Here’s A Crazy-Ass Brett Favre Story

Brett Favre

You can’t put Brett Favre in a room with Jon Gruden without something crazy like this coming out. Here’s footage of Favre telling Chucky how he essentially invented the run-pass option because he was bored in practice.

Then, Favre wanted to run it in a game without telling coach Mike Sherman to prove the play worked. Otherwise, he feared Sherman would shut him down.

On one hand, good old wacky Favre. On the other hand, Favre didn’t exactly have a great relationship with Sherman or his teammates at this point in his career. He famously had his own private area of the Packers’ locker room at the time.

Taking on the general manager’s job and then doing it poorly was primarily responsible for getting Sherman fired. However, it’s kind of hard to respect a coach who gives preferential treatment to a star player and that player shows no respect for him.

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  1. Hinder

    Usually when Farve was bored he would text a picture of his junk to a cheerleader. I doubt he created new plays.

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