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Randall Cobb Is Already Injured

The Green Bay Packers haven’t even had any on-field contact in 2018. However, one of the guys they are counting on to be one of their main offensive pieces is already injured. Receiver Randall Cobb, who will presumably be their No. 2 receiver, has an ankle injury.

How? Why?


Yeah, great.

Cobb has been nothing but injury-prone over the past couple years. That is, almost as much as he’s been an underachiever.

We have, at times, been willing to blame injuries for Cobb’s lack of production since he signed his blockbuster deal. You know, the one that will pay him almost $10 million in cash this year. For a guy that hasn’t had more than 900 receiving yards in a season but once in his career. Who has had 600-odd receiving yards each of the past two years.

Not even $1 million per 100 yards.

But Cobb can’t throw himself the ball, can he?

Seemed like he could when he went for 1,287 on 91 catches in 2014 to get that contract.

At any rate, Cobb participated in OTAs. Like the rest of the veterans of his tenure, he was excused from minicamp. He also wouldn’t talk about the injury when pressed about it.

He called it temporary. Might have fallen in the shower. Might have gotten punched in the ankle by his wife. Might have tripped over a pile of that money he’s robbing from the Packers.

Can’t say at this point.

Going to guess the latter, though.

Here’s what we do know. The Packers are counting on Cobb to play a big role in 2018. And based on history — the fact that he’s in a contract year — we expect him to do so. Cobb will be the Packers’ clear-cut No. 2 receiver behind Davante Adams (not counting tight end Jimmy Graham).

He took advantage of that role last time and parlayed it into a contract he hasn’t come close to earning. Maybe he’ll try to do it again. So long as he isn’t tripping over piles of money once the season begins.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L June 25, 2018

    Can’t argue with much of any of that.

    The thing is, if he was asked if he had surgery and said no comment, then to me, he had surgery. Unless he’s just adhering to a gag order, i’ll go with the former. These types of things never seem to go well for the Packers, par for the course.

    In other news……It’s been reported that Gutenkunst, did in fact…get his head out of his ass. He is now trying to trade back for Jordy Nelson.

    1. Kato June 25, 2018

      Where did you see that?

      1. PF4L June 25, 2018

        I love you man!!! :)

        1. Kato June 26, 2018

          Lol you had me. I thought that sounded highly unusual.

  2. Dennis June 25, 2018

    How’s Jordy doing? Jordy would have been dependable in the slot!! Big mistake letting him go !! You’ll see.

    1. PF4L June 25, 2018

      He’d also be a TD machine outside.

      Wait…i misspoke. He got old and lost it last season, bout week 6 if memory serves.

  3. Cheese June 25, 2018

    “There’s no concern about his availability for the season opener.”

    Of course there isn’t. Especially no concern from Cobb, he’s getting paid $10 mil no matter what.

  4. PF4L June 25, 2018

    This will probably fall under the “none of your f#[email protected]#$% business file” as far as any details concerning the how, what, and why.

    But as i have learned from users here far smarter than i am, the secrecy is all part of McGriddles strategy to win games. I believe it’s called….Gamesmanship.

    Teams won’t know if they should game plan for Cobb in pre-season or not. So….suck it bitches!!!


    1. Nihilist Packer Fan June 27, 2018

      Sounds like somebody’s got a case of verbal diarrhea. You might wanna cut down on the Total TMZ Packers shitburgers.

      1. PF4L June 28, 2018

        Sounds like your father should have done society a favor and used a condom. But then again your mother could have said no before spreading her legs like a cheap $5 street pig.

        1. RelampagoBlanco June 28, 2018

          That escalated quickly.

  5. Skinny June 25, 2018

    You all know how I feel. But im saying it again for the hundredth time. Should have brought in Dez. One Davante concussion away from a shit show at WR. No DB gives two shits about covering Cobb.

    1. Kato June 26, 2018

      Not even necessarily Bryant, but a veteran receiver that can play in this offense. Geronimo Allison doesnt inspire confidence but maybe he will make look like an idiot

    2. MJ June 26, 2018

      With Davante’s concussion history, I wouldn’t be surprised if a team designates a player (backup safety) to headhunt him, and poof! All of the sudden we are depleted, as Cobb has not thrived with the extra attention WR1s are given.

      1. Cheese June 26, 2018

        Cobb hasn’t thrived for years as a WR2, or where ever they had him.

        You would hope a team wouldn’t be that low as to target a guy with a concussion history, but Davante has been blatantly headhunted twice already.

    3. Nihilist Packer Fan June 27, 2018

      “But im saying it again for the hundredth time.”

      And for the hundredth time no one gives a fuck.

  6. Nihilist Packer Fan June 27, 2018


    Cobb hurt his foot!

    In June!!



    Stay classy, Total TMZ Packers!


    It’s coming, can you hear it?

    fire gute!

    fire GUTE!!


  7. MJ June 27, 2018

    Two other cents: if Cobb starts the season on the bench, that’s opportunities for Montgomery as slot WR, his true position.

  8. Ferris June 27, 2018

    Gute twisted Cobb’s ankle on purpose so he can sign Dez Bryant and not have to explain it.

  9. Howard June 27, 2018

    Cobb hurt his shoulder at the start of the 2015 season. In 2016 Cobb indicated he had bulked up. Cobb probably added muscle, however I believe he lost quickness. Cobb never did have great speed, but his quickness served him well in the slot. Cobb to me has not had the same change of direction, or stop start quickness he had before “bulking up” .

    In the 2016 season Cobb was on the injured list multiple weeks for ankle and hamstring injuries. Now another ankle (foot?) injury. Some body types are just not made to add to much bulk. Besides the loss of quickness issue, It puts added stress on bones, joints, tendons, and muscles in the legs causing injury. I believe Cobb is one of those body types.

  10. cz June 28, 2018

    There is no problem at WR.
    Good QBs will get the ball where only a receiver can catch it.
    People need to focus their attention on a good backup QB, that avoids turnovers, like Foles did in Eagles SB run. Not a pipsqueek, overachieving out of pocket i can only see receivers joe callahan.
    Dont worry about a J’Mon Moore, StBrown, Valdes-Scantling, etc. They will be ready. Who will deliver a pass when Rodgers goes down? It wont be Dez Bryant. Enough of Dez. Move on.

    1. PF4L June 28, 2018

      That’s like saying there is no problem with any O-line if a QB has a quick release.