Aaron Rodgers Wonders If Teammates Are Soft

Aaron Rodgers win

Aaron Rodgers has taken on a different sort of leadership role with the Green Bay Packers this year. He’s already more vocal than he’s been in the past.

Last week, Rodgers criticized some of his receivers for their “piss poor” effort in practice. It was revealed that he was referring to the three rookie draft picks.

Did their feelings get hurt?

AR gives no fucks.

“I hope we’re not that soft,” Rodgers said. “I hope we can hear comments or read comments and not get offended by things. It’s a professional environment; it’s not a personal environment. The things I’m saying, I don’t have some vendetta against any player. I care about winning, No. 1, and I’m going to say and do the things that I feel like can advance us. It’s going to be tough at some points. It’s not a popularity contest all the time. Obviously, as a human, you like being liked and appreciated, but I’m trying to win games because that’s my job.”

Rodgers’ attitude is actually a nice change this year.

One goal. Winning. Not putting up with any crap.

Perhaps Rodgers is starting to feel the pressure. Everyone keeps saying the Packers window is closing with Rodgers at the helm. He only has one Super Bowl win and he’s now 34 and will be 35 in December.

Rodgers has five, maybe six good years left.

Based on his no B.S. approach, he’s making it known he wants more titles. Clearly, general manager Brian Gutekunst wants one of his own. He’s surrounded Rodgers with what may be his best supporting cast since 2010.

And all of this sounds terrific to us.

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18 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Wonders If Teammates Are Soft"

  1. PF4L

    “He’s surrounded Rodgers with what may be his best supporting cast since 2010.”

    That’s a hell of a reach.

    • Kristofer

      Why is that a “hell of a reach”? Because the packers lost Jordy? Large loss yes, but you need to weigh the losses with the gains. In doing so, obviously, its a fair statement to say “He’s surrounded Rodgers with what may be his best supporting cast since 2010.”.

      • Cheese

        Please explain why it’s not a “hell of a reach.”

        In 2011, the Packers had Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, and Donald Driver.

        Does Graham fill in for Finley or Nelson? He can’t fill in for both, and we all know the Packers rarely utilize the TE position anyway. Davante has been good but not great so far. He’s no Greg Jennings. Cobb has been MIA for the past three years, although it is a contract year so he might decide to show up. Outside of those three who do the Packers have besides a bunch of rookies? Geronimo Allison and a 35 year old TE?

        • PF4L

          Howard just schooled Kris, most of us have, i don’t know why he just doesn’t stay down…like a couple of others in here have finally learned to do.

          • PF4L

            I would also say 2014 wasn’t to shabby. I think they led the NFL in scoring or some shit like that.

  2. Cheese

    Rodgers also said he “doesn’t make personnel decisions, coaching decisions, schedule decisions.. My job is to play quarterback. That’s what they’re paying me to do and I feel like I’ve made them pretty happy so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

    I think Rodgers is playing into the “players play, coaches coach” motto that McCarthy and the front office throw around to give them a taste of their own medicine after how they treated Jordy and axed Van Pelt without even giving 12 a heads up. He’s saying if you’re going to play the “it’s just a business” card and tell him to shut up and throw the football, then he’s going to make sure you give him receivers that are worth half a shit. Especially after getting rid of his number one target. Not to mention Lang and Sitton would definitely help on that suspect O-line.

    • PF4L

      Yea.. “it’s just business” is a two way street, if Rodgers wanted to he could put the Packers in a “it’s just business ” nightmare, but he’s not about that.

      If you missed it Cheese, Rodgers also gave the coaches a shot, he was asked about his words about the new receivers. Rodgers basically said that if the coaches or no one else is going to say something, then someone has to and he would do it.

      • Cheese

        No I didn’t see that. It’s interesting to see Rodgers making these comments. He’s held up his end of the deal, time for everyone else to do the same.

        • PF4L

          Here it is…..”This is a professional environment,” Rodgers said. “Like I said, I’m doing things that I feel like are in the best interest of the team from a leadership standpoint, and if no one else is going to stand up and criticise a bad practice, then maybe I need to be the one to do it. So, I did it.”

      • cz

        As usual, PF4L is dead on.

        I am glad he repeats Rodgers quote of
        “If no one else is going to stand up and criticize a bad practice, then maybe I need to be the one to do it.”

        That is exactly what I feared when I commented last week. I said it it either Rodgers making excuses for being picked 7 times in practice, or, Rodgers having to speak up and coaches not doing their job.

        Now we see it is coaches not doing their jobs. Wish Rodgers would have forced McCarthy to do his and fire Capers years ago.

        Hopefully Rodgers runs the show up there when he no longer plays QB, cause McCarthys coaching stinks… look at Hundley last season. Worse than when he came in as a rookie.

        • cz

          these coaches cant coach up players, and high draft picks get cut or go elsewhere and reach new heights.

          A lot of great young athlete’s they loved on draft day, they ruined by having them, teaching them nothing, then ditching them

        • Cheese

          Haywards best season in GB was as a rookie. He never did any better than his first year, then when he left he pretty much became the best corner in the league. Good job Capers…

  3. Packerquaker

    I hope the receivers can call out Rodgers when he makes bad throws. It works both ways. Don’t take it personally Aaron.

    • PF4L

      lol….on so many levels. Who is calling out Rodgers….Cobb? The new receivers? Lance Kendrick? Jimmy “i won’t block anyone” Graham?

      If someone wants to “call out” one of the leagues best QB’s, i say get the popcorn ready, i want to see this.

      • cz

        Kendricks is a wasted roster spot. Need to allow young receivers to stay in 53 and develop them.

        Hundley and Kendricks can go be a star in Canada… and Rollins and Trevor Davis. Keep Gutes guys and get rid of McCarthy after this season.

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