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Packers’ General Manager Now Actually Works All Year

Most of us work 12 months out of the year. Until this year, the job of Green Bay Packers’ general manager did not carry that requirement.

Or if it did, said requirement was never fulfilled.

Former general manager Ted Thompson worked about three months out of the year, maybe four. When the season ended, he began preparing for the draft. After the draft, he sat around until training camp where, eventually, he would cut some players. Then he went into hibernation.

Occasionally you might catch him being propped up by a stick in one of the Lambeau Field boxes watching a game, the stench of his rotting corpse keeping everyone else in the personnel department away.

Ted Thompson staring

But no more!

Big Ted has been sent off to the nursing home. There’s a new sheriff in town and he works year round!

Brian Gutekunst has proven that not only by (gasp!) signing players in free agency before the draft, but signing players after the draft. Gutekunst added veterans Marcedes Lewis and Byron Bell in the past two weeks, strengthening two positions with questionable depth in the process.

Thompson never made such moves. Once the draft was over, those were the guys the Packers were rolling into training camp with.

Coach Mike McCarthy noted that this week.

“I think it goes back to Brian’s comments,” McCarthy said, “and just the conversations we had. Player acquisition is a 12-month process, and there’s definitely a pool of players that come available at this time of year.”

Strange that Thompson never noticed. Then again, there are apparently a lot of things Thompson doesn’t notice, like the drool running down his chin.

“This is a market that he wants to be active and aggressive in,” McCarthy said, “and once again, when it fits, we’re looking for an ability to improve. Any time you can add experience, and let’s not forget about the way these men fit into the locker room, their reputations, what they bring, that’s all part of it. Because you’re always focused on the chemistry and the culture of your locker room, and it’s just an opportunity to improve.

“I think we clearly have done that this week.”

That would suggest the Packers aren’t necessarily done tinkering with their roster or signing players. If the right player or players become available.

What a frickin’ refreshing approach after so many years of do-nothing Big Ted.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Carl DeLuca June 1, 2018

    Thompson signed mutilpe free agents after the draft just last season…

    1. MAMASBOY June 1, 2018

      The thing is, he didn’t sign them until the season was at hand. Brooks and Dial weren’t signed until just before the season started, and didn’t have a lot of time to learn the system. they would have been far more useful if they were signed earlier. Thompson wanted to wait until their financial worth had diminished so he could sign them on the cheap. FOOL!!!!!!

  2. MAMASBOY June 1, 2018

    Well said!

  3. PF4L June 1, 2018

    I’m with Carl.

    After the draft, it’s not like Ted never did anything and headed straight home to his efficiency apartment. He signed free agents throughout his career (maybe not enough, granted). But he hit on a few good ones. Plus after the draft he always signed a shit ton of UDFA (good or bad).

    So, although i’m not a huge defender of Big Ted, it’s important (to me at least) that we don’t get this twisted and try to manipulate reality with false accusation.

    Ted had the vision to draft Rodgers, the balls to replace Brett and build a Super Bowl winning team. That can’t be denied, nor should it. Despite his vegetative state now, he’ll always get that credit.

    So big picture…..When we talk about Gute, Pettine, the new corner backs, our running game, the new receivers, the new tight end, or ..whatever. They will also be acknowledged and recognized (by me) when they actually do something that justifies that praise. Like Ted did, he has actual results to show.

    I’m not hailing those above mentioned people, as above average or great, after a draft, before OTA’s and training camp, or even pre-season.

    Show me, don’t tell me.

  4. V June 2, 2018

    We need Connor Barwin on a minimum deal (about 3.5 million) and we’re good to go.

    1. cz June 2, 2018

      In 2016 and 2017, Barwin was nowhere near the player he was prior to that., so what makes you think that will will suddenly change? Wishful thinking?

      Also, Eagles in their 1st season without Barwin on D last season won their 1st championship in more than half century.

      Barwin, used to run a 4.47. What does he run now as a multimillionaire?

    2. PF4L June 3, 2018

      Barwin might be the perfect Gute signing. He had a standout season in 2014.

      I will say this, if you sign Barwin for 3.5 million, you’ll probably get a better R.O.I. than Brooks.