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Jake Kumerow Is Making The Team, Dammit!

You wouldn’t be alone if you hadn’t heard of Green Bay Packers receiver Jake Kumerow before now. However, he clearly become the darling of training camp.

Kumerow is a former undrafted free agent from Division III Wisconson-Whitewater. He’s largely kicked around on practice squads in the NFL. He was with the Bengals for two seasons and the Patriots and Packers last year.

And now, it looks like he might end up being the Packers’ fourth receiver.

Everyone has been raving about the guy, including Aaron Rodgers.

“I was telling Jake the other day, I watched a play that he was in on, he ran a certain route, he was open on the route. I wasn’t the quarterback, we came back three practices later, same call, same coverage, same player — him — running the route, and he wasn’t expecting the ball,” Rodgers said. “I said, ‘Hey, I watched that rep three days ago. I saw this play and I reminded myself at the time, if we had that opportunity again, where to go with the football.’ I said, ‘When you’re out there, I’m coming your way.’ I have confidence in him. He’s in the right spot all the time, he makes contested catches, finishes the right way. He practices like a pro.”

And there’s more.

The real question for the Packers is, if they keep Kumerow, who do they cut?

None of three rookie receivers they drafted have made much of an impression yet. But will the Packers risk them not being claimed if they try to sneak them onto the practice squad?

We’ve also been hearing good things about second-year receiver DeAngelo Yancey, who spent last season on the Packers’ practice squad.

So there you’re getting into too many receivers territory, much like 2016 when the Packers initially kept seven.

There are going to be some tough decisions, but right now it looks like Kumerow has a spot.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PackerQuacker August 8, 2018

    The women call him “Jake the Snake” and it’s not because he knows how to out maneuver defenders.

  2. Cheese August 8, 2018

    There’s a month of preseason left for things to hash out. Plus injuries usually have their say in things as well.

  3. Dennis Dervetski August 8, 2018

    Deserved! Practices to play, energy, knows plays!! Of course keep him as of now. Seems real hungry.

  4. cz August 8, 2018

    If he is faster than James Jones was … more like Donald Driver … who could run away from defenses .. I say keep him … but if he is just another good route runner with good hands BUT cant get separation and needs a perfect throw, then get rid of him (remember, he has been cut by multiple teams) … as we have lots of other hands on the team and rare talent is not likely overlooked at this level.

    Also, I like Yancey too… liked him last preseason.

    Finally, as a receiver, Trever Davis has been worthless, despite his speed, so axe him. Elliot wolf cheered on draft day when we took him. Let Elliot have him

  5. Kato August 9, 2018

    Of course some packers fans will love this. He is a “gritty white guy” that went to a local school.