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Conflicting Reports On Randall Cobb

Michael Lombardi says the Green Bay Packers are shopping receiver Randall Cobb. Now Ian Rapoport says they are not.

Rapoport claims it’s the other way around. That teams have inquired about Cobb, but the Packers aren’t expected to trade him.

It would make plenty of sense if the Packers were shopping Cobb. There would be a massive salary cap savings and it would allow them to keep one of the young receivers they would otherwise have to cut.

On the other hand, without Cobb, Davante Adams would be the only proven veteran on the roster.

And yes, after the Packers released Jordy Nelson this offseason, Aaron Rodgers would probably be pissed to see Cobb go. The guy did stand up in his wedding for god’s sake.

Cobb hasn’t approached his 2014 numbers in the three seasons since. However, that was a contract year and Cobb — like many guys coincidentally do — balled out. Cobb is again in a contract year, so maybe he’ll explode again this season.

Whether that happens or not, I now have a hard time seeing Cobb with the Packers after this season. The team has been taking a look at DeAngelo Yancey and Equanimeous St. Brown in Cobb’s traditional slot position this preseason. If he could get on the field, you’d have to think they’d take a look at Trevor Davis there, as well.

None of these guys have the resume of Cobb, but they were all draft picks and you would think the Packers would give them a chance to contribute at some point. And perhaps more importantly, they are all much, much cheaper than Cobb.

Don’t think that won’t play a factor.

For now, we will assume Randall Cobb is sticking around for at least the 2018 season. If that is the case, hopefully he stays healthy and earns himself another payday, whether in Green Bay or elsewhere.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 23, 2018

    Shopped, not shopped…does it really matter?

    If Cobb was a difference maker, then it might matter. Right now he’s just salary cap weight, same thing he’s been since 2015.

    Tell me of any GM that can’t find a slot receiver for 3 million a year, to average less than 10 yards per catch, and score 4 TD’s a year. Hell, i’m sure you have a rookie in camp who can do that cheaper. Can anyone tell me Ty couldn’t do that?

    Lets stop acting like Randall Cobb is a big deal, this isn’t 2014. At this point he is maybe one or two levels above just being a body out there in training camp.

    BUT MAYBE…..he’ll try harder this season because it’s a contract year!!! YAY!

    Fuck Cobb and anyone else on that team that is clearly overpaid and nobody says BOO. While some fans whine that Rodgers should take less so they can use the money he deserves, to overpay someone else?

    Sounds like a solid plan boys. lets do this!!

    Cue the Circus music.

    1. Kristofer August 23, 2018

      Blah blah, negativity… negativity.

      Same as always.

      You either dress in all black in your daily life or dress like Skip Bayless. Either would be funny.

      1. PF4L August 23, 2018

        And you probably try on your mothers dresses and prance around in front of a mirror. But no one cares because it has nothing to do with football.

        I anticipate a day you say something intelligent…for now, i’ll keep waiting.

        1. chungo August 23, 2018


    2. Cheese August 24, 2018

      Amen. $10 million a year for Cobb’s production and no one says or does anything about it. Fuck’em all. Yet, Nelson gets the comeback player of the year award, leads the league in td’s, and people whine about his contract even though he was willing to take a respectable pay cut.

      “But, but… Randall is only 28 so that means we can have four more years of overpriced mediocrity rather than 2 more years of the best chemistry in football.”

      They’ve had a replacement for Cobb this whole time, they’re just too busy pretending that he’s a RB. If Cobb has a stellar year I hope he signs big somewhere else.

      1. PF4L August 24, 2018

        If Cobb has a stellar year in a contract year, all that tells you is he’s been milking it since he got paid.

        How do you get paid by the Packers?…two ingredients needed….be a draft pick of theirs, and have one above average season…DONE.

        Cheese…my best guess is that Cobb won’t be back next season. Which they should have thought about when deciding which receiver to cut. Cobb being 28 should have been a non factor in the decision because it probably won’t even come into play.

  2. V August 23, 2018


  3. Empacador August 24, 2018

    “None of these guys have the resume of Cobb, but they were all draft picks and you would think the Packers would give them a chance to contribute at some point.”

    What, the 2014 Cobb resume? WHY would they start allowing a majority of draft picks to contribute now? Is their method of conducting business really that foreign to anyone whose watched this team the past 12 seasons? Isn’t the object to build the best team possible by keeping the best players? Who cares if they are draft picks or not? How many years do guys like Goodson, Hundley, Davis, and Rollins get a pass because they were draft picks? What does a Ty Montgomery really contribute when he isn’t hurt? Master of nothing.

    The majority of fringe guys producing during training camps aren’t usually the guys carried on the 53. When they go into training camp and automatically know they are keeping at least one FB without seeing a Kuhn or Ripkowski playing, are they really committed to building the best team they can build? The coaching staff has some nostalgia for days gone by when FBs were integral parts of NFL offenses. And stick to the script of core players will play no matter how shitty they are performing or for how long while other players seemingly have a short hook. 6 WRs or 7, 3 TEs or 4, 1 FB or 2, does it really matter? There is always someone that plays their ass off and gets the short end of the stick because the coaching staff stockpiles positions with underwhelming/underachieving draft picks having an allegedly higher potential/upside.

    Honestly, during the Thompson/McCarthy era it has been the exception rather than the rule when Packer draft picks progress/perform accordingly. If they aren’t outright busts, they are under performing, transformation projects, injury plagued, or head cases kept way longer than they should have been. The Packers hoping their patience will be rewarded with their draft picks living up to potential that usually is never fully realized.

    Why does McCarthy keeps guys like Winston Moss, James Campen and Ron Zook employed? You would think McCarthy would give them a chance to contribute at some point. Until that happens we’ve got a living, breathing model of the Peter Principle alive and well at 1265. Let’s see how this season unfolds before giving McCarthy an extension. But it’s probably too late and Murphy has secretly rewarded McCarthy for his stellar 2-0 preseason Super Bowl championship. Randy probably won’t have to live through that like the rest of us though, so he has that to look forward to.

    1. Cheese August 24, 2018

      McCarthy probably already has another 5 year extension based off of preseason hype, we just won’t hear about it until December.