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Packers-Jaguars Becoming The Hot Super Bowl Pick

When he was put on the spot, CBS analyst Tony Romo predicted a Super Bowl matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Romo didn’t pick a winner for the game, but he has been singing the praises of his home state team all summer.

In short, Romo really likes the Jimmy Graham addition and believes the secondary will be greatly improved.

Now, another CBS analyst — Pete Prisco — has jumped on that bandwagon. He’s also predicting a Super Bowl between Green Bay and Jacksonville. And Prisco is picking the Packers to win.

Prisco doesn’t give any reasoning for liking these two teams, as Romo did. He did pick every game of the season, however. He has the Packers as the No. 1 seed in the NFC at 12-4. He also has them winning the NFC North by one game over the Minnesota Vikings.

In Prisco’s simulated season, the Packers also get some revenge in the NFC Championship game, beating the Atlanta Falcons, who smoked them in the same game two years ago.

The Jaguars is an interesting pick to me. Yes, they have a great defense, but I’m not sold on anything that quarterback Blake Bortles does. You can certainly win with great defense and a mediocre signal caller, of course. The Baltimore Ravens have done it twice. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it. More recently, the Denver Broncos did it.

Jacksonville just seems to be the popular pick because what fun is it to pick New England?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Ferris July 23, 2018

    mmmmmm yeah it’s still July. If they are so sure come with me to the sports book and let your wallet do the talking. If I see you lay say $10,000 on that match-up then I will respect your prediction. Then another $10K on 12 wins and another $10K on the Packers to win the Bowl. Until then it all means ZERO.

  2. PF4L July 23, 2018

    Yea buddy……zero, much like pre-season MVP’s, and mini camp and OTA standouts. Means nothing until you strap on your gear in the regular season.

    But, what if i’m wrong? Do i start saving right now for my Packer Super Bowl tickets (just in case)…..hmmmmm.

    As luck would have it, my budget allows for a good amount of disposable income each month that i haven’t tapped into yet this year. I could take the whole $189.72 and throw that in the fund for seed money. Gives me a nice start.

    I need to do some serious thinking.

    1. Ferris July 24, 2018

      You take that $189.72 to the nearest casino and lay it down on either black on the roulette table or one hand of blackjack. You’ll have to round it up to $190 though I don’t think they have $.72 chips. If you win you have a good start to a Superbowl fund, if you lose it’s OK just ask lonely boy what it’s like to lose all the time…he can help you cope.

      1. PF4L July 26, 2018

        It took me 6 months to save up that stash of cash. I’m not going to chance pissing it away in a matter of a few seconds. What are you thinking?

        C’mon man!!

  3. Cheese July 23, 2018

    We have to hear this crap every year. Packers are gonna win the Super Bowl in July. They haven’t been able to win an NFCCG in 8 years, let alone win the Super Bowl. Jimmy Graham isn’t going to fill both the shoes of Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook. Even if he gets 10 touchdowns that still doesn’t make up for Jordy.

  4. Vijay July 23, 2018

    As far as the Patriots are concerned, you cannot overlook the loss of Danny Amendola and his clutch playoff performances. That loss alone may be enough for another AFC team to represent in the SB.

  5. Vijay July 23, 2018

    I don’t see how the stacked Eagles are not favored again the NFC, especially with Wentz back.

    1. Ferris July 24, 2018

      All the sportswriters in Philadelphia are still drunk from the parties so they haven’t written anything to pump up the Eagles yet. My Superbowl prediction is……I have no f-ing idea because there will be season ending injuries in the meaningless pre-season games.

  6. Big B July 25, 2018

    Eagles, Vikings, Rams, and Falcons all have more talent. I’d pick the Pack if we were in the AFC, but I’m not sure A-Rod makes up for all the usual deficiencies. 7-9 or 11-5, who knows? Just know I will be a fan of whoever is playing the Saints-am lusting after that #1 pick next year. If NO misses the playoffs, then it is a guaranteed Top Twenty pick.