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Tramon Williams Has Unfinished Business

Some guys you just love. For the way they play, the way they go about their business and for the things they say. For the Green Bay Packers, recently, James Jones and his damn hoodie come to mind. Al Harris, who I personally nicknamed Solid, because that’s what he was, does as well. And we are now reminded that Tramon Williams is also in that category.

Probably should have never let the guy walk, but hell, we drafted Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins!

We’ve sung the praises already. So has Aaron Rodgers.

What we had forgotten is that Tramon got burned on the final play of that hellhole of an NFC Championship in Seattle. It was his final play as a member of the GBP.

And that’s where the unfinished business comes in. Williams played two years in Cleveland and last year in Arizona. Two places where you’re not going to win a championship.

But you might win one in Green Bay.

“I feel like there’s unfinished business,” Williams said, via our main man Demovsky, who like Cher and Madonna only needs one name.

“To walk off the field on my last play as a Packer getting scored on to go to the Super Bowl, it was a tough way to end it. But God puts you in different situations. I ended up leaving and there was a reason why I left — for me to grow. I feel over these last three years, I’ve grown so much more than I would’ve probably ever done while I was here. Now it’s time for me to come back here and get things in order. I’m up for that challenge. I believe that we will be back in the big dance when it’s all said and done. I’m hoping that these guys are here with me, and we’re going to get it done.”

It’s hard not to appreciate that guy’s leadership and passion.

We have long scourged the day the Packers released Charles Woodson. They didn’t just lose a playmaker that day. They lost a team leader. One they were unable to replace.

There are leaders on this team now, but Tramon might be the most valuable one on the defensive side of the ball.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Cheese June 13, 2018

    Not knocking Tramon and I hope he does well, but I find it funny that everyone is praising him left and right but yet he wasn’t good enough to be on the team three years ago. Is that a sign of how much this defense has regressed? Obviously. Thanks for Randall and Rollins, Ted. Too bad there’s about a zero percent chance of scooping up Hayward and Hyde ever again.

    1. Cheese June 13, 2018

      Tramon leaves and becomes a top ten CB in ARI. Hayward and Hyde leave and go All-Pro. Woodson leaves and tears it up in Oakland amassing 10 ints and more tackles than he’s ever made before.

      Something is not right here. Hopefully Pettine and these new rookies have something up their sleeve.

      1. Kato June 13, 2018

        Makes me wonder at times if TT got maybe a little too much crap for his drafting. I mean, he still had his misses, but his drafting would look a lot better had Hyde and Hayward played as well as they did here as they did last year. He still should have pressured MM to fire Capers though.

      2. Savage57 June 14, 2018

        Two words. Joe. Whitt.

        Everyone raves about how good of a coach this guy is. What has been the Packers doom for the last 3-4 years? The cornerbacks. What position group does this guy coach? Same answer.

  2. Cheese June 13, 2018

    Ted had some good picks. Nick Collins, Jordy, Jennings, Rodgers, Clay when he’s not nursing a hammy. He also has some total busts in the first round. Harrell, Datone, Sherrod. Then come the conversion projects. Perry, Randall, Neal, Datone again when he wasn’t good enough to play his first position. There was a lot of failure on the defensive side of the ball. Once again, is that on Ted or is that on Capers? It’s on both.

    I forgot to mention House having the best year of his career in Jax.

    There was no pressure coming from Murphy, no pressure coming from TT, no pressure coming from McCarthy, and definitely no pressure coming from Capers. At least two of them are gone now. Well, more like one and a half.

    1. PF4L June 13, 2018

      Once in awhile players move on and succeed with another team like House and Hyde. There could be a multitude of reasons as there are so many intangibles and variables.

      But you are correct cheese because here’s the thing. Once a team gets a player, if they can’t bring out that talent and make it work, but another team could, it’s squarely on his old team, they failed.

  3. PF4L June 13, 2018

    Ted’s 2nd half of his stay here was a failure, and i’m being nice about it. Here’s a bunch of guys, now convert them.
    I mean…wtf is that?

    If Ted is basically going to stick to the draft and UDFA, well then you better hit. Ted’s piss poor player acquisition wasn’t McGriddles fault, or Capers.

    We have to stop diverting the blame for someone’s job responsibility’s. When we do that, we’re not holding them accountable. Isn’t that what we bitched about for years, the lack of accountability?

    Don’t get me wrong, Murphy, Capers and McGriddle both have their own failures they are responsible for. Before all too long, Rodgers will be gone and the honeymoon (gravy train) will be over. But boy….the three stooges milked it for all it was worth.

    Who pays the price?…the fans do….we were here before they got here, and we’ll be here long after they leave town. And we’ll all be thinking and talking about the same thing….all the wasted opportunity’s, as we watch the next generation of our Packer team struggle to 8-8.

    But i digress, maybe we get lucky and accomplish the unthinkable, three franchise QB’s back to back to back. But i wouldn’t bet money on it.

  4. PF4L June 13, 2018

    “To walk off the field on my last play as a Packer getting scored on to go to the Super Bowl and never even turning my head to play the ball, it was a tough way to end it.”

    I concur.

  5. Chiller June 14, 2018

    Mordecai fucking sucks