Packers Apparently Still Don’t Have A Decent Backup QB

We all know what a disaster Brett Hundley was at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in 2017. The guy didn’t throw a single touchdown at Lambeau Field. That about says it all.

The Packers possibly did something to address the position or at least provide competition. They did that in trading cornerback Damarious Randall for former Cleveland Browns starter DeShone Kizer.

Interestingly, Kizer was bad on a Hundley level in 2017. He led the league with 22 interceptions and was last in completion percentage (53.6 percent) as a rookie.

So what do the Packers have? Thus far, it looks like they’ve got two of what they had last year.

Kizer, who was clearly ruined by the Browns, has been referred to as a total rebuilding project. And Hundley, it appears, is still Hundley.

Check out this assessment by Demovsky.

A spring’s worth of individual workouts, OTA practices and an entire minicamp without Rodgers did little to convince anyone the Packers have a capable fill-in quarterback.

To be sure, both Hundley and Kizer had their moments in last week’s minicamp: Hundley led a touchdown drive in a 2-minute drill with a 22-yard corner route to rookie receiver Equanimeous St. Brown, while Kizer hit Jake Kumerow on a 44-yard go route during his turn in the same drill. But the overall body of work included myriad missed throws and would-be sacks for holding the ball too long — problems that plagued Hundley in his nine starts last season and Kizer in his 15 last year for the winless Browns.

Even though neither guy appears to be impressing anyone at this point, there may be some positives.

Kizer has all the tools. He just needs to pull everything together and he is certainly trying. Kizer has been working with Tom Brady’s quarterback guru when he’s away from Green Bay.

Hundley, who coach Mike McCarthy said wasn’t ready last year, has supposedly shown improvement.

“Fundamentals, foot work, decision-making,” McCarthy said when asked what Hundley worked on this offseason. “Just really going back and doing a better job of repping the fundamentals, the footwork, particular concepts whether it’s in the gun or under center. Every quarterback has a profile, throwing mechanics, and this is the time of year really to focus in on the little things, and I feel Brett has taken a step this offseason.”

Personally, I feel the Packers would be in the best shape if Kizer came in and showed he can do it. That he was clearly better than Hundley.

That doesn’t seem to be any sort of sure thing, however.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph Bonham

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Comments 8

  1. Avatar for Cheese Cheese says:

    Great. Why have one Hundley when you can have two for the price of a first round draft pick! Lol.

  2. Avatar for Packer fan in LA Packer fan in LA says:

    What happened to QB Guru McCarthy and his famed QB School? Seeing as his biggest success story in a decade aside from Aaron Rodgers is Matt Flynn, I think who made who is inherently obvious.

  3. Avatar for Ferris Ferris says:

    File this story under..No fucking shit.

    • Avatar for Cheese Cheese says:

      BUT, BUT… Kizer has all the “tools” to possibly, just maybe be good someday! Perhaps!

  4. Avatar for Truth Truth says:

    Option 1: Have your backup be a project or prospect

    Option 2: Give your team the insurance it deserves and have a capable back up do the season isn’t ruined when #1 goes down.

    One is the 2017 packers, the other is the 2017 eagles (superbowl champions)

  5. Avatar for cz cz says:

    Hundley had a shot here. Failed. Get rid of Hundley.
    Kizer deserves the same shot here, since he’s here.
    One thing is for sure, Favre and Rodgers being great had nothing to do with McCarthy’s fine tuning.
    Bring back Taysom Hill and fire McCarthy.

  6. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    10/26/2017 at 4:53 pm
    “Used about a stick of butter, can never use enough butter in today’s society” – Brett Hundley


  7. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    04/30/2017 at 7:11 pm
    Well, if a shit team like Jacksonville or any team wants to give us a 3rd round pick, i say grab it.

    Hundley’s game stats include being 2 for 10 passing for 17 yards averaging 1.7 yards per attempt and an interception. QBR = 5.8

    Rushing stats 3 attempts for -2 yards for an average of -0.7 yards per carry, with 1 fumble.

    If a team is going to give up a 2nd or 3rd for Hundley, take it before they change their mind.

    If Rodgers gets hurt and is out for a long time, or the season, it will make no difference if we have Hundley or not. Without Rodgers, the Packers go nowhere.

    And yes, i know he is a pre-season Hall of Famer. But if the other 31 teams thought that’s how he’d play in real games, he’d be gone already.

    Now….if a trade happens, ring me up.

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