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Aaron Rodgers Will Get One Preseason Game

Aaron Rodgers is playing this week.

When the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field on Thursday, Rodgers will lead the team. It will be the first time he’s played since December 17 of last year. That was a brief one-game appearance after a broken collarbone shut Rodgers down on October 15.

After the game, Rodgers was put on injured reserve.

If you’re worried about QB1 getting injured in the preseason, there’s good news. He won’t have much of chance to.

It appears Rodgers will only appear in the Pittsburgh game.

The Packers finish the preseason with two road games. At Oakland and at Kansas City.

Rodgers hasn’t played much in the preseason in recent years. However, it appears the Packers will be a little extra cautious this year.

The third preseason game is when the starters get the most action, typically playing into the third quarter. Thus, Thursday might be the only glimpse we get of the Packers’ first-team offense.

The third game will likely be the starters and Brett Hundley.

Is it week 1 yet?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 13, 2018

    “Is it week one yet?”….I like that….lol

    I have said that same thing after the 1st pre-season game for i don’t know how long. Somehow this year is different with me. I want to look at these QB’s (closely). Same with the wr’s we spent a 3rd of the draft on. Not to mention the new “hammers” like Graham and Wilkerson (if they ever play). Also K. King, if he plays, and T Willy if he plays. Even Bulaga if he plays (more on that another time). I want to see who we got at strong safety. I want to see our starting right guard. I want to see if the D backs can contest passes, not just tackle after the catch. I want to see the magic that is JK Scott. I want to see if a 1st and 2nd round draft pick, can play like a first and second round draft pick. I want to see if Josh Jackson can do for the Packers, what he did against the Badgers.

    In the meantime, i’ll be wondering where the fuck Cole Madison is, and also if my hunch proves to be true. That the Packers are not disclosing the reason for Madison’s absence as a way to delay embarrassment for awhile. Sure…..i could be reading that wrong, but history tells us……….

    On a lighter note…..It’s been too long, my favorite time of the year is coming, watching NFL football, the best sport besides MMA. Summer comes and goes too soon, but when cooler northern winds come, so does the start of the NFL season.

    Life is good.

    1. Kato August 13, 2018

      What is your theory with Cole Madison? At first I thought it was family related, but now I am wondering if he is having some sort of legal issue

      1. PF4L August 13, 2018

        I don’t have a theory on what his deal is, as i’d have the same clues everyone else has, none. I said i had a hunch why they aren’t disclosing the reason why, which i stated.

        1. PF4L August 13, 2018

          I will say. it probably isn’t anything positive, or they wouldn’t be avoiding the reason why. Just draft a guy, get him in camp….if he can’t report, tell us why, stop playing games.

    2. Icebowl August 16, 2018

      A whole lotta “if he plays” disclaimers…..
      Do you mean in pre- or regular season, lol…….?