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Packers Already In Midseason Injury Form

Green Bay Packers football is built on tradition. Under Mike McCarthy, it’s also built on injuries.

Every year, the Packers lose key players for stretches because of injury. Every team loses guys, but it’s almost comical how the Packers just can’t stay healthy every damn year.

We’re four practices into training camp and the Packers already have what appear to be two serious injuries.

Safety Kentrell Brice, who had been lining up with the first-team defense, was carted off the practice field earlier today. Linebacker Jake Ryan was carted off a little later.

Defensive end Mike Daniels also got hurt, although he was able to limp off under his own power.

The extent of Brice’s injury is unknown, but you don’t get carted off for a knick or scrape. Ryan’s injury appears to be serious. The only good news is it appears Daniels will be fine.

Oh, right. Running back Aaron Jones has been sitting with — want to take a guess? — a hamstring injury.

Ryan was described as devastated by fellow inside linebacker Blake Martinez.

If Ryan is sidelined for an extended period, which it appears will be the case, the Packers may well have to rely on rookie Oren Burks to pick up some snaps. There’s also a good possibility that they’ll employ an extra defensive back in place of a linebacker.

However, as long as Martinez is available, we’re not terribly concerned.

As far as the safety position goes, McCarthy has been raving about Brice since OTAs. Surely, his absence will mean a bigger role for Josh Jones, who played poorly as a rookie in 2017.

Naturally, people are throwing around the name Eric Reid, as well. The veteran and former Pro Bowler remains a free agent. It is widely assumed that is the case because of his national anthem protests. Certainly, the guy can still play. Reid had 67 tackles and two picks in 13 games for the 49ers in 2017.

The question is, would the Packers sign someone who might be viewed a controversial?

Personally, I’d rather have Reid at the back of the secondary than I would Jones.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador July 30, 2018

    McCarthy gushing over someone means absolutely nothing. Especially when it comes to the defense. What, McNugget’s gonna teach Pettine the finer points of being a Defensive Coordinator now? McNugget suddenly gained an eye for talent along with his promotion or something? His endorsements amount to the equivalent of winning a training camp Superbowl. It’s his job to create hype as a highly successful head football coach, what else is he gonna say? You could give him the full compliment of 90 players over the league mandated 53 players for the regular season and he would still find a way to fuck it up.

    For all the new people that might wanna chime in thinking those of us who bitch aren’t really Packers fans. You homers can go to jsonline or packers.com for your daily dose of propaganda if needed. Love me some Packers but that doesn’t mean me or anyone else has to accept all of what the Packers do without question. Being a Packer fan isn’t an all or none proposition. I’m sure I will not be the only one happy when that ass clown is finally out of Green Bay for good. He has zero redeeming qualities. We should throw a party when that day comes!

    1. PF4L July 30, 2018

      The new people here don’t judge who the real Packer fans are, nor does this website, nor does Brett Favre, nor does some homeless queen fan. I do!! (Yes, i’m kidding people, calm down).

      Never…hesitate to speak what’s on your mind.

      The best comments on here come from about 7 or 8 people. Keep posting like you always do, it’s appreciated.

    2. Savage57 July 31, 2018

      “that doesn’t mean me or anyone else has to accept all of what the Packers do without question”

      So start a petition. It’s what TotalPissandMoan guys do.

      Other than that, I see windmills and tilting as you next best option.

      1. Empacador July 31, 2018

        With all due respect, go fuck yourself Savage. You are exactly the kind of homer they cater to at packers.com. You are the Packer fan version of Killer. But you do you, man.

        1. Savage57 August 1, 2018

          Since you’re a clueless fuck in love with his own dumb ass, your only recourse is to buck up and get after influencing the Packers to make decisions according to your wishes. Seeing as you don’t need to accept what the Packers do without question and all.

          When they don’t, you can always come back here and piss and moan some more.

          And that, is you bein’ you.

          1. Empacador August 1, 2018

            I never said anything about the Packers doing anything to cater to my wishes. I don’t claim to be an owner. As for clueless? You don’t see me starting shit with other fans here. I have my opinions. Don’t like them? Don’t read them, asshole. As I said, go fuck yourself. Killer, 2.0.

          2. PF4L August 1, 2018

            ….and there is your Dagger!

