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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Is Apparently Trying To Make A Point

One of the stories of the Green Bay Packers’ OTAs that keeps coming up is safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s absence. Where is he? Why isn’t he here?

There has been no explanation. Of course, there is some speculation and it’s probably spot on. Clinton-Dix is staying away because he wants a contract extension.

First of all… hahahahahahahaha!

Second of all, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has got to be the stupidest most unaware player on the Green Bay Packers. I’m talking like, J.R. Smith unaware.

Let’s remember this great moment in Clinton-Dix history real quick.

That’s why they call him Mr. Awareness. And that clearly extends to self-awareness.

Clinton-Dix is in the final year of his rookie deal — the Packers picked up his fifth-year option — and will be paid around $6 million this season.

He’ll be paid $6 million despite turning in a garbage heap of a 2017 campaign.

My favorite Clinton-Dix highlight of 2017 was this one.

What I’m saying is if this shitheel deserves $6 million in 2018, my name is Nancy. And he wants a long-term extension?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck that!

You earn a long-term extension, dummy.

Clinton-Dix put up a whopping 79 tackles, three interceptions and six passes defended in 16 games in 2017. Wow! Really impressive! I am blown away by the production!

Even though he made the Pro Bowl in 2016, I haven’t been impressed by a single professional season this guy has had. He thinks he’s a top-tier safety when, in reality, he’s an overrated piece of crap.

What do the Packers have to say about Clinton-Dix’s absence? They don’t seem to care.

Defensive passing game coordinator Joe Whitt was asked whether he was disappointed Clinton-Dix is not attending OTAs. “Not at all,” he said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “It’s voluntary. So the guys that are here are the guys that we’re worried about.”

What’s even more aggravating is Clinton-Dix fancies himself one of the leaders of the defense. Leaders show up and lead. This is not a leadership move.

Of course, let’s also remember this. When Morgan Burnett went down in 2017, the Packers gave Clinton-Dix the defensive headset. The guy is so stupid and was such a disaster, they gave it to linebacker Blake Martinez after one game.

That should tell you pretty much what you need to know about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

The play for this turd is to actually show up and have his best season in 2018. Then the Packers will give him a contract (which he will probably never come close to living up to).

Frankly, I’m all for him staying away as long as possible. I would feel more comfortable with Josh Jones and Kentrell Brice starting at safety then that idiot Clinton-Dix back there.

And when the year is over, let this fool walk. He can make boneheaded plays in someone else’s secondary. Maybe go play for the Bears. I’d love to see Aaron Rodgers torch Clinton-Dix twice a year.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Larry June 1, 2018

    Never makes the “wow” play. I agree way over rated. It’s time to move on from him. Shoulda cut him and gave that money to Nelson.

    1. Ender June 1, 2018

      I agree.

  2. Howard June 1, 2018

    When the Packers picked up Dix’s option that is only a guarantee that if he was injured last year he would receive compensation this year, if he could not play this year because of injury. A team picking up the 5th year option does not guarantee the player will receive that money if that player is cut before the season.

    I’m fairly certain if the Packers released Dix before the start of the season they would save the entire 5th year option amount (approx. 6 mil) with no dead money cap hit. So really the Packers owe Dix nothing if he is cut before the season starts.

    Dix will have to earn a roster spot and staying away from OTA’s or training camp is not a step in the right direction.

  3. PF4L June 1, 2018

    This story is overdue. Kudos again Mordi. I’ll have more to say on this subject, and maybe others when i’m out on the patio enjoying the weather with a cold one.

  4. Gort June 1, 2018

    Making a good impression to your new boss is a real “Dave” move (dumbass).

  5. R.duke June 1, 2018

    This guy should have been shown the door after the queens game. Long strider w/out the chops to play the ball and displays no guts trying to “slow” down the run. Another over-rated “Bama player leveling out as they reach the NFL. Not Impressed with this guy from Day One. The two-point debacle just another nail in the coffin. Sign one of the veteran FAs and let him go.

  6. Dennis June 1, 2018

    Ha is not to bright staying away. He may just be sealing his own fate with his stupidity! Stay out, may be out!

  7. Ferris June 1, 2018

    Ha’Sean needs to hold out…please. They won’t even call him. He should be a healthy inactive every week, he sucks. I remember when everyone thought he was a steal in the draft…guess those other teams were right…go figure. Thanks again senile white hair GM. Get Eric Reid for peanuts and bench this fool. Play with 10, he never tackles anyone anyway.

  8. V June 2, 2018

    Again, we should have drafted Derwin James and released this fool! I’m upset we didn’t obviously.

  9. cz June 2, 2018

    Packers are the Problem
    if Dix is underachieving.

    They chose to draft him.

    They continue to choose to …
    not trade him,
    invest in him,
    & play him.

    …instead of a player who
    can AND wants
    tomake ‘wow’ plays.

    McCarthy lets it happen under him, yr after yr after yr.

    He hides his lack of intelligence underca smug, trite bravado. He has no discipline to control himself or his health… and truly believes he has rare ability to teach and exemplify discipline to others.

    He is more about loyalty than playmakers.

    As long as McCarthy is there,
    the fans will be subject to the same old limitations we have seen at RB, TE, Backup QB, D Line’ LB, CB, fullback, safety, run blocking.

    Gute has brought in better draft picks, free agents/proven vets who will mask McCarth’s ineptness, but the improvement, so long as McCarthy is there
    will be
    in spite of,
    not because of him.

    Great draft picks.

    Now we need coaches who can get the best out of the ones who are primadonnas, and look past the agents and business and put the Reggie Gilberts out there who make more plays than the ones you expect to make them.

  10. cz June 2, 2018

    Good story Mord

  11. Hinder June 2, 2018

    All the guy is good for is to hang back 20 yds waiting for tipped balls and overthrows and then yap about how everyone else is the problem. I don’t know why he is still on the team.

    1. PF4L June 3, 2018

      Play center field, pick off a few overthrows….BOOM….Pro Bowl.

      Then explains to us that he’s so good, nobody will throw his way.

      Then…..acknowledges he could make some improvements.

      Then….doesn’t come into camp under a new Coordinator to learn his defense.

      Not one of Teds shining moments. Although a lot of fans thought that Ted hit the big one with him.

      I could almost look past some shit of his, but missing time in camp under Pettine screams this guy gives no fuck. Therefore, i’m done with him.