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Cole Madison Probably Not Playing This Season

If you’ve forgotten the name Cole Madison, here’s a brief refresher. He was the offensive lineman the Green Bay Packers took in the fifth round of this year’s draft. He played at Washington State. When camp started, Madison didn’t report.

The Packers put him on the did-not-report list along with receiver Michael Clark, who shortly thereafter retired.

Madison has been dealing with an undefined personal issue and still hasn’t reported. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be dropping in anytime soon, either.

“He’s still dealing with a personal matter,” general manager Brian Gutekunst said. “We don’t expect Cole back any time soon. This will take a little time for him to deal with. We’re fully supportive of what’s going on, and that’s about really all there is to update on that.”

Look, it’s not as if Madison was likely to play a big role for the Packers this year anyway. He’s a rookie fifth-round draft pick. It’s possible he could have pushed Justin McCray at right guard, but that would have been an uphill battle.

Now we can surmise that Madison will play no role at all in 2018.

First, it sounds as if he won’t be in Green Bay until at least sometime during the regular season. But even if he were to show up today, Madison is so far behind everyone else, there’s no way he’d catch up.

While we don’t know what the personal issue is, Demovsky reports that Madison still wants to play ball.

“The plan is still to play,” Colin Roberts, one of Madison’s agents said. “At this point, he’s still dealing with a personal thing like Brian said.”

That’s the good news. The bad news is 2018 will likely be a lost season for Madison.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 13, 2018

    I know it’s easy to be flippant and say that he wouldn’t likely have played a big role. But you never know, he’s a guard, where are we weak? At guard…the Packers obviously had that in mind when they drafted him.

    Yes, he’s a 5th round pick, Bahktiari was a 4th round pick and is arguably a top 3 left tackle in the league. Sitton (Pro Bowl) and Lang (Pro Bowl) were both 4th round picks. Wasn’t Lane Taylor an UDFA? Spriggs was a 2nd round pick, where we traded up and gave up a 4th round pick to get him. The round a player is picked means little in the real world, we’re living proof of that. Bottom line, the Packers can’t afford to keep fucking up draft picks, haven’t they been doing that long enough?

    This team can’t afford to draft players and then have them not show up. Especially along the O line where lack of talent and depth is not in question, it’s realty.

    In an unrelated PSA……Another 4 year old boy, shot 4 times last night, currently in ICU, a fourteen year old also shot in that gunfire. That’s two 4 year old boys in the hospital from gunshot wounds in the last two weeks besides a little girl also shot. Stop the fucking madness. Remember when Trump wanted to go through the inner citys, searching and confiscating drugs and weapons? Sounded fucked up didn’t it? It would have saved a lot of lives. Mostly their own, and probably a few cops.

    Now, i ask…….who’s kneeling for these children?

    1. MM²SUCK August 14, 2018

      PF4L . . . One cause at a time.

      Trump wanting to go through the “Inner Cities” was ridiculous. Why just them? There are enough “slack jawed yokels” with guns and meth and heroin in the rural areas that wreak enough havoc as well . . . Why aren’t they in the conversation? They should be. Most of the small terrorist murders have been committed by those “slack jawed yokels . . . Wasn’t his concern about the whole country? Nah! just rhetoric as usual . . . Let’s all take a knee on that one.

    2. Kato August 14, 2018

      My biggest problem with this situation in Chicago is the solution to the violence in Chicago is increased police presence. What have these activists done? Basically neutered the police force. CPS moral is at an all time low. They have to document everytime they point a gun, if anyone runs from them they basically can’t even engage the suspect, even if they are suspected to be a danger to the public.

      Is there maybe a small issue with cops not being properly trained to de-escalate situations and probably some racism/unfair policing practices that the players have been protesting? Yeah, I think it is safe to say that there are issues. Is it a large issue that the media/activists are making it out to be? No, not in my opinion. Statistically speaking, these things are very rare. Add in the fact that where the majority of these altercations happen are in neighborhoods known for violence and where CPOs have been injured/killed, well I am not sure what people expect to happen. Cops are human, mistakes can happen. Obviously you want to try and reduce these mistakes as much as possible and make them accountable, but there are so many bigger issues in this country than the maybe dozen unjustified shootings that happen.

  2. Skinny August 13, 2018

    In the mini camps it sounded like they expected him to start this year at the other guard spot. So I wouldn’t really call this an okay situation that hes not here but I understand shit happens in life. Hope he can get things right.