    3. Mike Ditka's Mom August 2, 2018

      Nobody is saying you’re not a fan, just that you all endlessly bitch about injuries and coaching. Same shit, different season.

  2. Big B July 30, 2018

    McCarthy has underperformed for the last five years or more, with his complacent attitude toward the defense. The beauty of his two year contract is that if he underwhelms again this year, TRADE HIM. I keep hearing how he could get another job 5 seconds after termination, so let’s see if there really is a demand. A high draft choice and a fresh start would be nice.

    1. Dennis Dervetski July 30, 2018

      I must agree. No handle on players entering camp. Clueless.

  3. Dennis Dervetski July 30, 2018

    Another year with a mash unit. What will genius MM do? Nothing. No cure available. Now lose Rodgers and over.

  4. SDSpec July 30, 2018

    No one is talking about Reid.
    Fuck Reid.
    He can go kneel and suck a dick.

  5. Ferris July 30, 2018

    I have wanted them to sign Reid all along. So of course that means it will never happen. As for Ryan they may be able to find someone just as good from the scrap heap. Too bad he got injured but he’s not an impact player.

  6. r.duke July 30, 2018

    Took the words from my mouth…saving my venom for the season…pad level has not been broached, yet!

  7. Kato July 31, 2018

    Fairly inconsequential. The Brice one is most concerning. There are free agents available at that position though

  8. Deepsky July 31, 2018

    Speaking of injury, anyone notice Rodgers has thrown a very high number of picks in the preseason? Gotta wonder if his arm is the same. I don’t think it will be.

    1. Kato July 31, 2018

      I wouldnt be worried yet. Some of it could be tips on his part, as there could be apprehension on his part on putting everything into throws. It could also be taken as a positive sign that the defense is indeed going to be more competitive. A defense that creates turnovers, imagine that.

      1. Kato July 31, 2018


    2. PF4L July 31, 2018

      Lets face it, Rodgers is done. pretty much finished…hang em up old man!!

      Ok….sorry about that…lol. I think Rodgers throws the defense some bones. It’s not like it’s December game serious with him.

      Mini camp, ota’s, training camp, pre-season…..Have we not learned anything? Rodgers could throw 30 picks in camp, don’t care. If healthy during the season, he’ll throw his usual 35 td’s and 7 or 8 picks. Even with a leaking O-line.

  9. Big Gay Clay July 31, 2018

    Pick up navarro bowman. he’s still a FA.

  10. Deepsky July 31, 2018

    Here’s my over/under for games played this season for some players before they miss a game due to injury.

    Bulaga: 2
    Perry: 3
    Adams: 4
    Cobb: 6
    Montgomery: 4
    Biegel: 3
    King: 8
    Matthews: 8

    1. MJ July 31, 2018

      Eight games for Matthews? Maybe if he plays ILB. I don’t know, maybe the start-stop motions needed at ILB are less aggressive to the legs than those needed at OLB.

      Adams’ case is a bit special. He has not shown propensity to muscle injuries, though has been headhunted twice. It would take a dirty player (and likely a dirty coaching decision) to try to put him out of action for a game, and as concussions go, they tend to get worse recovery-wise as they pile up. The point about Adams is that he needs a dirty play to happen. The rest of the list gets injured within the normal course of a game, heck, maybe even trotting up to the huddle.

      Good list, I had some smiles reading the names of our injury-report regulars. With Biegel and King we can only hope this has been a one off, not a trend, and that they are back on track.

  11. Xlvordie July 31, 2018

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks the ryan injury is a big loss.

    PFF has Ryan ranked as #2 in the entire NFL in effectiveness against the run in 2017. Only Luke Kueckly was ranked higher.

    1. Kato July 31, 2018

      Yeah, idk. I mean it isnt convenient, but if I could pick one guy on the defense that gets a lot of snaps to get hurt, it may just be him. They actually have depth and flexibility at the position, and it is one of the more inconsequential positions on the team.

      1. Xlvordie August 1, 2018


        1. PF4L August 1, 2018

          Well…lets try and tell both sides of the story….where was he ranked in effectiveness against the pass.

          I mean, a QB could be rated 1st in passing from 0-10 yards, but if he’s ranked 30th from 10-30 yards, That 1st stat kind of loses it’s luster.