Will Jimmy Graham Be The Exception To The Rule?

Jimmy Graham

The Green Bay Packers haven’t had a tight end like Jimmy Graham in some time. Jared Cook might have been that guy if he would have stayed healthy during his one season in Green Bay. However, before he got hurt, quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t going to him much.

That likely speaks to the trust factor. Like many receivers the Packers put out there, Rodgers just won’t throw to them. He doesn’t trust them.

It appears Rodgers already trusts Graham, who the Packers added this offseason. And I stress the word appears.

He talked about Graham’s ability to read coverages quickly last week.

“That guy is pretty damn talented though,” Rodgers said. “He’s got some different elements that we haven’t had around here in awhile, with his ability to read coverages really quickly. He catches everything with his hands. We’re pretty excited about him.”

This week, coach Mike McCarthy remarked on the chemistry that seems to be developing between Rodgers and Graham already — something that’s pretty much unheard of.

“He’s really connected with Aaron. I really like the amount of work, the quality of work, we’ve been able to get done the last two weeks, particularly in the competitive periods,” McCarthy said. “We just gotta make sure we take advantage of moving him around. He has the ability to play multiple positions.”

You have to like the sound of that. Name one first-year receiver — rookie or veteran — that has had a great first year with Rodgers. The best was Davante Adams, who caught 38 for 446 in 2014. We wouldn’t call that great.

In fact, in the transition from Brett Favre to Rodgers, James Jones went from more than 600 yards with Favre to 274 yards with Rodgers.

Hopefully, Graham will turn out to be the exception to the rule. Everything seems to point in that direction, but we’re only in OTAs right now. We’ll believe it when we actually see it on the field in September.

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14 Comments on "Will Jimmy Graham Be The Exception To The Rule?"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    I initially disliked this acquisition, but I’ve since come around. I’m pumped

    Big, physical mismatch that controls the middle of the field. His contract is 3-years, 30 million, but it is really a 2-yr. deal with a 3rd year option. & it only dishes 6.5 this season if I remember correctly

    I mean, would you rather have Jordy Nelson for only 1 season, whom turned 33 today, & had a major knee surgery 3 years ago? Or a 31.5 year old Jimmy Graham for 2-3 seasons that plays a hybrid position?

    I’d go with Graham too

      • PF4L

        Yes, it is a 2 year deal. Making Graham the highest paid tight end in the NFL. 1st year it dishes over 13 million, next year it dishes over 9 million. Not bad cash for the 13th rated tight end.

        Then you can cut him in his 3rd and gulp down 3.6 million in dead cap.

        • TyKo Steamboat

          So, what would you suggest the Packers do at the tight end position? LOL

          Lots of doom & gloom with very little positives all the time it seems…

  2. PF4L

    “You have to like the sound of that. Name one first-year receiver — rookie or veteran — that has had a great first year with Rodgers.”

    How about they play in a game together, before we start praising their 1st season together. Just a thought.

  3. cz

    its hard to be excited about any te in green bay.., when they had top talent at te in cooks and bennett, it never became what it should have, and rodgers has the most say who he threw at, so, the jury is out, esp after how poorly graham has played since having brees

    • PF4L

      I thought Rodgers and Cook had something, when Cook was available anyway and McGriddle called plays for him. It’s not Rodgers fault Ted didn’t bring him back.

      Bennett i’m not buying, we can call him top talent, but in GB i didn’t see that at all. I saw missed blocks, dropped passes and someone who had an agenda that included higher priorities than doing what he was hired to do.

      • PF4L

        Also, i’m guessing Graham will be a nice addition with Rodgers throwing to him(especially in the red zone). I just don’t think he’ll be what he was years back, or worth what they shelled out..

  4. Savage57

    AR’s Circle of Trust bullshit is getting old. Sometimes winning takes risks that supersede preserving personal stats. Isn’t an elite QB supposed to be able to elevate the play of his WR’s?

    If GB turned over WR’s at the rate NE does, AR wouldn’t have anyone he could trust to throw to.

  5. cz

    Off the field, it seems Rodgers has an affinity to Graham, so a on-field connection seems promising, like many great connections…a la
    Montana to Rice…
    Rodgers to Nelson…
    Brady to Gronk…
    Hundley to Adams

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