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Could Jaire Alexander Make Trevor Davis Expendable?

Although he’s developed into a pretty nice return man, the Green Bay Packers haven’t gotten much out of Trevor Davis in two seasons. The former fifth-round pick has only eight career receptions.

He’s spent the majority of training camp this year watching because of a hamstring injury. Yes. The old Green Bay Packers’ special.

Add it up and you can see how that might cost Davis a roster spot. The Packers certainly have plenty of receivers they want to keep. Davis’ importance as a return man is paramount to him making the team.

And now that might be taken away by rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander. Special teams coach Ron Zook, for the second week in a row, has said he wants to see Alexander field punts.

We haven’t seen much of Alexander in the preseason because of a groin injury. He’s played only 10 snaps, all of them coming against the Steelers last week. He hasn’t returned a punt, but has the speed and showed he was more than capable in college.

With just two preseason games left, the Packers will have a small sample size with Alexander. However, if he shows something as a return man, that could and should put Davis’ job in jeopardy.

Although Zook has spoken glowingly about Davis as a returner, there’s not a huge incentive for the Packers to keep him around just for that. And the chances of them doing so will decrease if someone else proves capable.

If Davis doesn’t make the team, the question then becomes who returns kicks? The answer probably depends on who does make the team. However, receiver Randall Cobb has been effective in that role before. The Packers will have options.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 24, 2018

    I honestly didn’t even know he was in the Steeler game.

    What i do know…is that i’d like to see the 18th pick of the draft…….do something, anything.

    As far as Davis, maybe it’s just me, but why do some guys get a roster spot for years and contribute 1 notch above nothing? Davis, Janis, Goodson come to mind. A returner, a gunner…yea i get it. But that’s all you can do? Use roster spots for players that have a bit more to offer, or at least a higher ceiling.

    If this negativity has hurt anyone’s feelings, than for that, i want to express my deepest apologies, so feel free to…GFY.

    1. Kristofer August 24, 2018


    2. Kristofer August 24, 2018

      Much better PF4L, I thought that post was much less negative than usual.

      1. PF4L August 24, 2018


        Who knows, maybe someday you also can post something interesting, that’s also intelligent and football related.

        I’ll keep waiting.

  2. Dennis Dervetski August 24, 2018

    Davies is expendable. Punt returns? Please, this roster spot is much more valuable then him. He has shown very little otherwise. No team will pick him up.

  3. R.Duke August 24, 2018

    Cut Him during the Raiders game. Move him Out asap. If you cannot understand the ideaof NOT fielding the ball Inside the TEN yard line then you ae NOT a football player…

  4. Bill Johanson August 24, 2018

    R. Duke- He’s supposed to field it inside the 10, all the way to the 4 yard line. The 4 yard line is the beginning point where more than 50% of the punts will go into the end zone. It’s flexible a little bit based upon the trajectory of the punt. You do know that he was the #1 rated punt returner in the NFL last year, don’t you?

    1. MM²SUCK August 28, 2018

      I thought that Agnew from Detroit was the leader in punt return stats . . .

  5. Cheese August 24, 2018

    Put Cobb back there and make him finally earn that contract of his, or at least play catch up.

  6. cz August 24, 2018

    trevor cant even play receiver.
    zook sucks and should be gone.
    too bad they took power away from gm when they gave gute tt’s job.
    stuck with zook/davis cause we are stuck w/mccarthy