordinator Jim Hostler.

There is good news for Moore, however. The fact that the Packers are giving him more responsibility than the other rookie receivers bodes well for him.

So does the fact that he’s ahead of DeAngelo Yancey on the depth chart, despite being outperformed by Yancey.

He’s also the type of receiver the Packers appear to be moving toward — big and fast.

We wouldn’t necessarily say that guarantees anything though. If the Packers are going to keep the best 53 players, Jake Kumerow and Yancey have to be in the conversation. That puts someone else out of it.

There’s plenty of training camp and preseason left for Moore to become more consistent, of course.

Things don’t look as rosy for the other two rookies, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown.

As is stands in terms of the depth chart, those two would be out and Moore and Kumerow would be in if the Packers keep six receivers.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 9, 2018

    Off subject, don’t care…..

    It seems there has been no acknowledgement around these parts concerning Jerry Kramer’s official HOF enshrinement ceremony last Saturday night.

    Watching Jerry Kramer give his speech brought out a few thoughts.

    I couldn’t be happier he got inducted while he is alive to enjoy it. If he had been inducted after death, it wouldn’t have been near the same. I don’t mention that to be morbid, but he is 82 years old and seems to still have all his faculties minus some physical ailments to fully enjoy this.

    He seems genuinely happy, maybe for the first time, in a long time. The reason i say that, is because Kramer, in his own words has described himself as angry, bitter, even obsessed for decades about not making it into the NFL HOF. That’s a heavy heavy load to be carrying around for that long. By all accounts, his peers, people in Green Bay, and Wisconsin love Jerry Kramer, HOF member or not, he didn’t need the jacket to define who he is, imo. I truly hope this finally gives him peace and happiness.

    Congratulations and Godspeed Mr. Kramer.

    1. Mitch Anthony August 9, 2018

      I’m actually glad you brought this up. I was hoping some writer would have posted a story on the Jerry Kramer induction, and his speech. I guess maybe if Danica Patrick would have been with him, then maybe.

      I had listened to the speech and then Youtube’d it for my wife to watch. I have since recommended it to many others. Jerry Kramer hit some very good points in that speech which many young people, not just football playing people, should listen to. At times it was amusing, touching, and quite philosophical, and it had a good message.

      Good call.

      1. Empacador August 9, 2018

        Maybe Jerry should have pulled a T.O. and boycotted over being left out for how many decades. T.O. crying because he had to wait what, 3 years and didn’t get in on his first year of eligibility. The entitlement is strong within that one.

        1. PF4L August 10, 2018

          T O isn’t happy unless he’s complaining and playing the victim.

          My guess is…he didn’t want to share the stage with Randy Moss.

        2. Kato August 10, 2018

          TO did bring up a valid point in that the Hall is supposed to only consider on the field accolades and not consider off the field stuff. Yeah, TO was a dipshit and and total asshole. Still is. But the numbers were there, the honors were there. It was basically him and Randy Moss being compared as the best receivers of that decade. I do believe that there is a certain amount of animosity between the voting committee and TO, because TO certainly had the credentials to be a first ballot guy.

          1. PF4L August 10, 2018

            Sometimes life isn’t fair and you just have to man up. Especially when you spend your career pissing on people.

  2. cz August 9, 2018

    J’Mon Moore did nothing to make this team.
    Keep the ones that did.
    Six as of today…
    The vets:
    Adams, Cobb, Allison
    The promising newcomers:
    V-Scant, StBrown Kumerow

    Axe those who have not lived up to expectations:
    TrevDavis, Yancey, JMoore

    Keep TEs: Graham & MLewis

    Ditch TEs: Kendricks, Byrd, Rader & Tonyan

    Jury out on TE #48 Smith

    Keep TyMont as our Fullback
    Keep natural rb Bouagnon as RB3 behind Williams and Jones.
    Make room for above talent by ditching
    FBs RipKowski and Kerridge who do not posess game-changing ability.
    Ditch rb Mays.

    Hundley wad accurate, but makes accurate look difficult.
    Keep Boyle as he has best accuracy of all the backups, and is a tall pocket passer who makes accurate throwing look easy, a la Roethlesberger or Marino

    1. MM²SUCK August 10, 2018

      I agree with nearly everything that you posted except for Kendricks. I still believe that he is an asset if given the plays. Plus, they may need him in some TE sets in case one (or both) of the Tackles go down. Very assignment sure with above average hands.

      1. Empacador August 11, 2018

        Agree with you about Kendricks. Maybe Philbin will be better at utilizing the TE position since they have reinvented the play book.

        1. MM²SUCK August 11, 2018

          Agreed. Buffoon certainly lacks in utilizing the talent in his offensive arsenal or using players to their strengths . . .

  3. TyKo Steamboat August 11, 2018

    Theres not enough roster space for Cobb, St. Brown, Allison, MV-S, Moore & other names I missed

    If Janis can’t make the roster, what chance does Moore have?

  4. Empacador August 11, 2018

    While reading through the list CZ provided and the article about the depth chart something interesting occured to me. Whose depth chart is posted on packers.com? Trevor Davis hasn’t done squat. Yet he is listed as the backup to Randy Cobb.

    Now that Gutekunst has replaced Thompson and there are new coordinators on both sides of the ball, who will be taking the blame if guys like Davis, Goodson, Hundley, Rollins, etc. continue to make the roster? I’m excluding Murphy since he admitted he didn’t interfere with Thompson.

    There is only one constant. If people didn’t want to believe McCarthy has his hands all over these rosters before they certainly should now. Would it be a shock to learn that McCarthy has had more input in personnel decisions than people thought? How long does he keep his coordinators/coaches around even when they aren’t doing jack? How else does Trevor Davis end up being a backup?

    From this article


    posted back in January:

    “I mean, the standard of the Green Bay Packers is to win world championships. Now, are we doing enough to win a world championship? That question needs to be answered.”

    It was answered and has been for the past 7 years asshole. No Mike, you haven’t done enough. You rested on your single solitary past achievement. As evidenced by keeping coordinators and players that either have never contributed or no longer contribute way beyond their window of opportunity. All the potential skill and draft status in the world doesn’t mean shit Mike when these people you covet don’t live up to the value you are placing on them.

    1. MM²SUCK August 11, 2018


    2. PF4L August 13, 2018

      It’s not all on McMuffin. The other two stooges share equal blame. TT and Murphy don’t get a pass.

    3. PF4L August 13, 2018

      “I mean, the standard of the Green Bay Packers is to win world championships. Now, are we doing enough to win a world championship? That question needs to be answered.”

      I’ll answer it…No Mike, you did nothing with your defense in past years. Hands off approach, much like Mark Murphys philosophy.

      But that’s not the question that needs to be answered now.

      The question that needs to be answered now……. is why wasn’t that question asked 4 to 6 years ago?

      Past annual failures….are direct effects of that question not being asked and answered in past years