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Bryan Bulaga Is Back

The Green Bay Packers have their right tackle back. Bryan Bulaga passed his physical and was cleared to return to practice on Friday.

It was initially thought Bulaga may be sidelined until after the regular season started. Packers coach Mike McCarthy made the surprise announcement that Bulaga would return during camp, last week.

To say that Bulaga came back ahead of schedule would be an understatement.

His return will solidify an offensive line that would have ended up starting either Kyle Murphy or Jason Spriggs at right tackle. Now, the only uncertainty is right guard. It looks like that spot will go to Justin McCray, however.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 3, 2018

    Well, it’s that time again, The time where i have to eat crow. I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t happen often with you. I’d agree with that, but when your rong, you’re rong. You have to own it.

    The truth is i was pretty G D adamant that Bulaga would start the season on the PUP. Well fuck me Olivia Munn, he’s back at practice.

    Everyone should breathe easier about the right side of the line including myself. But….he has a ways to go to start week one, hope nothing flares up, get in playing shape and play well. But……it’s a great first step.

    I wish him well.

    1. Kristofer August 3, 2018

      Idiotic or Ironic?.. that you would spell the word “wrong” wrong.

    2. TyKo Steamboat August 4, 2018

      Olivia Munn, nice

      1. PF4L August 4, 2018

        Kris, thank you…sometimes i don’t fully utilize my 9th grade education. I can’t believe i misspelled that.

        Good catch my man.

  2. Empacador August 3, 2018

    Just a hair under 9 months to return. What kind of medical advances have they made? Are they putting in bionic ACLs now or something?

  3. Howard August 3, 2018

    I also thought Bulaga would start the season on the PUP list. What covers the taste of crow? That is a quick recovery for an ACL tear.

    I wanted the Packers to re-sign Bulaga after the 2014 season. When the team arguably had the best o-line in the league in 2014 you keep it together, well, that is until you don’t and let two of the leagues top guards walk over the course of the next 2 seasons.

    One thing to consider in Bulaga’s quick recovery. A team can not release or cut an injured player unless there is an injury agreement. It is my recollection that the Packers wanted Bulaga to take a pay cut this off season while injured. Bulaga said no. The Packers had no leverage because they could not cut Bulaga.

    Now that Bulaga has been determined healthy from what is usually at best a one year injury will the Packers play games with Bulaga?

    1. Empacador August 4, 2018

      That whole refusing to take a paycut for the good of the team when your durability is suspect probably doesn’t sit well with the powers that be. For some reason I was thinking this was a contract year for the man. He has 2 more years on his deal though. He is either going to play lights out with free agency looming for 1 last contract, or the more likely scenario he gets injured in some way. He has started 16 games in a season only once in his career. Packers won’t have to play games with him when that happens.

      1. PF4L August 4, 2018

        The right tackle position is more vital than Cobb’s #2 receiver position, Cobb needed to take a pay cut way before Bulaga.

        I question the wisdom of a team asking an injured player to take a pay cut. What did they expect him to say? Especially when they had no strong plan B for his spot. If you ask an injured player to take a pay cut, if he refuses, you should be in position to release him. They weren’t, it was a foolish request.

        1. Empacador August 4, 2018

          Maybe now that Ted is gone they won’t be in the position of overpaying so many of their own guys. Unless Randy Cobb has another big year with this being a contract year and all. I sense Randy is perceived as a core player at 1265. A vital cog in the machine so to speak. Defensive coordinators lay awake at night in fear of the multitude of ways the Packers will utilize Randy’s skill and abilities to thwart opposing defenses. OK I almost got through that without laughing.

  4. TyKo Steamboat August 5, 2018

    Bulaga back, Baktihari out … Full circle. Symmetry