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Randy Moss Wasn’t A Packer Because Of Donald Driver

Do you recall when the Green Bay Packers were interested in acquiring receiver Randy Moss?

Moss had just spent two seasons with the Oakland Raiders. The Packers seemed to become interested in trading for the former Minnesota Vikings star because Brett Favre wanted them to. In fact, Favre was even willing to give up some of his salary so the Packers could get Moss.

It never happened. The New England Patriots ended up flipping a fourth-round pick for Moss. He gave them three 1,ooo-yard seasons.

Favre was ticked. We all blasted general manager Ted Thompson.

Why didn’t the trade happen? Moss says it was because the Packers didn’t want to make Donald Driver unhappy.


Moss and Favre together would have been a show.

To think we were robbed of that because the Packers were afraid of hurting Donald Driver’s feelings. One of those guys is in the Hall of Fame. One of those guys won’t be. It should be obvious which one should be paid more. Not to Ted, though.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador July 30, 2018

    Could the headline to this article be anymore misleading? I was expecting to read how Donald Driver gave some sort of an ultimatum, not that the Packers were pussy footing around Donald Driver because they didn’t have any money. Only knowing of Donald based on his sterling reputation as a Packer player and the caliber of human being he has always appeared to be, I seriously doubt he would have been offended like Moss is implying in the article. I’m not saying Moss is lying, I’m saying that was probably the excuse being floated to not piss Favre off any further because the real shit storm was about to commence. 2007 was going the be the last year Favre started before McCarthy was going to install Rodgers no matter what. Plus they didn’t want to deal with the head case that is Randy Moss.

    Remember, at that time it was said Rodgers was ready. Even if Favre hadn’t retired, they risked losing Rodgers if they chose Favre. The Favre retirement was the excuse they needed to justify their decision to go forward with Rodgers. They had to make a decision and it turned out to be the better decision in the long run. Moss coming to Green Bay to play with Favre only to lose Farve the next season would have been a huge distraction. Think Marty Bennett last season. Moss acting up over losing his boy Favre the next season would have been the same level of bullshit and a given no doubt.

  2. PF4L July 30, 2018

    If memory serves, Andrew Brandt explained that we wouldn’t offer Moss a contract as long as the Patriots did and that’s why the Pats got him. With that said the only thing i respect about Moss is his skill on the field, off of it, i think he’s a POS and i wouldn’t trust anything he said.

    Fast forward to Favre getting Moss with the Queens. How did that go? Didn’t that relationship break apart the same time Moss decided to go on a screaming tirade, dressing down the food caterers possibly causing the Queens to release him? Whether that was the reason they released him, idk, don’t care….


  3. Gort July 30, 2018

    The photo at the top of the article if you include 3 important words, location, location, location, says it all. Don’t know if the conversation between Schefter and the POS is the real story of what happened, but for the POS to lay blame on Donald Driver does 1 of 2 things.
    1 – Just another reason for Packer’s fans to love Donald Driver.
    2 – Proves that the POS is a POS.

    Many Packers’ fans, myself included, would have been screaming for Ted’s immediate firing if he had signed the POS.

    The abbrevition TP for the name of this web site is starting to apply to the quality of the “opinion” articles. Many recent posts by Joe and Mordy remind me of what just got flushed away. Monty, Robster, and Shawn, if you guys are still out there please bring back some meaningful commentary.

  4. Kato July 31, 2018

    Well, one thing is for sure. We will be hearing some sort of response from Donald Driver on this and whether he would have been PO’d