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Opt-Out Equals Buyout For Aaron Rodgers

This may be a moment of clarity when it comes to the long-awaited new Aaron Rodgers’ contract.

Rodgers wants an opt-out, so he can brush his hair back, be able to look in the mirror and know he’s the highest-paid player in the game.

Vanity. A girl that once dated Prince, but also did a shitload of heroine with Nikki Sixx.

This is appropriate for the first (closeted) gay superstar in the NFL. I’ll see you later tonight at The Abbey, AR. And I will pick up more broads than you do, because I’m actually interested.

At any rate, this opt-out crap may not be that simple. Although we thought such a thing to be a non-starter in the NFL, there are a couple guys who DO have opt-outs. They are backup quarterbacks, but one of them is a Super Bowl MVP.

Chase Daniel — for whatever reason a guy who has no business being in the league to begin with gets an opt-out — and Nick Foles. The latter deservedly won the Super Bowl MVP last season. But he’s going to sit behind Carson Wentz as long as he’s on the Eagles. That is also just. Carson Wentz > Nick Foles.

Sorry, Nick Foles.

But here’s the deal. Those two guys who have player options also have to pay the team back some money in order to opt-out. This comes from former agent Joel Corry.

Two backup quarterbacks, Chase Daniel and Nick Foles, have the power to void their contracts. Daniel can opt out of the second year (2019) of the two-year, $10 million contract he signed with the Bears in March by repaying $5 million during a 10-day window in February, right after Super Bowl LIII.

Foles’ renegotiated contract with the Eagles is more complicated than Daniel’s. The Eagles have an option to pick up Foles’ 2019 through 2021 contract years containing healthy salaries for a starting quarterback by the middle of next February. If the option is exercised, which isn’t the intention, the Super Bowl LII MVP can void the years with a $2 million payment to the Eagles.

It’s no secret that Rodgers’ fancy new contract is taking so long to get done because of Rodgers’ demands.

Thing is, Rodgers has no leverage, other than the fact that the Packers WANT to pay him.

Rodgers has two years left on his current deal. The Packers could franchise him twice following the expiration of that deal. The Packers don’t need to do anything.

So what does Rodgers want? What appeals to his vanity? Highest paid player in the game?

Russ Ball, in my mind, could give a fucking shit.

And in light of the landscape, if you want an opt-out and you want to use it — well, give the organization back at least half of your salary.

But talk to me about opt-out clauses with two more years on your current deal. And please, tell me more about your leverage.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Ferris June 6, 2018

    How many people in the Green Bay front office would line up to suck his dick if he held out. I remember when Emmitt Smith held out for 2 games (both losses) way back when and Jerry Jones was first in line.

  2. PF4L June 6, 2018

    As i started reading the first part of this article, i would have swore it was written by the Lonely Boy.

    But i was wrong, apparently somebody is just looking for attention.

  3. TRJ June 6, 2018

    Is the author of this article gay? He manages to mention Rodgers sexuality frequently. Fantasize much?

  4. Kato June 7, 2018

    Love the new popups TP crew. Can’t get two paragraphs in without a “dear android user, here is a gift card” popup. Just to read this garbage. Makes me want to visit this site less and less.

    1. Cheese June 7, 2018

      If you can even get to it.

  5. PF4L June 7, 2018

    Guys…it isn’t that hard to download the fix and it’s entirely gone.

    I know what you mean though, i couldn’t deal with it either, i would have said fuck it months ago.

  6. TyKo Steamboat June 11, 2018

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