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Mark Murphy Talks Up Aaron Rodgers’ Contract Extension

The contract extension the Green Bay Packers have been working on for quarterback Aaron Rodgers since sometime in February just doesn’t seem to get done.

We’ve been hearing it will be done soon since early in the offseason. When is going to be done now? Team president Mark Murphy says it will be done, wait for it… soon.

“He’s healthy. We hope to soon have a contract extension,” Murphy said this week.

Maybe no one who works for the Packers knows what the word soon means. General manager Brian Gutekunst has twice said the deal will be done soon. And yet, here we sit with no extension.

Things have seemingly become complicated for Rodgers and the Packers on this matter. Rodgers reportedly wants several opt-out clauses in his new deal. That would allow Rodgers to renegotiate in future years in order to remain the highest-paid player in the game.

Player options such as this are unprecedented in NFL contacts. The Rodgers’ deal, whenever it gets done, will change the game.

The Packers are also no doubt looking at a boatload of guaranteed money for their star player.

Rodgers, of course, won’t talk about any of it.

Training camp starts at the end of July and this topic will be a distraction until it’s out of the way. So the Packers have about a month to figure it out.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Cheese July 1, 2018

    Tell him he can have unlimited usage of the sledding hill. If that’s not a done deal, I don’t know what is.

    1. PF4L July 2, 2018

      If i’m Rodgers, and if i even want to stick around, and if a sign a new deal, i get what i can.

      But before i sign, i ask Murphy what the net profit is projected to be annually on the sledding hill. Then i’d’ say deduct that from my signing bonus times the years on my deal. The sledding hill is now free to everyone!!

      Why is it….the Packers have to bleed the fans dry for every fucking penny in their pocket? These are the fans who have season tickets and paid an insane license fee years back. The same fans who show undying blind loyalty by buying a piece of paper.

      In 2011 the Packers scrounged up 250,00 people to buy 269,000 pieces of paper for $250. Then just to insult them, they also charged a $25 processing fee. So, all told they raised about 74 million or so.

      Mark….How about you let these cash cows go down your precious fucking slide for free? Maybe buy them a hot chocolate, shake their hands, say Merry Christmas and express thanks for supporting the Packers?

      Hell to the no on that deal right Mark? Seven dollars bitches and $2.50 for the hot chocolate, $3.00 if you want marshmallow’s.