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Aaron Rodgers: Strongest Group Of Coordinators We’ve Had

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is pretty hyped about the potential of the 2018 season.

Rodgers walked around and talked to former teammate James Jones, now with NFL Network, and discussed a variety of subjects on Friday after practice.

Among them were his thoughts on the Packers’ coordinators, which were somewhat interesting.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had as strong of group of coordinators as a whole. We have Mike Pettine, who’s been a head coach on defense and is an incredible leader and orator in front of the room. You’ve got Joe Philbin, who has been a head coach in the league, who can control the room. And you’ve got Ron Zook, who was a college coach for years and can control a room. We’ve got four head coaches on our staff. There’s a different mindset this year and a different feel to the team.”

Yes, Philbin went on to be a head coach after he left the Packers — for the Miami Dolphins. However, the Packers did have another former head coach in the building as recently as last year.

Dom, da-Dom, Dom Dom.

Yes, Dom Capers.

We’ve heard things about how defensive players didn’t necessarily think much about Capers. Apparently, the feeling extended to the offense.

And what of former offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett, who is now the receivers coach of the Oakland Raiders? We may as well assume he couldn’t command a room.

Rodgers also talked about how he’d like to be remembered and yes, he does care about championships.

“It’s about championships. I’ve got one. My time is not going to last forever. I’d like to get at least another one.”

Here’s Rodgers opining on a number of things with our main man James Jones.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. PF4L July 29, 2018

    Reports have it that there is a lot more passion and energy permeating in the air concerning our defense. It’s also reported the players seem excited about Pettine’s philosophy of aggressiveness in utilizing “attacking schemes”. So it’s not shocking to believe the players are practicing harder, being held accountable, and even having fun in the process. Early indicators are positive.

    In other news, McGriddle chimed in about what he see’s in his defense….

    “There’s a lot of great energy around here that we haven’t had in the past,” McCarthy said. “We’re going to try to take advantage of it and apply it.”

    Gee, wonderful idea McFlurry. In retrospect McTriple, should this move have happened perhaps 4 -5 years ago when Rodgers was south of 30 years old?

    Hindsight isn’t 20/20…..not when some of us wanted this change years ago and said as much.

    Yes Mike, i know….you are a highly successful NFL coach, and that is why without reservation i can say fuck you. Keep riding Rodgers arm.

  2. PF4L July 29, 2018

    I think it’s fantastic that Ron Zook can control a room. But when can he control the Special Teams unit getting into the top 20 special teams ranking?

    I just don’t see much difference now, to back when Shawn Slocum was the coach. Maybe i’m mistaken, idk.

  3. Deepsky July 30, 2018

    I’m glad Rodgers likes Philbin because he didn’t exactly turn around the Miami program. In fact, the Miami offense pretty much declined under Philbin.

    As for Pettine, again, he’s not the first choice in defensive coordinators, he probably doesn’t even have the defensive mind of Capers, but every year the top defenses have fired up coordinators who are rallying their players on the field, something the Packers have not had in a long time.