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Aaron Rodgers Focused On Team, Not Contract

After the Green Bay Packers finished their first training camp practice on Thursday, everyone wanted to ask Aaron Rodgers about his proposed contract situation.

Big surprise.

Rodgers told the assembled masses that he’s focused on the team and not a new deal.

“I think they’ve talked about it enough that there’s an expectation something would have been done,” Rodgers said. “Obviously judging by the questions here there’s kind of an expectation before we started. But I’m just trusting [agent] Dave [Dunn]. That’s why he’s representing me, he has my best interest in mind. They’re taking care of those conversations, and I’m focused on this team and being a leader.”

It’s interesting that Rodgers noted the expectation that a new deal would be in place already. The Packers’ brass — general manager Brian Gutekunst and president Mark Murphy — have both stated they expected a deal soon, in months past.

Then, on Wednesday, Murphy changed his tune, saying there is no timetable for a new deal. That’s pretty much a 180 from what we were being told since February.

I won’t suggest these negotiations are going nowhere, but Rodgers appears in no hurry to sign a new deal. And if one doesn’t get done before the regular season starts, you shouldn’t expect one until December. That’s when the Packers seem to traditionally start to pick things up on the contract extension front again.

The good news is, things haven’t become contentious, nor would we expect them to.

“They’re obviously more than willing to talk about an extension,” Rodgers said. “There wasn’t any animosity on either side.”

The smart bet for Rodgers is to play out this year and then re-sign. He’ll have much more leverage going into the final year of his deal.

And maybe he’ll be motivated to re-prove his worth on the field this year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L July 26, 2018

    Like i stated in a previous post, this thing has many layers.

    If most people think, that if Rodgers waits another year, he’ll get a better deal. Don’t the Packers also know that?

    As far as the leverage factor, the Packers a year from now, still have his rights for 3 more years, versus the 4 years now.

    My point being, what’s going to change between now and a year from now. Rodgers is another year older, the Packers still have his rights until 2022. Who’s to say they aren’t in the same place a year from now that they are in today. Hard to read the future, that i understand. But the longer this goes on it will always be a back story. That, and the longer it goes the more contentious it could become. I also think if Rodgers has a significant injury and misses another half a season or more, he’ll lose millions, maybe tens of millions. Right or wrong, he will be labeled then.

    For whatever the reason(s) they are at an impasse, because if it’s just about money, this would have been done. If it doesn’t get done soon, looks like they are ready to sweep it under the rug for another day.

    A lot of people seem to think the Packers are going to have a good season. Personally, i just don’t see that at all. Not with issues of the 0-line, safety, corner, edge rushers. That coupled with a new defensive install, plus a somewhat significant new offensive install.

    If you have higher expectations than i have, God bless you. But i see a 8-10 win team, most likely trying to get in the playoffs as a wild card.

    1. Cheese July 27, 2018

      The Packers are going to the Super Bowl. They have Aaron Rodgers back, and they picked up the amazing Jimmy Graham. Everything else should be ignored because it’s all irrelevant. Where is your faith? Are you even a Packer fan? With ARodge there is always a chance!

      1. PF4L July 27, 2018




    2. Cheese July 27, 2018

      On a real note, you could say another position of concern is wide receiver. They have Davante, and Cobb who are the only two who really know the system. After that, you have a bunch of rookies, bottom feeders, and Graham who will be switching back and forth from tight end.

      Davante has gotten better and has done some good things, but from what I’ve seen he’s not a clear cut #1. He’s not a trailblazer and has never had a 1,000 yard season. Yet he’s paid like the cream of the crop. Another GB contract that overpays in hopes that it inspires the player to live up to the expectations. Last time the Pack was without Jordy, Adams didn’t do much of anything. Granted that was a few years ago. Then there’s the whole concussion thing. Not trying to make Davante sound bad, but it’s definitely a question mark for this season.

      Cobb, talk about another overpaid contract. Where the hell has this guy been? He’s been MIA for three years. Does he come out of his coma and finally show up? And I don’t mean gimmick plays out of the backfield. It is a contract year. If he plays decent do the Packers give him a bloated or sensible contract?

      Much like the OLB position with Perry and Matthews, if either one of these guys gets hurt (Adams, Cobb) the depth behind them is questionable, or at least unknown. How will the loss of Nelson affect the offense? Last time that happened the offense was a total shit show and it didn’t start to regain it’s composure until Jordy came back. Can Graham fill those shoes since he’s a veteran? That’s something to watch for.

      With the other positions that PF4L has listed, I would say corner is probably of least concern. At least there is depth and option there. OLB, outside of the average and often injured starters we’re not sure what to expect. Biegel is in his second year after sitting out most of his rookie season with an injury. Sounds like he fits right in. The talk about Reggie Gilbert has been big but that means nothing. Safety, we know what we get with HHCD, at least up to this point, which isn’t assuring. Josh Jones is another one we have heard big talk about. Can he replace Burnett or do better? Offensive line, I couldn’t even tell you who they have at guard anymore. Bulaga is always hurt so that doesn’t help. The guys behind him? No clue..

      I think this season depends on what Pettine and Philbin bring to the table. They have both been successful in their roles in the past. Can they do it again with the players they have? My expectations can be summed up with a shoulder shrug and a “we’ll see.”

      1. PF4L July 28, 2018

        I have no doubt Pettine can make a difference with the defense, he seems to have a pulse and some passion. That being said, players matter.

        So how soon can we realistically expect improvement, year one, two, three?

        We could set the bar by comparing Capers first year after replacing Sanders.

        In 2008 Sanders defense ranked 20th in the league, with a scoring defense of 23.8 PPG.

        In 2009 Capers defense ranked 2nd in the league, with a scoring defense of 18.5 PPG.

        That’s your proven baseline for 1 year improvement. So now, moving forward…

        In 2017 Capers defense ranked 22nd in the league, with a scoring defense of 24 PPG.

        Bottom line…can we expect Pettine to match Capers 1st year improvement? He would have to improve the defensive league ranking to 4th in the league, and improve the scoring defense by 5.3 PPG.

        Is that possible?….i guess so.

        Will it happen?…..Hell no.

        Why don’t i believe it will happen?….because players matter.

        As i’ve stated many times before. It will take more than one year to repair the years of damage of poor player acquisition and draft picks.

        Side Note: I fully expect this post to be nominated for “Best Post Of The Year” at the annual totalpackers.com awards banquet.

        All i do is give, give give, and give some more…..

        It’s about high time my talents are recognized.

  2. Cheese July 29, 2018

    Yeah, the new coordinators seem promising but players do matter. That is why I am on the fence until I see that actual product.

    It’s not just poor player acquisition and draft picks, how about keeping the quality players that they do have that want to stay with the team? I don’t think I need to run through the list of examples.

    As for Best Post of the Year, we still have five months left that are going to be filled with actual football. I’m sure there will be some quality posts in the future by everyone, including yourself. It’s not like the first half of the year gave us much to work with (aside from the front office circus) while the Packers were sitting home watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl with their back up QB.

  3. PF4L July 30, 2018

    As long as i get my award….nobody gets hurt.